2TB XPG S70 Blade for $280 on NewEgg. Ends in 23 hours

1 : Anonymous2021/10/16 07:56 ID: q97jn1
2TB XPG S70 Blade for $280 on NewEgg. Ends in 23 hours
2 : Anonymous2021/10/16 09:26 ID: hguchez

Not long until black Friday sales too

ID: hgvdfr5

I hope there's enough supply for everyone. I once waited for black Friday deal on a tv and it was sold out every where. Had to wait for the next model to drop.

ID: hgwhosu

When do the black friday sales usually start?

ID: hgx0mpu

Lol like in 2 week

3 : Anonymous2021/10/16 13:18 ID: hguvcb6

Yeah, Sony's storage expansion solution seems to be working out well in terms of pricing, and it's funny how people (as usual and expected) seem to have been able to install the SSD+heatsink without many issues contrary to all the FUD on social media when the beta was announced.

ID: hgvdk5v

The FUD always annoyed me because it was clearly from people who never upgraded a previous playstation before, because this is FAR easier than previous solutions.

ID: hgwspa5

It’s on par with previous internal solutions. I wouldn’t say easier. Since the PS3 it’s pretty much always been remove a panel, unscrew 1 screw, insert new drive, reverse steps.

ID: hgw3gco

This is far easier than plugging in an external hdd?

Like I get it can’t work that way this gen, but that was 100% easier

ID: hgv8vns

What was the FUD on social media? What even is FUD?

ID: hgvc3xu

It's a tactic used by corporations to make consumers weary of computing products or strait up Influence them into not buying competing products based on exaggerated/non-existent problems. It has been used, to great success, by several companies over the past 40 years.

It's a staple marketing tactic of certain companies and their's significant academic research on how the companies most prolific at using FUD have used it over the years.

People were saying how complicated installing an ssd is and how Microsoft's proprietary, more expensive solution is miles better. People were shilling for expensive, proprietary storage. smh.

ID: hgv976m

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt, there was a lot of comments saying how terrible this is for people to do and they would break they PS5.

ID: hgvcnfm

People who have never worked on any electronics or computers were worried they couldn't do it. Honestly some people don't even know how to use a screwdriver. So I feel for those people. They'll probably have to overpay for an install or just deal with the 800gb the console has.

Even though the ssd is basically plug and play there are those who still would prefer the old-school memory card style ssd. I honestly would've liked both options. I'd just want a ps branded ssd with a case that resembles the old Sony memory cards. I used to have a bunch back in the day. Different colors too.

ID: hgw1kc4

I can see the appeal of both options. A simple plug and play expansion is great for lots of people who aren't interested in opening up their hardware. Unfortunately you pay extra for that convenience.

I personally prefer Sony's pick your own drive solution, which gives consumers more options and better pricing. Not to mention you can pick your own drive size. I felt the need to put a 2 TB drive in mine, didn't think 1 TB would be enough after a few years.

ID: hgw9bjy

Plug and play wasn't the problem, it's the FUD about it being super complicated and it being "worse" than proprietary storage. Shills were trying to tell us that people will suddenly become so stupid that they won't be able to figure it out or go to an Argos or Best Buy to get it done if they can't do it themselves.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/16 15:58 ID: hgvexdq

Darn. I just picked up the 1TB WD for way more. Ah well, it’s been working just fine.

ID: hgwnqzm

Way more? What the hell, I just got the 1TB WD without a heatsink for 170€, and put a 13€ heatsink on it. Works like a charm. Are people really overpaying that much for an extra piece of metal and a heat transfer pad or two.

ID: hgwnubo

I paid $279 from Amazon. I was mistaken. I thought I paid more. It was on sale.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/16 22:31 ID: hgwx14y

Hey, I read a review and the guy said something about a “shroud change” what is that?


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