Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water – First Look PS5 Gameplay!

1 : Anonymous2021/10/24 13:03 ID: qerr9x
Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water - First Look PS5 Gameplay!
2 : Anonymous2021/10/24 18:16 ID: hhw1mql

Hope this kickstarts a trend of PS2/PS3 Japanese horror games getting remastered along with collections of them. Siren 2 and Siren Blood Curse, Fatal Frame’s 1-4, Clock Tower 3, Rule of Rose, Haunting Ground and a Silent Hill 1-4 remastered collection that actually does the games justice unlike the PS3 HD remasters that used the beta version and the awful “modernized” VA.

ID: hhxkdyl

All of the above plus Kuon for sure.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/24 14:05 ID: hhv25n0

Does this have a dedicated ps5 version? What are the upgrades?

ID: hhvcxj0

there's is a ps5 specific version but buying the game gives you access to both the ps4 and ps5 version. I don't think there's any ps5 graphical upgrade, probably just better resolution and 60fps. We will have to wait for the final release to see.

ID: hhwe2nq

Why wouldn't the regular PS4 version have high resolution and 60 FPS? This was a Wii U game!

4 : Anonymous2021/10/24 15:31 ID: hhvdd3o

I hope there's a mode to use the controller gyro to control the angle of the camera like on the WiiU version.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/24 16:52 ID: hhvp43e

One of the worst fatal frames. Hope the talk of the originals getting remastered is true

ID: hhvx1kq

While the game is not bad, it is indeed the weakest in the series. Like other have said, I hope the 4th one will finally get an official English version. It is a very good Fatal frame game.

ID: hhvt53a

I so hope 4 gets remastered and put out in English

6 : Anonymous2021/10/24 14:21 ID: hhv466i

I really hope that ps4 or ps4 pro supports 60fps because people like me that wants the physical asian release won't recieve the ps5 upgrade because it needs an asian account to be able to claim it.

ID: hhvy16e

Why not just create an Asian account? You can download it and then play on a different account

ID: hhx1q2q

Is that true? How would that work?

ID: hhv4v6g

Oh man I didn't even think of that. Yeah I was also planning on getting it physical from PlayAsia but now I'm kinda hoping for a Limited Run release.

ID: hhv5sde

I feel like in this case there are a lot of disadvantages going for physical… no ps5 upgrade (and probably no 60fps), expensive, and on top of it, english only supported because of a patch. I don't even know if it is worth it anymore lol. All because they didn't wanted to make a physical release on the west…

ID: hhw98ve

If I buy western digital can I get PS5 upgrade normally then?

7 : Anonymous2021/10/24 16:33 ID: hhvm7x9

I had not really looked into this game, I thought this was a new game, but I have this game on the WiiU. It's a fun scary experience.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/24 19:06 ID: hhw95sh

Oh so there is PS5 enhancement? I didn’t thought there were any but apparently has 60 FPS for PS5?


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