A new Splinter Cell game is in Development, Early in production with an announcement possibly coming next year

1 : Anonymous2021/10/19 12:35 ID: qbal97
A new Splinter Cell game is in Development, Early in production with an announcement possibly coming next year
2 : Anonymous2021/10/19 12:54 ID: hh86t91

It's only been rumored for 4 years. Definitely wont believe it until I see it.

ID: hh8fu1f

Yeah that's why the "announcement" is supposedly next year.

ID: hh98o3t

Considering the last one was a huge deviation from the original concept (stealth to an action shooter) do we really want more? Lol

ID: hh9ddw3

Are you talking about SC Conviction? Because Blacklist (the latest game) was closer to the og games and stealth was a viable option while direct combat was worth it only in a few coop mission.

ID: hh9f9q6

Feel free to play it as an action shooter, but most of the game can be stealthed even though it's much different than the old games. There's the part where you need to kill people before your plane can take off and I think that's the only action encounter on the game, I could be wrong but I'm almost certain it is.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/19 14:08 ID: hh8ftbd

Please be an offline experience. No live service bullshit.

ID: hh9raod

The way Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six have gone, it's gonna be a battle royale set in space against alien Nazi zombies.

ID: hh9knqv

Might as well send prayers... That's like asking Nintendo to release a mario and rabbids gang-bang simulator.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/19 12:41 ID: hh85b6q

Please don’t fuck this up Ubisoft

ID: hh85mx4

It’ll be open world with towers you have to climb, 4000 collectibles, and leveled gear (Sorry Sam, your level 5 night vision goggles can’t see in this level 10 area).

ID: hh8ng0t

splinter sell: transaction

ID: hh8j1mg

You have to make new allies by assisting them in various areas so that together you can fight the big boss in the middle of the map.

ID: hh8qjnq

This guy gets it. They screwed up Ghost Recon just like that.

I would love a new game but it's Ubisoft that's making it so my hype is non existent.

ID: hh86x4d

This hurt me to read even though I know you’re joking

ID: hh8abyr

You're joking of course but I'm thinking it'll be more like Blacklist. I'm not a fan of hub worlds but at least the spirit was still there.

ID: hh8b9f7

Don't forget! It is also yet another battle royale filled with nothing but cosmetics they constantly want you to buy

ID: hh8k4qj

Lol, first time uh?

ID: hh8gpse

The Splinter Cell missions in Wildlands and Breakpoint were kind of fun even though it did not have the fleshed out stealth.

If it is Breakpoint (Ghost mode) gunplay/gadgets with Assassins Creeds traversing I think we would have a good hub map (Arkham) game.

ID: hh8n3uo

I will say, the Breakpoint SC missions were really a lot of fun. I was able to stealth my way through them without having to go loud (having all of the sync shots and AI teammates really helped). If a SC game was like that but with a slightly better single stealth mechanic? I'd be down.

But I fear this will be a FPS abomination. Ubisoft has to really earn some trust back.

ID: hh8v1q3

It's almost 2022, do you really have any hope for Ubisoft? hahaha

5 : Anonymous2021/10/19 12:40 ID: hh85aah

Imagine a direct sequel to Chaos Theory, creeping around in the dark on an OLED screen... yes please.

ID: hh88yx1

Battle Royal it is.

ID: hh8ifpn

It will be a live service, free to play, Fortenight clone stealth game with all the fun skins, microtransaction game based currency, loot boxes and dance emotes everyone loves with a hard emphasis on world changing holiday themed events including ubi-crystal sales and a roadmap they get 1/4th of the way into before abandoning it and announcing a top to bottom remake they will never produce.

ID: hh8g1lp

Hopefully it’s not a remake. It seems to be a trend for returning franchises.

ID: hh8kk7m

Remakes are good (if its not purely for profit), especially PS1/PS2 era games. Splinter Cell was released 19 years ago, it probably feels too old and clunky to play for the current generation that many weren't even born.

They also gather a baseline of interest too, you have the story and mechanics there for you, I'm not saying it's easy to make games, but if you have the blueprints to a good game then a chunk of work is done for you. You get the remake and if that sells then you get a brand new game, aka Crash.

