AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5000 “Chagall” now rumored to launch next year –

1 : Anonymous2021/10/01 09:54 ID: pz4qh2
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5000 "Chagall" now rumored to launch next year -
2 : Anonymous2021/10/01 11:51 ID: heyqr84

TR is becoming like -X series intel CPUs. HEDT is a generation behind the desktop CPUs. Shame, I'm looking at upgrading my 1950x next year and will choose the top 6th gen Ryzen over 5th gen TR.

ID: hf0fmos

i mean what else can amd do? they cant bin chips for supercomputers servers AND HEDT on the same gen

ID: hf2dy2z

Hopefully 10 years down the line, they'll have more manufacturing capacity.

ID: hf2npjo

They could start with low core count models for those who need HEDT for high PCIe slot count, instead waiting year to allocate high quality bins.

ID: heyx2dr

6th gen Ryzen

I wouldn't hold out

ID: hez8c4j

End of 2022 for 6000 series? AMD has been very good at hitting Ryzen desktop targets.

ID: hf09vun

I'm also looking to replace my Threadripper with a Ryzen 9. Hopefully they up the core count for those past 16 for Zen 4.

ID: hf2h389

there is interconnect issue if AMD move more than 8 core per CCX. The only easy way for AMD is to move to 3 chiplets on Ryzen 9. 3 chiplets & an IO die can form a 2x2 arrangement on a socket.

ID: hf19bpg

They might but it wouldn't make a ton of sense, the lowest end (current gen) Threadripper is 24 cores

3 : Anonymous2021/10/01 10:31 ID: heyk3s5

I've been waiting to upgrade to next gen TR for some time. I seriously hope the delay is to bring the VCache to threadrippers.

ID: heyromx

You're gonna have to skip this one. The next gen threadripper is where it's at. DDR5 among a bunch of other new platforms. I have a 3960x and my next purchase is going to be a non-HEDT to get the highest single-core performance I can and it'll work alongside my current threadripper. Should set me back around 1-1.5k, maybe 2k.

ID: hez5a0b

The next gen threadripper is where it's at.

Which wont be til mid 2023 at the earliest.

ID: heyuntq

It seems you bought the wrong platform then. For me HEDT provides flexibilities that normal desktops do not provide and the single thread compromises are very minimal and justifiable.

ID: hezug52

I've been sitting on an i9 7900x for nearly 4 years now. I'm definitely not waiting until mid-late 2023 to upgrade. lol

ID: hezm38k

The difference in single-core performance dwindles with each new gen of tr. I wouldn't be surprised if 5000 TR is where they bridge the gap entirely and match or nearly match consumer zen 3 single core. Maybe a little ahead of myself, but still.

ID: hf2jbqk

Is DDR5 going to add much real world uplift? Or is it like PCI, uh... the new one, where we're still not quite taking full advantage of the older technology yet. Saturating the lanes or whatever.

ID: hezdhu3

AMD has been slacking lately. The "B2 stepping" has been spotted in May already. Meh

4 : Anonymous2021/10/01 12:03 ID: heyrw1j

Too bad I won't be able to afford it

5 : Anonymous2021/10/01 10:03 ID: heyi4nk

hahaha it was supposed to launch this month. It's getting farther and farther from the non-HEDT release.

ID: heyiz0v

You're behind on your rumours. 🙂

A couple of months ago it was supposed to launch in September. Then the new rumour was November. Now it's next year.

ID: heynysu

I think theyre just trying to compensate for supply, after all they're using the highest quality of wafers (obviously after server chips)

6 : Anonymous2021/10/01 11:07 ID: heymwru

They keep posponing it because there is no competition. I will buy it only if they come out with Vcache otherwise I will wait for Zen4

ID: heyu6s0

They postponed it because of supply constraints, and it's better to use these dies for epyc.

ID: heywseh


Server market billions vs like 5 people on the AMD subreddit and linus

ID: hez56st

Absolutely this.

Hey, you know just one thing that's going on right now? Installation of the US's first exascale HPC cluster, Frontier, at Oak Ridge labs in Tennessee.

Frontier will span 9,000+ Cray EX nodes, each consisting of one third-gen AMD Epyc CPU plus four Radeon Instinct MI200 GPUs

That's a lot of chips in just this one place. And these sorts of things are contracted years in advance.

But sure, let's whine about conspiracy theories involving holding back products for theoretical market advantage, while in a global supply shortage that is seeing every single piece of silicon sell at significantly elevated prices.

