IGN: Guardians of the Galaxy: 17 Minutes of Chapter 1 Gameplay (4K 60FPS)

1 : Anonymous2021/10/24 13:09 ID: qerv2a
IGN: Guardians of the Galaxy: 17 Minutes of Chapter 1 Gameplay (4K 60FPS)
2 : Anonymous2021/10/24 13:12 ID: hhuw3yd

Any reviews for this yet?

ID: hhux07c

Review embargo is tomorrow the 25th I believe. Not sure what time, I'd assume like noon (12pm) EST

Edit: Apparently it's 9am EST 🙂

ID: hhuxg23

9AM EST tomorrow for reviews

ID: hhux49o

Good to hear, thanks

ID: hhzbzcl

I've been playing it since Friday, it's enjoyable, It's not game of the year. It's a fun game if you're a GotG fan, if it were a different franchise I don't think I'd have enjoyed it. I'm only 4 chapters in so far though, so don't take my word as gospel.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/24 14:03 ID: hhv1w2f

I’m on a blackout for this game, just need reviews to confirm it doesn’t have a lotta issues and I’m buying

ID: hhvqbyr

I’m the opposite. This game has absolutely not sold me yet

ID: hhvqvrq

I’m gonna buy for $50 and resell for $35-40. There’s almost no chance it’s not worth 10-20 bucks.

ID: hhxhsid

I watched the walkthrough of the first chapter, i found the gameplay way better than what was showcased in the trailers and it looks like a story driven game with a decent story.

ID: hhw7f2i

If by issues you means bugs then there isn’t really any. Maybe some choppiness, but I haven’t had any issues yet (maybe like 40% done)

ID: hhz3cqt

Same here. People are way too picky and a lot of them think Crystal Dynamics made this and that it's online but no. These devs for this game are stars, made Deus Ex and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

ID: hhz3l7p

made Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Well, that was my least fav of the TR reboot, but GotG looks much better

4 : Anonymous2021/10/24 13:39 ID: hhuz53c

I watched RadBrad's first episode. I didn't have much hype for this game, I was intrigued when it was announced but after watching the gameplay I got pretty hyped to play this game, it looks really good, has some comical moments and good combat.

ID: hhv43lz

I'm exactly the same way, I was hoping for the best but admittedly not going in with the best expectations, but dam after watching FightinCowboys first Lets Play episode this game actually looks fantastic across the board.

It seriously looks really good.

ID: hhv4jps

It's the Avengers game that got us all to doubt this one I guess, but from what I've seen, the game proved itself.

ID: hhwfaes

I watched it too. The dialogues are greatly written. I’m totally sold for the story.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/24 17:00 ID: hhvq5zb

I've got about 10 hours in this game so far and it's fantastic, I think it's going to surprise a lot of people! The banter between characters is great and it has a really good adventure vibe.

Anyone thinking it's even remotely like Avengers is in for a pleasant surprise, it's an experience more akin to Marvel's Spider-Man.

I'm also getting lots of Star Wars Fallen Order vibes with walking around the Milano and finding crafting materials/new outfits.

Soundtrack is killer and the combat isn't exactly to my liking but it's grown on me the more abilities I've unlocked and it's simply just fun.

ID: hhw0bht

Anyone thinking it's even remotely like Avengers

This is going to be the litmus to tell if a person has actually played it or not in future discussions, I'm guessing

ID: hhw0ely

How much more do you have to go? Care to speculate at total playtime?

ID: hhw6n51

Looking at the Trophies to see how many chapters there is I'm just over halfway through, so I'm going to guess the campaign is 15-20 hours.

There isn't any side missions as such but some choices you make do have an impact on some opportunities. Lots of optional conversations you can have with the Guardians for example that have mostly all been worth my time.

Having a great time with this game!

ID: hhx7mdt

Did they take advantage of the dualsense features?

