Ride 4: PS5/Xbox Series X – Is It Really The Next Level In Photo-Realism?

1 : Anonymous2021/10/05 14:39 ID: q1xqro
Ride 4: PS5/Xbox Series X - Is It Really The Next Level In Photo-Realism?
2 : Anonymous2021/10/05 14:54 ID: hfhhgia



Both PS5 and Series X render at 1512p resolution

Both PS5 and Series X offer the same visual settings

Performance is identical on both consoles.

Photo-realism talk

The Ride 4 PS5 video everyone was hyping was actually played through replay mode, which gave it that realistic camera movement and head-bob (which isn’t present in-game).

The game doesn’t have as realistic color grading.

They specifically highlight gameplay with an overcast weather, and they mention that in real life, the scene would look more boring due to the fact that the sun is blocked.

Rear-view mirrors run at 60fps

Even the breaking fluid has its own physics

Ragdoll physics seems a bit unrealistic

A lot of shadow pop-in and out

The game would look much better with ray tracing

They mention that these negative highlights aren’t to show the failure of the devs, rather to show the limitations of real-time rendering.

will edit in more if necessary

ID: hfi52j1

The game would look much better with ray tracing

Checks if Alex is part of the video

Yup, called it lol

ID: hfir327

It's funny cause Tom mentioned it first

ID: hfjfqoj

He’s not wrong!

ID: hfil466

I wonder if overcast is going to be the new wet roads. Every game will not only have wet roads but we'll never see the sun again lol

ID: hfioxsr

I don’t think ray tracing would be worth it. It’s very demanding, they would probably have to downgrade the resolution even more to 1080p or worse. SSR works well.

ID: hfjft2z

You wouldn’t want the head bobbing to be there tbh. Motion sickness would be real.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/05 14:46 ID: hfhgf0g

Has enough time elapsed to finally come to the conclusion that the Series X power advantage is basically a non factor?

Like it’s so negligible that it wouldn’t Be a convincing enough reason to pick one over the other?

ID: hfhx2er

This is realistically gonna be a gen if splitting hairs. You'll probably have to consult DF or NX Gamer to learn of any real differences. We'll probably get the odd outlier where one game is a bit if a mess on one console or the other, but for all intents and purposes, you'll be playing the same thing on PS5 and Series X.

Go for whichever one you prefer.

ID: hfi8eip

This... You can bet real money that there will be parody in most if not all 3rd party games this gen regardless of the additional graphic power of the Series X. It comes down to agony versus income and most developers aren't going the extra mile for a platform that will not have much, if any return on the investment.

The only area will that will change will be first party releases where the teams are focusing specifically on and maximizing their hardware.

ID: hficxtr

Looking at the raw spec sheet it was never going to be a massive difference in the first place.

Xbox has at best a 20% more powerful GPU and a few percent more powerful CPU compared to a 40% GPU advantage for One X over PS4 Pro.

Both next gen consoles have the same amount of RAM with Xbox splitting RAM into a faster and a slower portion. Compare that to 8gb on PS4 Pro vs 12gb of faster RAM on One X.

And I/O is straight up faster on PS5 with a 5.5gb/s SSD and an I/O processor that can decompress data up to 22gb/s.

The difference this gen was always going to be way smaller than the difference between Xbox One and PS4 or the One X and the PS4 Pro. As a result I can't imagine anyone seriously choosing one console over the other solely based on raw specs.

ID: hfhoiu5

I think the final judgment should be reserved for when both consoles are balls deep into next-gen games.

But basically if you’re deciding solely by power then I think that’s a mistake. Both consoles have their advantages and their power is so similar that you can barely even notice it unless you get the DF microscope.

You should value other metrics instead like games, services, console features, etc.

ID: hfhtlqf

Exactly this.

Performance will be similar until the end of this gen.

Xbox will have some higher res here and there, PS5 will have couple seconds faster load times here and there, but the performance will always be similar.

Its all about the type of games you wanna play or the money you wanna spend.

ID: hfiuxf0

Both consoles are basically the same. 12TF or blazing fast SSD were all marketing and are pretty negligible.

ID: hfj6cme

I've had both consoles since launch. If you were only getting one, there's really only three major things I'd consider as important differences:

- Which has more exclusive games/IPs you like
- Is game pass a major factor for you
- Do more of your online friends play on a particular platform

The differences in frame rates and resolutions between the same games on both platforms is pretty much a non factor.

ID: hfhtfya

Absolutely! We are far past that deadline. In most of the games developed with next gen consoles in mind, PS5 performs at par if not better. There's a reason why Microsoft themselves stopped advertising Series X as the "most powerful console" and changed it to "most powerful Xbox."

Moreover, with the latest die shots of PS5 CPU/GPU, it seems Sony (Mark Cerny) has done a lot more customization than expected. One of the highlight is The Touryst - which hits 8K60 on PS5 but only 6K60 on Series X. The devs go in-depth to explain why it was possible to hit these incredibly high numbers on PS5 rather than Series X and most of it boils down to the way PS5 GPU is designed and it's memory architecture!

