AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution: the Digital Foundry interview

1 : Anonymous2021/10/16 13:22 ID: q9bwwn
AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution: the Digital Foundry interview
2 : Anonymous2021/10/16 13:57 ID: hguzrz4

“ML clearly shows promise, and AMD is heavily investing in ML R&D on a number of fronts”

“With multiple research efforts happening in parallel, several technological directions are being considered. I look forward to speaking with Digital Foundry again once we're closer to announcing something.”

If you’re interested if they confirmed anything regarding future FSR versions, that’s pretty much it.

ID: hgvbi0v


Since FSR 1.0 was developed for a broad set of users and platforms there's now a solution in place for virtually everyone, and this allows us to direct some of our focus on solutions possibly leveraging more advanced GPU functionalities or performance levels.

ID: hgwbdsc

Which pretty much confirms FSR 2.0 will likely be limited to RDNA2 or even RDNA3 in the future.

ID: hgv0la1

I don't really care if they get their Temporal+AI+Open source version of FSR out first or XeSS gets out and goes open source first, but either way we need an open source solution already.

ID: hgv9a25

If they're smart they'll jump on the XeSS bandwagon. 2 similar solutions means that DLSS will be more likely to lose since devs will have a clear alternative. 3 similar solutions gives it a reason to exist as the default; it stops being a simple matter of proprietary vs non-propietary.

ID: hgvb80o

AMD is heavily investing in ML R&D on a number of fronts, I look forward to speaking with Digital Foundry again once we're closer to announcing something.

I am really looking forward to that, FSR 1.0 so far to me has been a disappointment to me due to how noticeable the image quality downgrade is compared to native.

ID: hgvcmj4

In my experience it looks perfectly fine in the games I've used it in - RE Village and The Medium.

It gives a lot of extra FPS for negligible difference in quality, without having to drop from 1440p to 1080p.

ID: hgwnxnd

Personally I have been very pleased by it because it's the best spatial scaler so far in terms of quality to performance. There are better spatial upscalers out there, like FSRCNN, but they're so heavy they would be useless for games. FSR manages to look pretty good while also being so lightweight it has practically no overhead.

What I'm disappointed about is how they make developers integrate FSR into their games instead of having put FSR as a toggle in the drivers. It just seems like a missed opportunity, and it's a shame because it forces me to rely on programs like Magpie for the many games that don't support FSR and never will.

ID: hgwok5o

its pretty good when used at 4K Ultra Quality, outside of it i wouldn't use it unless they added a sharpness slider, i'm not a fan of the "deep fried" look

ID: hgvh3c0

Really good to hear.

I am personally not a fan of FSR 1.0, but it's also not really made for me. And taking a step back, we were originally kind of expecting FSR to not come out until the end of the year. So hearing more definitively that they are working on something using other techniques is encouraging.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/16 22:07 ID: hgwtv0o

FSR vs GPU driver scaling

Really innovative stuff they've got going over here. Pity interview from DF.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/16 18:30 ID: hgvzzeg

Not a single question about FSR on XSX/S or PS5.

ID: hgw6btj

It works on both consoles (it works on almost all modern gpus), it's up to devs to implement them

ID: hgwzegj

The consoles have better solutions.


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