ID: hf2nq2a

Exactly. Hell I was hoping to pick up an Epyc Milan chip by now, but most of the sku (including the one I'm looking to get) keep getting pushed back. The earliest estimated date of arrival for what I want is late december, and that's probably very optimistic.

Even in my Ag job, all sorts of fertilizer and chems are now extremely constrained. Ordering new pickup trucks has been pushed back months. Supply for many things is just completely fucked, and demand is only increasing.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/01 12:01 ID: heyrq3f

It's kinda funny that this is posted by "" as some of these have more cores then some of the video cards I've bought.

ID: hez3kw5

Depends on how you count cores. If you count CUs and SMs as "cores" then you are correct. If you count stream processors and CUDA cores as "cores" then GPUs have much higher core count than even a 64 core Threadripper.

ID: hezb1h1

I mean, if you're still using a 9600GT, you can have as many CPU cores as GPU cores...

8 : Anonymous2021/10/01 16:15 ID: heznpkw

Well not surprising. Intel basically gave up.

/comments/otzww5/intel_launches_xeon_w3300_ice_lake_for/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

9 : Anonymous2021/10/02 05:54 ID: hf2emt4

Crappy move, since the dies are the same and Threadripper usually sells for more $ per die than desktop Ryzen, oh well.

Turns out Microchip/Switchtec has PCIe 5.0 switch chips that were sampling in Feb - so if a riser pops up between now and then (for $500 or less...), I might just go Alder Lake for that gen5 and split the 16x lanes out into 32x lanes of gen4.

ID: hf4b7h8

It could very well be that most of the TR bins are good enough to bin for some EPYC SKUs as well. EPYC also give great revenue per die but it's much more important to AMD, strategically. Remember, AMD didn't even plan to go into the HEDT market until very late in the Zen design cycle.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/02 06:16 ID: hf2gcsq

I wonder if they're waiting because of the Ryzen 5000 series 3D cache and XT launches for better binned dies.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/01 15:48 ID: hezjwo7

Anyone know what boards will support this?

ID: hezriwf

TRX40 will likely support the 5000-series non-Pro Threadripper CPUs.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/02 00:12 ID: hf1eegw

They really need to work on their numbering schemes..

13 : Anonymous2021/10/01 12:48 ID: heywkiv

cannot wait to insert this into my mysterious, triangle-shaped pussy

ID: hez0zrl

Based coomer

ID: hez14wo


14 : Anonymous2021/10/01 11:29 ID: heyoqpz

if it isnt using V Cache its a pointless too late product

AMD is doint the mistakes they did in the past and its being not aggressive enough

Zen 2 TR is 2 years old already and there still nothing really newer or better, just refreshes of the old products with PRO naming

ID: heypmus

The pro uses different mobos (WRx80 vs Trx40) and octachannel ddr, 128 pcie4.0 lanes, etc. Pro i more like desktop Epyc than ordinary Threadripper.

ID: heyxnng

Well, it's actually because they are being very aggressive that this delay happened. Being aggressive where it matter that is, serve


ID: hezo0tm

What is v cache

15 : Anonymous2021/10/01 10:54 ID: heylvlh

Well, thats it, I'm done waiting. I'll just build two computers instead of upgrading to the 5000 series. And next time I upgrade though, it'll be interesting to see what Intel offers in the HEDT space. Hopefully renewed competition will force new products to release sooner.

ID: hez53j8

HEDT is a niche market compared to server, laptop and desktop, it will always be the lowest priority.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/02 08:20 ID: hf2pyfr

Can you use a 5950x with an aircooler and if so, which one is recommended?

A friend wants to sell theirs due to moving but it comes with a "radiator" or some type of water cooling thing on the cpu. Is that simply plug into the power supply and it works or do I need to buy a seperate fan cooler?

17 : Anonymous2021/10/02 09:31 ID: hf2v29c

Seems legit. It's binding.

18 : Anonymous2021/10/02 12:42 ID: hf3b6cg

Shame, feels like we've been waiting forever for Zen 3 Threadrippers.

If it's been delayed for Zen 3D because there are good benefits in the kind of workloads people use Threadrippers for then i'm all for it.

19 : Anonymous2021/10/01 11:26 ID: heyoggf

So, how about RAM? The capacity and speed.

20 : Anonymous2021/10/01 11:58 ID: heyrg3s



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