Win 11 / KB5006746 is definitely an improvement

1 : Anonymous2021/10/22 06:47 ID: qdb5k1
Win 11 / KB5006746 is definitely an improvement
2 : Anonymous2021/10/22 08:32 ID: hhli755

why is memory latency so high on W11

ID: hhllltk

zen2 and ram timings, my 5950x with 3733 tuned timings is 55ns atm

ID: hhln5m4

I'm on 3200 CL14 and a 5950x and getting same high 70s as him, your 55ns is low

on Windows 10 I get 63ns

ID: hhlsqww

thats pretty damn nice.

My memory wont let me go 3733CL16 (CL18 is the lowest) so I decided to take a step down to 3600CL16

ID: hhlvk94

Yes, and I use 4 SR modules on default D.O.C.P. timings and clocked down from 3600 to 3400. There is probably still room for improvement - but its very stable right now.

ID: hhnhdgn

5900x, 3800CL13 and I'm at 53ns, need it to go down >:c

ID: hhnr6on

why do you need it to go down?

3 : Anonymous2021/10/22 09:32 ID: hhlm5e6

Has anyone been testing with any other tools besides AIDA? Are we sure AIDA isn't having some win11 compatibility issue that is messing with results?

ID: hhlsfmx

After doing some benchmarking myself and reading around online, the inconsistent bandwidth in Aida64 isn't a new symptom.

It appears that PBO doesn't always play nice with this benchmark, with the score varying by a large margin run to run. In my own testing setting a manual OC generates better and more consistent results.

I've also seen users measure big changes depending on what AGESA they are on for Zen 3 parts. I can't test this because I'm on an x370 Taichi.

I still think my bandwidth is measuring low for a 5600x (330R/220W/330C). It would be great if somone could try a manual OC on a newer AGESA.

ID: hhm0bjr

I'm running

AGESA Patch C Yesterday AMD Drivers PBO = 0 PPT/TDC/EDC = 1000/160/190 (limits = MB in BIOS)

ID: hhlt0ti

sisoft sandra had 400Gb/s average L3, after patches 800Gb/s average

in the results I believe they had min - max, which didn't show 1000Gb/s

I suspect it's still a scheduler / boost issue. Repeated runs do register 1000Gb/s in Aida if windows boost diff cores.

ID: hhloq7w

Well games ran shittier than before the patch.

ID: hhn4jez

Exactly, hunting bogus numbers in a single application is cringy. Do the numbers correlate with application performance

ID: hhodcat

AMD and Microsoft confirmed the issue though...

ID: hhlvv5a

AIDA has had issues wit L3$ for while. Dont trust it

ID: hhlz8qg

Aida on a 9900k has serious issues for me. I am seeing memory bandwidth of 7000MB/s and latencies of 281ns, but only in Aida. For some reason it is wildly off the other benchmarks. It had me going down a rabbit hole as to what I had possibly done wrong and made me question if even the other benchmark results were likely right since this problem was so public but its just Aida and even after the patch the performance is the same for me.

So I don't trust it, something is wrong in the latest version.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/22 14:25 ID: hhmgn57

Upgraded back to W11 last night and updated chipset drivers and got the Windows update and my system feels a lot better this time around. Haven't gotten any hanging yet which I had frequently prior. Everything seems smooth so far. I'm enjoying it.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/22 12:36 ID: hhm25b9

L3 bandwidth still garbage, but i suspect it has nothing to do with real performance, just how AIDA measure things under W11

ID: hhmwh37

As we all know that CPU cares more about latency rather than bandwidth. This also applies to memory where tuning the timings could result in better performance than simply turning up the memory frequency.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/22 06:48 ID: hhlatk1

Left before - right is after the update

ID: hhlsltz

You also install latest AMD chipset? its for CPPC right?

ID: hhlz1jm

Here with chipset, but L3 ist fluctuating greatly in AIDA.

ID: hhlvcxa

No, chipset is still from September

7 : Anonymous2021/10/22 15:56 ID: hhmu6vs

I'll stick with 10 for 2 more months to be safe

8 : Anonymous2021/10/22 10:59 ID: hhlsnu9

Yes, but I notice the memory latency is still worse than Windows 10. I got about 72ns on windows 11, and 65ns on windows 10, with 5950x and 3800mhz cl16.

ID: hhm8prc

B die?

ID: hhodw06


9 : Anonymous2021/10/22 09:07 ID: hhlkeww

Are the L3 read/write/copy speeds supposed to be that low compared to L1 and L2?

ID: hhlknlv

No, that's still not fixed.

ID: hhlm1ur

Should be around 1000 GB/s can even peek a little higher

ID: hhlne2h

I'm fairly new to the PC master race, these speeds are all from RAM? So this is essentially a RAM benchmark? Will a more powerful CPU and an SSD have an effect on these numbers?

10 : Anonymous2021/10/22 09:59 ID: hhlo2j1

My results on 5600x on an x370 board

ID: hhlsiwv

I wonder how much if you compared to Windows 10?

ID: hhlvmnb

Needs a windows 10 comparison. No one is denying there has been improvements made. The problem is that it is still behind what you would get running windows 10. There is also an issue where the L3 cache problem returns back to high after some time playing.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/22 13:30 ID: hhm8w4k

I couldn't get AMD Chipset drivers to uninstall.

Said something about not all the devices are installed or like that.

So I just installed latest Power Management Support since that was the only one that was updated.

It shouldn't cause any problems, right?

12 : Anonymous2021/10/22 14:16 ID: hhmfd28

Funny my PC shows I got this KB on the 16th.
After the chipset update...

ID: hhnbo0n

Same as me shows I have had this since 16th also. Maybe as I'm still set to receive beta updates from the insider program?

ID: hhncuyq

Has to be insider because I'm still on insider.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/22 15:39 ID: hhmrr33

X570E / 5900X / 64GB 3600 Neo / 3090

L3 here are fine.

Scores are also fine. A bit lower than in W10 but not a deal breaker and I'm sure there will be optimizations looking forward.

Only problem is, I cannot use my previous CU at -23 (even -18) as it crashes the machine so I decided to disable CU for now. Anyone else?

About 3090's scores: I just got 13767 points in port royal, the highest I ever got. So that's great!!!

14 : Anonymous2021/10/22 16:48 ID: hhn1yhj

do you know another program to test than aida?

15 : Anonymous2021/10/22 16:58 ID: hhn3d2v

I installed the update, restarted PC multiple times and it's still not fixed for me. Any idea what's wrong?

16 : Anonymous2021/10/22 22:08 ID: hhobg3s

I have 3700X too, but after fix i have other numbers L3 Cache

17 : Anonymous2021/10/22 22:22 ID: hhod8qp

Test Timespy CPU. This one is the real deal. Ask buildzoid.


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