ID: hfib16c

One of the highlight is The Touryst - which hits 8K60 on PS5 but only 6K60 on Series X.

I've looked into this and changed my mind compared to before. DF specifically mentioned that the devs told them it's because of the high clocks on the PS5 they can hit 8K. But we also have to remember that the Series S runs the game at 4K 60fps.

What does that tell us? That the game clearly doesn't need more shaders, but it needs the limited number of shaders available to run fast. That's how Shinen's engine clearly works. The Series S has 20 CUs at 1.565GHz, which was enough to push native 4K. The PS5 has 36 CUs at up to 2.23GHz and that was enough to get to 8K. And since the game can run at 60fps with the PS4's Jaguar CPU, Shinen could lower the CPU clocks on the PS5 and use all the saved wattage on the GPU to maintain stable clocks at the top end.

Series X has more CUs and higher memory bandwidth (The Touryst isn't even 1GB in size, the game can be pulled instantly into the faster portion of the RAM on the Series X), but with this game, it's clearly just about the GPU clocks.

For example, Sony's 1st party can rewrite their engines (most of them use their own) to take advantage of the higher clocks. Most multiplatform engines will be however optimised for both more shaders and higher clocks, as normally, more shaders equals more performance (as Mark Cerny himself knows, since from PS4 to PS4 Pro he doubled the CU count instead of drastically raising the clockspeeds on the existing 18 CUs) and higher clocks are just gravy.

ID: hfi06rg

Also considering The Touryst is 8K on PS5 vs Series X (6K) thanks to variable clocks.

ID: hfil9mv

Remember when xbox fans INSISTED that variable clocks would mean the ps5 would never stay at the full 10.1 and it would be way underpowered?

Instead we have this.

ID: hfhu54s

This gen basically everything it's a non factor. Both consoles will perform similar in the majority of games.

You have the same situation on the PS5 situation, the SSD will also be a non factor.

Both sides will always have people pushing whatever fits their narrative.

ID: hfhtfnd

I think it's relevant if you own both consoles and want to know which version of a game to buy, but yeah it's not enough to sway me to buy one console over the other alone.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/05 14:41 ID: hfhfq30

Do we have to be cynical about everything?

ID: hfhihgt


ID: hfhtmhu

It's DF after all. They would zoom in 400% on a game to tell you that a far away object looks poorly rendered which no one would catch in real life. But that's there job I believe.

ID: hfjcj3j

It's not cynicism, it's - as they put it in this video - technical pedantry. I think it's interesting to see tech evolve incrementally, or how some games or developers prioritize different things, etc.

The game looks great, I think everyone agrees on that. Speaking on details and pointing out flaws doesn't change that.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/05 16:38 ID: hfhwhxe

looks great!!

6 : Anonymous2021/10/05 15:00 ID: hfhi8ev

This.... and then add the road rash combat please. None of this gun stuff though; just classic road rash hand to hand. Passing so slowly just makes me want to reach out and smack the other racers.

ID: hfhkctw

I would love a new Road Rash!!

ID: hfhkhby

I almost bought the "new" one which is Road Redemption, when it was on sale, but it just rubbed me the wrong way.

ID: hfhmzds

Also when you get busted or wrecked, we need those little animations. The ambulance pulling up and putting the bike on the stretcher always made me laugh.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/05 17:54 ID: hfi7e8q

It looks good because of the replay mode. This applies to GT 7 too. GT 7 doesn't look all that special, but it looks good in the replay mode thanks to ray tracing. Shame the game doesn't have ray tracing during normal gameplay because early on the developers/Sony made it sound that it would.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/05 17:30 ID: hfi41ob

The helmet cam only being avaliable on replays is pretty blegh. Never gonna get this game lol

ID: hfild5h

Wait. Motorcycle game with no helmet cam while racing?

ID: hfjcmrg

There is a helmet cam while racing. It's just not the same one as the replay mode (which has significantly more movement). They covered this in the video...

9 : Anonymous2021/10/05 18:15 ID: hfiaewb

Are these games fun? How do it compared to other major racing games such as GT and Forza? I really don't hear much about this series considering that it's on its fourth game.

ID: hfikyh4

They're fun, but if you're not familiar with motorcycle games it is a learning curve compared to car racing.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/05 19:25 ID: hfikizk

It looks amazing but what is the purpose of driving with a cup of urine on your handlebars?

11 : Anonymous2021/10/05 19:59 ID: hfipeaj

Not sure about fun.

But coming to graphics, this is the game that make everyone doing the “it’s not real” meme, and the graphics is pretty amazing.

Possible the most real looking game yet.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/05 18:57 ID: hfigdeh

You mean the 240p grainy video doesn't mean the game looks amazing?

This sub man.

The game doesn't even look great.


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