Which GPU has aged better? | RX 480 4GB vs GTX 1060 3GB | 15 Games benchmarked in 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/10/04 18:50 ID: q1c3qg
Which GPU has aged better? | RX 480 4GB vs GTX 1060 3GB | 15 Games benchmarked in 2021
2 : Anonymous2021/10/04 19:19 ID: hfdzptk

That Fine Wine moniker still seems to be holding up quite well. 6% faster average frame rates and 15% higher 1% lows. The other advantage here too is many early RX 480 4GB can be reflashed to the 8GB version since both models had the same amount of RAM and an artificially VRAM-limited BIOS was the only difference between them.

ID: hfe0bw7

Also having 1GB more Vram also helps, since the 1060 3GB seems to be limited, specially with Doom Eternal where LOW quality requires 3 GB of Vram Minimum.

ID: hff5rz0

1GB doesn't seem much when your card has 16GB or even 8Gb - but when you got 3GB... oof

ID: hferrp4

I am daily driving an rx 480 8gb, and besides running hotter than Satan's asscrack, it is great

ID: hfet196

Oh I forgot to mention, it is the reference card in a pre-built that does more choking than (insert bdsm joke)

ID: hffgweo

A lot of the games used in the benchmarks favour AMD cards quite a lot such as Warzone, Doom, RDR2, Assassins Creed.

I'd call them the same too be honest.

fine wine

Yeah, maybe. I'm not a fan of this term, imagine if you had this performance when you bough the card rather than years later.

ID: hfh05jt

I.e., imagine if the industry was as forward-thinking as AMD. I agree, let's hold other companies accountable.

ID: hfhuvif

Warzone is favouring AMD?

ID: hfeodxf

Paid for with 40% higher power consumption.

Fair deal when the electricity is cheap and you don't mind a wee bit more heat in the room.

ID: hfexwcy

get both, rx 480 for winter and gtx 1060 for summer

ID: hff1y41

Wait, the 4GB models were just bios locked 8GB models!??!


ID: hff5vsi

No - there was only a small batch of reference cards that could be unlocked, if my memory serves me right.

ID: hfe3hd6


ID: hfeav1r

Who would want to hold back performance?? It doesn't make any sense

ID: hfe7bxs

not really holding back performance initially. when they were first introduced the rx 480 and the 1060 6gb are already neck to neck with certain titles favoring one brand depending on the game engine and API (ex. dx11 and UE 3 & 4 favors nvidia heavily while API's like dx12 and vulkan favors amd). today, even dx11 titles are running on par with both brands and if you only factor in dx12 and vulkan games, then the 470/570/480/580 are leading by a wide margin (source: Hardware Unboxed and various other videos on youtube that does new comparison videos)

i will agree that fine wine isn't real. its just that nvidia neglects and ignores their previous gen customers like me and my gtx1060 because we arent buying their new shit.

ID: hfe548o

holding back performance initially?

No, it means they do better with long term ongoing driver optimization for their legacy products. NVIDIA is thought to put far less emphasis on supporting old outdated architectures in favor of allocating the most manpower to support their current generation products. AMD, on the other hand, tends to do a better job optimizing their graphic cards even many years after release.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/04 20:16 ID: hfe94fp

Still got an RX 480 here, but so badly want to upgrade everything.

ID: hfe9hp9

I'm on the same boat man...

ID: hfeda34

RX 570 4GB here, I'll be honest that I wouldn't turn down a brand-new 6600XT if they offered it to me at £200 (Fantasy rn, I know), but all things considered I'm doing fine right now.

ID: hfggxhy

With the current market it would be faster for us to make therapy circle instead of buying a GPU.

And yes, I'm still running my sapphire 480 nitro+

ID: hfejx03

Same. I was able to upgrade everything but my msi 4gb 480. The 3060 ti queue with evga is my only hope.

ID: hfgar29

You have the exact same hardware that I had before until I upgraded to r7 3800xt and rx6700xt but for Full HD Gaming your hardware "should" still work fine ':)

ID: hfgawjg

Yeah I know, just getting nervous about hardware age. Happens immediately as warranties go out xD

4 : Anonymous2021/10/05 15:22 ID: hfhlelw

1060 3gb is aged horribly 6gb version on the other hand still holds up

5 : Anonymous2021/10/05 16:42 ID: hfhx01r

It's worth noting that the 3GB GTX 1060 is actually a cut down version of the 6GB GTX 1060 with fewer cores, whereas the 4GB and 8GB RX 480s are the same card. The 3GB GTX 1060 is about ~12% slower than the 6GB GTX 1060 when not VRAM constrained.

Still a valid comparison since the 4GB RX 480 and 3GB GTX 1060 were around the same price, but the 8GB RX 480 isn't a clear winner over the mainline 6GB GTX 1060. I remember buying the Saphire RX 480 8GB in 2016 due to the impressive Doom Vulkan performance. Ultimately the card never truly managed to climb ahead of the 1060, with both cards trading blows to this day.


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