Are there any actual problems with the 6600xt?

1 : Anonymous2021/10/02 19:01 ID: q0174e

I hear people talk about their regrets buying it, but I also hear people saying they're working just fine, could anyone clear the confusion up?

2 : Anonymous2021/10/02 19:27 ID: hf4sxb1

Most users do have good experiences, but the ones that don't are much louder and much more likely to tell someone about it. FWIW we have 2 6600 XTs in the family and they both work perfectly.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/02 19:27 ID: hf4swl9

I've bought 4 for personal usage of family memberd, none have had any issues. (Small sample i know)

4 : Anonymous2021/10/02 21:08 ID: hf56xbo

I would have to agree that the loudest voices are typically the least credible when claiming systemic problems. The number of happy builders using the 6600 XT is growing day by day.

The posts I have read so far pertaining to the 6600 XT regrets or problems have lacked in both the technical aspects of the underlying problem and a general effort to trouble shoot the problem.

As conkledonkle2 mentioned, the vast majority of problems seem to be legacy drivers and are easily resolved with a little effort and research. That being said sorting out issues with new hardware in general can be time consuming. Often it is not the hardware itself that is the issue but drivers and software.

Inevitably there will be defective cards.

DHJudas's comment about who is having the problem is more than likely the culprit for the vast majority of the dissatisfaction. The problems may be completely unrelated to the card itself and simply a problem with other components or the stability of the individual build. His point about the bias view point based on brand is certainly relevent.

Sh1rvallah comment about the PCIe only being 8 lanes is a hardware design aspect and his comment about reduced performance on PCIe Gen 3.0 is valid and factual. It was good of him to point out this limitation. But then again to complain about the hardware limitation after purchasing would just be a demonstration of a lack of due diligence.

I would personally be more sympathetic to the posters if they were purchasing a preconfigured product and not making an individual component upgrade. Some people seem to not recognize the onus of responsibility for ensuring that the hardware, drivers and software are compatible.

As for blackmarketbaby1234's comment, simply saying I have read about it here on Reddit without citing the underlying issue furth adds to the confusing and lacks a technical basis for the problem.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/02 19:56 ID: hf4wvsr

So far i've handled about a dozen of the rx 6600... mostly from sapphire, asus and msi thus far.

In fact i'm running a 6600xt right now on my main rig to confirm functionality as a stability and functional check (so far everything checks out, 120hz, 4k, VRR, HDR, 10bit 4:4:4.. the works.

Been running some games through it too, and considering the display resolution i'm targeting, if anything were to go wrong, it'd go wrong rather quickly. Either way it's not DOA which is the primary thing.

In my experience the overwhelming majority of people having grief and "regrets" are those that frankly don't know wtf they are doing, had a incorrectly configured system to begin with, unstable system, bad memory, or in rare cases, actually a BAD card.

Look up anything to do with nvidia, literally 10's of thousands of people having problems as well, however for SOME reason, those people as a whole usually, never post about "regret" or that they are getting an amd/ati card, or even blame the card, they'll ask about literally everything else as being the cause BUT the card. It's amazing to me, specially when the same people have such a high tendency to complain about an AMD card if they ever touch one. If it's nvidia, it's never nvidia's fault, but if it's amd, well there's your problem is what the mindset is. The mental gymnastics is actually impressive.

ID: hf538ga

When you consider Nvidia has 80% of market share for gpu you can expect more complaints but that is not the case. Far more AMD driver issues posted

ID: hf5cucu

fundamentally wrong.

There isn't more... there is about an equal level. The only thing you'll see is HOW things are stated and how it's PRESUMED what is the cause of it.

I've been at this before nvidia even showed up as a company releasing accelerators. I lived the history. As often as ATI has been blamed for having shit gpus drivers, most of that can be attributed to driver PRIOR to the catalyst drivers and mostly due to the mostly status quo of how drivers were provided for ages prior to the unified methodology. IF there is anything nvidia deserves credit for, it's likely their driver package unification, i'm sure a few people still remember the nvidia denators drivers.

Since the catalyst driver released, there has only been one driver ATI/AMD have had to pull, ONE, catalyst 7.3's, and it wasn't entirely the fault of the drivers, it was a combination of things that resulted in a BSOD loop, which the solution was to DELAY the startup of the catalyst drivers themselves within windows. Still it was a serious issue.

Meanwhile if i've counted properly, i know at least 5 nvidia driver packages for serious issues in the same time span that have had to be removed, the MOST recent one was about 3-4 years ago now, but they've pulled far more drivers for relatively minor problems.

The primary issue is that you can't just do a google search and go "look see... " as a comparison, having dealt with 1000's of customers, the utterances of many of these people are rather incredible, much like how they treat nvidia's product as some kind of flawless god, obviously they are far less likely to raise a word regarding that product and as i said before, will ask about literally everything else in their machine or software before they even think it's gpu in majority of the cases. Meanwhile ATI/AMDs were always under the fine microscope and blamed for everything, so imagine the copious number of posts, messages, what have you brought up online that HEAVILY skew the potential results massively on that end alone.

I should also mention that historically, and maintained today, nvidia's hardware failure rates are far far greater even with marketshare taken into consideration, and that's before we mention the 9000 series epic failures and the lawsuits and the shear number of companies that have black listed nvidia for countless reasons.

No in the grand number of cases, if someone comes in with a graphics related problem, it's almost always nvidia related, often driver related as well. Nvidia's tolerances for unstable systems are certainly greater, but the caveat is that it's a time bomb... if there is one thing as a system builder i like about AMD's drivers and components, it's that if there is something wrong with the system, it's usually pretty obvious in a very short period of time as headaches emerge and too often a bsod or crash will point at the drivers or graphics card (even if they are perfectly fine).

lost count of how many physical memory problems and power supply issues i've resolved thanks to that kind of circumstances.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/02 19:21 ID: hf4s2t2

The card appears to be having a rough launch. Whether they are legitimate hardware design issues versus user error remains to be seen.

One complaint post that got big last week had a small edit after a day saying a clean driver install fixed it. It had over 1k upvotes and tons of comments saying they were having the same issue and bashing amd and their "terrible" products.

That's not to say that everything is the users fault. My wife got a 6600xt, had issues, exchanged it, and the new one works fine. So it's possible people legitimately got a bad card.

We just need to wait for the dust to settle.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/02 20:34 ID: hf527qi

6600 XT is a little weak for VR (compared with the 3060) but very decent for 1080P/1440P pancake gaming.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/02 22:44 ID: hf5jze9

I have a 6600xt and it works perfectly well for me I'm happy with it

9 : Anonymous2021/10/02 19:47 ID: hf4vnp4

Pcie x8 only, so if you're on pcie 3 and not 4 you're losing some bandwidth.

ID: hf5jwvm

It makes like a 5% difference at most.... Most of the time even less it doesn't really matter

ID: hf5ld0c

Not even that, 1-2% at most

10 : Anonymous2021/10/02 20:20 ID: hf508kw

The general consensus is that it's fine, but compared to the 3060/3060ti it's bad value.

ID: hf54tp0

No, based on actual street prices, it's a considerably better value than both of those.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/02 20:12 ID: hf4z4uk

Yes there obviously is , i read about it everyday on redit .


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