The kids that played the originals of the remakes get to see what their 10 year old self saw at that time, the best graphics that can never be topped, this was Spyro for me. I just need a MGS1 remake and I'll be content.

ID: hh8kk4k

If they bring the co-op back I'm actually OK with a decent remake. It was a fantastic game and if they do it justice I'd be down for that.

I'd prefer something new but I don't want it to stray too far from the originals gameplay wise.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/19 14:01 ID: hh8ex3j

Chris Ray Gun can’t go through this again

7 : Anonymous2021/10/19 12:41 ID: hh85dnx

I hope this is true. One of the best series ever made!

8 : Anonymous2021/10/19 12:56 ID: hh872o3

It will be a Splinter Cell battle royale

9 : Anonymous2021/10/19 13:26 ID: hh8akk1


ID: hh8f8dd


He reprised the role for the extra missions in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Wildlands so I assume he will be up for a new game

ID: hh99cje

omg what??? i didn’t know that

10 : Anonymous2021/10/19 13:08 ID: hh88d15

A return to something more in the vein of Pandora Tomorrow would be awesome.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/19 13:39 ID: hh8c3rn

Single player sells!!! No need for Stoopid life services or micro scam actions. We just want Micheal Ironside.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/19 12:53 ID: hh86pa4

we at Ubisoft are proud to announce splinter chaos theory for mobile phones coming to a smartphone near you in 2022 pre-order now on the AppStore to get the exclusive workplace abuse DLC

ID: hh8qzuh

Sam is voiced by none other than iron michaelside who provided the personality for 4 (four!) characters in raid shadow legends

13 : Anonymous2021/10/19 13:01 ID: hh87jv8

The direction Ubisoft is going I don’t trust them. Likely will not be single player.

ID: hh8ks27

Chaos theory coop was effin sweet though

ID: hh8rq6i

That’s fine I just want a good single player. It just feels like Ubisoft is trying more and more to make everything multiplayer. Next Far Cry is rumored to be multiplayer focused and Assassins Creed is going GAS route (Which will likely mean online requirement and some type of multiplayer component) after having 3 very successful massive single player open world games. Ghost Recon is getting a battle Royal. I feel like Ubisoft is making changes for changes sake.

14 : Anonymous2021/10/19 13:22 ID: hh8a1eq

Doesn’t this get said every year? Usually around E3 then again before the Game Awards.

ID: hh9fasz

yes and then all we get is a cameo in a mobile game or some dumb shit

15 : Anonymous2021/10/19 13:27 ID: hh8aprm

This exact rumor has been for years. There were even points where "insiders" leaked it was being worked on, and promo material for E3 and nothing.....

16 : Anonymous2021/10/19 15:23 ID: hh8qcus

Chris Ray Gun on suicide stand-by

17 : Anonymous2021/10/19 14:13 ID: hh8ghea

I bet it’s big open world with outposts and forts you need to take over using stealth, but stealth is poorly conceptualized. In these forts are weapons and loot for crafting upgrades. The story is about how you have to take out some #1 big baddie but you first have to take out his lieutenants in various regions of progressively higher level enemies to “draw him out” first. There’s enemy patrols that roam the roads of this wasteland of an island and they show up on your map in red vehicle icons. There’s also some really cool, but ultimately pointless, cosmetic changes you can make.

Completion time clocks in at around 75-80 hours but the story itself is 16 hours minus fetch quests, travel time, and bugs that cause progression resets.

The game will be called Splinter Cell: Ghost Assassin’s Cry, Dawg.

18 : Anonymous2021/10/19 12:38 ID: hh850iw


19 : Anonymous2021/10/19 13:34 ID: hh8bji6


20 : Anonymous2021/10/19 13:37 ID: hh8by32

I read this as syphon filter and got excited

21 : Anonymous2021/10/19 16:35 ID: hh90tya

Perhaps this is a hot take but I'd rather they reboot the whole thing. Start the story fresh and not hampered with all the double agent turn-cloak drama. Maybe even use completely new characters instead of Fisher and Lambert.

22 : Anonymous2021/10/19 21:31 ID: hha9d5n

If this shit somehow comes with a battle royale mode, I swear I'll snap...

23 : Anonymous2021/10/19 13:32 ID: hh8ba23

can we get a new syphon filter


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