Far Cry 6 download size on ps5 is 39GB which is almost half of ps4 download size which is 75GB

1 : Anonymous2021/10/05 09:05 ID: q1sjvo
Far Cry 6 download size on ps5 is 39GB which is almost half of ps4 download size which is 75GB
2 : Anonymous2021/10/05 09:52 ID: hfgmd58

Someone on NeoGAF claims to have played the game early on PS5

PS5 install size is 42.48 GB in english language

HD Texture Pack is 26.05 GB

All together with the ultimate DLC and stuff the total is 68>59 GB as of version 1.000.002

On another note the triggers sound well implemented!

Haptics are present. Vibrations, Triggers go wild when shooting, and you can feel the resistance when bullets fly out. When driving or horse riding you can feel the triggers show resistance as well as when climbing.
ID: hfgv2zh

So in reality, we are only saving like 15gb on PS5? I can’t imagine playing a native PS5 game and not using the HD texture pack.

ID: hfgv9ih

Yeah I will definitely be installing the texture pack now that I have a 1TB SSD installed!

Good that they give you the choice to install it though, works out well for people out there with limited storage!

ID: hfgqnas

Do you have to download an extra HD texture pack for the PS5 version also?? It’s not included in the 42.48GB????

ID: hfgqq4n

I believe it’s optional so you don’t actually have to download it unless you want HD textures!

ID: hfh2s3o

How do you get the texture pack? Is it possible to download it before the game comes out?

3 : Anonymous2021/10/05 09:33 ID: hfgl5jt

I believe the ps5 version also has a optional HD texture pack that is 20+ gigs

ID: hfgw8ew

Does that pack affect the FPS in any way? Like if you have HD textures installed is the game still 60 fps or 30?

ID: hfh3c9u

Why wouldn't we assume it runs 4k 60fps with the texture pack. That'd be incredibly lame to say "yeah our game runs 4k 60" and then release a dumbed down graphics version with optional texture pack.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/05 12:42 ID: hfh0qoy

Anyone know if hunting animals for bag/ammo upgrades is back in this game?

5 : Anonymous2021/10/05 09:26 ID: hfgkqi6

PS5 uses a much more efficient compression method. That’s why 825gb of storage on the PS5 are similar to 1TB+ on PS4 (when playing PS5 games).

ID: hfgmuhc

“Aggressive compression” give me the idea of the PS5 violently punching the game data into the SSD, just like me whenever I pack my suitcase for vacation.

ID: hfgp4ur

Well, let's call it efficient instead 😀

ID: hfgpm1k


ID: hfgxkta

Yeah, Grandma doesn't fit as easy in the bag unless you soften her up some more.

ID: hfh6u66

Ubisoft: Far Cry 6 download size is 75GB

PS5: [puts his hand on Ubisoft's shoulder] And this gives you power over me?

ID: hfgvvql

I wonder how massive games like cold war fail to effectively compress the file size when its possible to massively reduce the size when using ssd and io

ID: hfgw4ws

They don't care. CoD is an overhyped mass product that is bought regardless of quality.

Look what crap Blizzard released the last few years and it still sold a lot. They don't care anymore either.

ID: hfgydoe

They just keep using the old methods.

ID: hfh4kt5

Its possibly it will reduce when last gen support is dropped but i wont hold my breath.

ID: hfh0luh

Middle out!!

ID: hfh8pb4

Optimal tip-to-tip efficiency.

ID: hfhgfkw

Lmao yeah 39GB without HD texture pack, gl with that.

ID: hfgwheg

I wondered if some was because they may not need to duplicate textures to be close to where they are used on disk. I could be wrong I remember another game got massive install size gains by removing duplicate textures.

ID: hfh19kw

I’m sure that’s part of it. Any Call of Duty game is like 3 games made by different studios all bundled together so it is very likely that they’re repeating a lot of the same assets or have slightly different versions of very similar assets.

ID: hfh528o

That's exactly it. The new gen consoles all run off fast SSDs so they don't need a ton of duplicate files. Hitman 3 basically halved the size of the previous 2 games

ID: hfh1gi2

That was from the days of running a game from an optical disk. Don't think it matters so much on hard drives.

ID: hfht0zo

It’s not compression. They just don’t need to put the same assets in multiple places on the drive because there’s no seek overhead

ID: hfgupwb

Useable storage is like 662gb though. It’s still terrible.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/05 09:11 ID: hfgjrcr

That’s without the 26GB Day one patch

ID: hfgjt6d

Well not sure about that

But i think ps4 gets a day one patch too

7 : Anonymous2021/10/05 14:09 ID: hfhbem9

Do we know if its 4k 60fps with the hd texture pack?

ID: hfi6rnn

Looks like.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/05 15:01 ID: hfhibln

Does anyone know if the PS5 version of this game will be able to play online co-op with people on PS4? I haven’t been able to find a definitive answer.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/05 11:18 ID: hfgslhj

No FOV? They have to add that in a update

ID: hfh31f8

Yea, it looks narrow as hell

ID: hfhx29t

Excited to finally play FC at a decent frame rate, but I've always felt they were too narrow FOV so it's a shame they didn't deal with that. Don't know if I want to spend another whole game feeling like my camera is on 1.5x zoom.

ID: hficpkg

This is one of the things that still has me on the fence between upgrading to a current gen console or just switching to PC once the prices and supply issues iron out. 4k, 60fps etc on console is nice to finally have but the narrow ass horse blinder FOV sticking around in first person games is disappointing.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/05 13:01 ID: hfh2tsf

Mr. Sheffield!

ID: hfhgyjf

Is this an an expected The Nanny Reference?

11 : Anonymous2021/10/05 22:08 ID: hfj76jo

Nice. I'll grab this around Xmas for 50% off.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/05 16:01 ID: hfhqy0c

Really want to play this but I can’t see paying the $60 on release day.

ID: hfi9c2d

Sales mah boy. Get the lot after it's all out plus bug fixes. Ubisoft games are pretty great value for money months to a year after release.

ID: hfihf9a

Yea I'm going to wait for reviews before I decide. It us a ubisoft game so it is safe to say it will be 30 dollars by the end of the year. Plus metroid comes out Friday.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/05 10:09 ID: hfgnhwe

Kraken chip FTW!

14 : Anonymous2021/10/05 11:33 ID: hfgtw5f

The true power of the SSD.

ID: hfgvnck

39Gb of the game is without the HD texture pack.
HD texture pack is 26Gb.


ID: hfgz4yx

Is the PS4 version with HD texture pack?

15 : Anonymous2021/10/05 12:36 ID: hfh01pd

I get excited about this series of games every release, but never finish them. They always get repetitive.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/05 13:41 ID: hfh7rv7

Love it


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