Digital Foundry: The Medium PS5: Big Changes vs Xbox Series X + PC Comparisons

1 : Anonymous2021/10/02 14:00 ID: pzvpe5
Digital Foundry: The Medium PS5: Big Changes vs Xbox Series X + PC Comparisons
2 : Anonymous2021/10/02 14:40 ID: hf3pb6n


The PS5 version offers gyro aiming along with DualSense features

The PS5 version has slightly paired back shadows and RT resolutions compared to the Series X, along with the removal of RTAO.

DigitalFoundry note that these minor changes aren’t that noticeable, but still noteworthy to point out nonetheless

The PS5 runs the game (on average) at 1728p, whilst the Series X runs it on average of 1440p, but can dip lower and is more inconsistent at maintaining this resolution.

DigitalFoundry note that with resolutions ~1620p and above, TAA has a better impact on giving a 4K-like image, which gives the PS5 better image quality

Performance between both consoles is almost identical. The PS5 runs every-so-slightly better, but it has improper frame pacing which is very noticeable. Frame-pacing isn’t an issue on the Series X.

Load times are worse on the PS5 by around 8 seconds (~13s on Series X, and ~21s on PS5)

DigitalFoundry mention that they’re not utilizing the SSD API’s on either console

All-in-all, they mentioned that these changes seemed like more of a change-of-focus, rather than just simply lowering the quality on the PS5. It’s subjective as to which version someone likes better

ID: hf3pq3l

It's odd how the PS5 version has inherited the frame pacing issue the Xbox Series X version initially had.

ID: hf4yt64

so all this talk about how fast games load on the PS5 and it's twice the speed almost compared to XBOX


ID: hf4zdsi

DigitalFoundry mention that they’re not utilizing the SSD API’s on either console

ID: hf5dwjo

Can say the same about Xbox's teraflops advantage

3 : Anonymous2021/10/02 14:25 ID: hf3nd9b

I was disappointed when I found out the game doesn’t actually have switchable level when pressing a button. Welp…

ID: hf42try

You mean like press a button and suddenly your in the ghost realm? If so then yeah, that would have been much better than this split screen bs.

ID: hf44tfm

Yeah, the split-screen gimmick ultimately seemed pointless and more a show of what current hardware could do without much gameplay value.

ID: hf4ahxx

Yep my biggest gripe. Split screen was not a good decision. Switching on the fly would have been much better.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/02 21:48 ID: hf5ccaw

Wait, is this once again a 30 FPS game?

ID: hf5gr23


5 : Anonymous2021/10/02 19:47 ID: hf4vo5z

Gyro is awesome. Hope more games use it for aiming.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/02 14:23 ID: hf3n3x8


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PS5 has lower graphics settings compared to Series X which allow it to run at a higher resolution. The game isn't well optimised on the framepacing front, because while maintaining 30fps, it has inconsistent frametimes which cause stutter.

ID: hf3r4e2

So a medium upgrade?

7 : Anonymous2021/10/02 17:16 ID: hf4aocj

It’s almost as if both consoles are very similar and lowering some settings on one lets you get higher resolution than the other… how strange!

8 : Anonymous2021/10/02 22:16 ID: hf5g5y9

Tbh these differences are so minor. It would be really hard for someone like me to even notice the resolution differences on the shadows/reflections.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/02 14:59 ID: hf3rro3

VRR for PS5 when

ID: hf49w6w

VRR will have no effect on this game though as it's running at 30FPS which is below the range where VRR kicks in (40hz -120hz).

ID: hf4f6v0

VRR range is determined by the screen, and LFC is used for games below the VRR range. Essentially what LFC does is double the incoming signal and sets the screens refresh rate to that, similar to how 30fps goes into a 60hz screen or how 40fps in R&C goes into a 120hz screen. If the game drops to 29fps it switches the refresh rate to 58hz, if it drops to 28fps it sets it to 56hz, and so on.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/02 19:07 ID: hf4q54n

Frame pacing is a mess, yep Series X wins this one.


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