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1 : Anonymous2021/10/05 18:28 ID: q22hhu

Hey everyone, I've decided it's time to upgrade my tired old rig, I'm pretty sure I want the new Ryzen 5 5600X on an Asus ROG B550-A ATX board, I've done some shopping around and I'm getting some mixed info on whether or not I'll be all good to just drop the chip in or whether the board needs a BIOS update to support the new CPUs, website I'm buying from says 3rd gen ready but sites like PCpartpicker say the board might have compatibility issues, has anyone built using B550 tech with the new CPUs? How'd it go?

Second question, I'm looking at a 6700XT for a GPU cause 3070s are almost 2 grand where I live and I can get a 6700 for about 1200, am I being stupid and stingy? I made the mistake of cheaping out on my GPU when I first built my PC, opting for a GTX950 instead of a 970 to save a couple hundred, I mainly use my PC for music production and some light-medium duty gaming, I'm not looking for 8k perfection on the latest titles, but 1440p at least 60fps on games like The Witcher, Civilization, Paradox titles and stuff in that vein would be perfect, you know, middle of the pack, nothing too flashy but nothing that'll have a tantrum if I ask it to pick up the pace a bit

Thank you for reading, can't wait to switch over to what looks like the tech I should have been using the whole time

2 : Anonymous2021/10/05 18:42 ID: hfiegd4

Well I have a 5600x with a 6700xt and I think it's pretty fantastic

ID: hfih4m8

Sweet, did you pick the 6700xt specifically or was it just cheaper than the RTX equivalent?

ID: hfiiqi7

Well I did have a 1080 TI that did very well for me. But I ended up winning the Newegg shuffle. I like everybody else was dreaming of a 3080 but you know that didn't happen lol so I ended up settling for the 6700 XT and I do have to say that it is more powerful than the 1080 TI by far and it performs very well. And you can even utilize Sam.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/05 18:56 ID: hfigbfx

I have the 5600x and a B550 mobo. I had to update the bios.

ID: hfigw1o

Can you do it yourself or is it best I get a store to do it when I buy? And do you need an existing AMD CPU to do it if you do it yourself?

ID: hfil1jj

You can do it yourself with a flash drive and q-flash in bios. No, you don’t need an existing CPU on the B550 boards

4 : Anonymous2021/10/05 19:11 ID: hfiiex3

I have a 6700xt and r7 3700x, and it performs very well, I get 100+ frames in pretty much every game at high settings 1440p

ID: hfikl1l

Fantastic! Slightly older yet beefier cpu but I think I can expect similar performance with a fresh, well-fed chip and a nice m2 SSD

I'd ask about how multitasking goes for you but with 8 cores 16 threads at 3.6ghz I can probably guess haha

It's so much nicer working with tech that has very clear margins for what exactly it is you want it to do, there's so much shit I don't need bolted onto Intel chips that while my i5 served me well enough, I was constantly looking for juuuust that little bit extra to reliably hit my performance goals and ended up overclocking the guts out of it to have FL Studio finish rendering a track before I turn 70

ID: hfivndw

Yeah I originally had a rx 5700xt and found a sweet deal where I traded it for my gigabyte 6700xt. In Total I spent 475 usd on the 6700xt, not bad considering the time were in right now.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/05 19:56 ID: hfiozqb

Hey OP, we have the same CPU and GPU. My MSI B550 (ITX) came ready for that 5000 CPU and i didn't have to do a bios update which was a nice surprise.

Also, that 6700 XT is a great card. I have the AMD reference version and I'm very happy with it. The titles I play are mostly Monster Hunter World, Apex and Skyrim. MHW is probably the most demanding and I'm getting about 98 fps on average on the highest settings with HDR on a 1440p ultrawide.

The Radeon software has a tuning component to it and I was able to undervolt the card giving me pretty good temps- about 69C in a NZXT 210 which is not cooling friendly at all.

Feel free to ask me any questions or comment on the build.

ID: hfiuo8e

That has assuaged literally all of my concerns about graphics performance, I was sweating a little cause I wasn't too sure how it'd stack up next to an RTX and whether I should just spring the extra like 700 NZD for a 3070 (plus all of the additional cooling I'd likely need, classic Nvidia) but MH is a game that my new Xbox found challenging so if you're getting good frames at 1440p then I don't think there's much to worry about at all

I'm using a Deepcool Macube 310p (magnets, how do they work?), the airflow is channeled but I wouldn't say limited, it just has specific in and out vents, my current i5-6600k (held together by prayers and a shitload of overclocking) and GTX1060 make pretty good frames on stuff like EVE, Total War Warhammer and Crusader Kings and maxes out at maybe 60°C (70ish when I turn the sparkle up on Total War)

As for the CPU, from the sounds of it I'll be all good, no one that's replied or anything I've seen online has mentioned anything about struggles with cooling or feeding it, are you using the stock cooler?

ID: hfiup4x
60°C is equivalent to 140°F, which is 333K.

I'm a bot that converts temperature between two units humans can understand, then convert it to Kelvin for bots and physicists to understand

ID: hfiyd1q

In regard to graphics, definitely capable. Make sure you enable SAM in bios and Freesync. Fps is high and i think the image looks really good even with Freesync on, i can't tell a difference and fps is higher.

I went a little bit overboard and got an AIO Kraken x53 and my CPU is at about 45C during normal gaming. I want to say it hits about 60C during Time Spy testing but i need to double check. Looking back, it probably would have done just fine with an upgraded air cooler. I kept reading the stock one is really bad so I didn't even bother with it.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/05 20:10 ID: hfiqyvu

B550 recognized the super new 5700g, and my 5800x without a bios update however different B550 boards could need an update they wont all have the exact same bios version. My previous B450 board absolutely did require a bios update for chips from the past year or so.

ID: hfiw4n6

Thank you, probably best to ask my parts store when I buy and see if they can do it

I have absolutely no idea what BIOS I'm even looking for, which boards have it, and how to update it if it doesn't, but just learning that there's variance between boards is good to know so I can try avoid any compatibility issues before I get a good idea and end up breaking something


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