ID: hhxae32

Yes and surprisingly it's implemented pretty well! The haptics feel really good, it gets more intense as your gun is heating up and once overcharged it has a "Active Reload" mechanic and if you hit R2 in the right time it uses the adaptive triggers to fire a more powerful shot and feels satisfying.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/24 14:29 ID: hhv574m

People i got the game yesterday. Ask me anything :3

ID: hhvlkc4

Why is Gomora?

ID: hhvma2m

Im still getting use to her new looks but her voice and play role in the game its so nice

ID: hhv5dp3

How’s the combat in the game and if you had to give a score of the game in general on a scale of 1-10 what would it be?

ID: hhv6g12

I give a 8 almost 9. Theres always interactions between them. You never get bored of themand the dialogue choices is so nice. The combat i got the ice elemental and it makes the life easier, you use when press it R1. The game is 30 gbs tho. I guess its more when they release the day 1 patch. Till now i didnt see any bug.

ID: hhvz5q6

Is it truly “Marvel’s Mass Effect” like people have been saying?

ID: hhwm7rm

You do have a lil bit of it. When you choice what each carater skill do you want to use. Aswell as using them to solve puzzles. The oy thing you upgrade is your perks and the skills your caracter and your team.

ID: hhwkmid

Spoiler alert, it won't be.

ID: hhvbtv6

Any noteworthy Dualsense features?

ID: hhvc9hm

Sorry i didnt pay much atention to it. But you can feel it when pressing the trigger to shoot reload fast. Thats what i notice more. Sorry 🙁

ID: hhvcyjs

Is the story any good?

ID: hhvdxu3

It is. Im loving every bit of it. Its 100% better then avengers. I recommend playing it !

ID: hhxe9bh


ID: hhxk1tv

Can you romance Rocket?

7 : Anonymous2021/10/24 13:16 ID: hhuwmoo

I was surprised to see several YouTubers I watch already starting their "Lets Play" series yesterday with the review copies they received since the review embargo doesn't end until tomorrow, here's a 40-minute long gameplay video from someone else that starts from the beginning.

The dialogue is really good, it's not boring at all, and at times seems like I'm watching a good movie, the graphics look fantastic as well. Review embargo ends tomorrow at 9 am EST so I hope it's good.

ID: hhvg3kx

I'm a little annoyed at how easy it seems to be to clip dialogue by taking one step too far, seems like there's going to be a lot of standing around listening to quips. But it does seem well written and now I'm really interesting in trying it out myself.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/24 16:06 ID: hhvi8rv

Man they really made the graphics look shit in the early previews it looks great here

9 : Anonymous2021/10/24 13:58 ID: hhv1e22

I watched Theradbrad playing the intro, the game looks very fun definitly buying

10 : Anonymous2021/10/24 21:52 ID: hhwx2mz

Started playing earlier today, still pretty early in but so far it’s really cool.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/24 14:49 ID: hhv7si6

The graphics look superb, story looks fun and light, locations looks awesome. The only thing im unsure about is how fun the gameplay is. Idk if its me but it looks kind of generic.

Other then that this looks awesome across the board.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/24 13:27 ID: hhuxqzk

Visuals are great and gameplay looks solid. This game interested me because of mass effect-y elements. I'd rather play other characters from Starlord's squad, they look more awesome than Starlord. I'm waiting to see what reviewers say.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/24 14:30 ID: hhv5bmi

The thumbnail is giving me very Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One vibes

14 : Anonymous2021/10/25 07:14 ID: hhykcuf

Movement looks horribly clunky. This game is looking rough.

15 : Anonymous2021/10/24 13:54 ID: hhv0uvf

The combat seams stiff and uninspired. The graphics look good but I’m not a fan of the design and voice acting.

ID: hhv7gae

Well i played it and i love the voice acting,interactions and the graphics. Yah the combat needs a bit rework but the rest is awesome

ID: hhwflqk

Yeah, the combat just seems... ehh... I can't say it looks terrible, but it doesn't look like I'll enjoy for 15-20 hours

16 : Anonymous2021/10/24 14:25 ID: hhv4pca

That melee combat looks like trash

ID: hhy073u

The combat in this video... yeesh. have absolutely no interest in this now lmao


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