Opinions or Facts? I’m asking for yours in relations to CPU Heavy game COD WARZONE!

1 : Anonymous2021/10/25 21:26 ID: qfqui4

so.. it seems I cant push my CPU past 4.625 ALL CORE over clock and run warzone stable.

I can only push the CPU to 4.65 with out crashing. confusing as I see guys with 5.2 all cores? I'm on a 360mm LianLi Radiator.. Grizzly Paste too.. anyways. that's besides the point. feel free to comment on it if you'd like but not necessary.

so to the point..

RYZEN 9 5900X

when playing the CPU Heavy title Call of Duty: WARZONE what do you think id be better doing.. running my ALL CORE 4.625 OR Running PBO with the settings "maxed" out, MINUS Custom Curve as I've not really learned the whole curve thing yet. I know it can help a ton from what I've read but also that it can take hours and hours to find the proper settings for the curve best for your CPU seeing as every CPU is different.

2 : Anonymous2021/10/25 21:46 ID: hi1dzty

What cpu do you have? If zen 2 all core overclock probably. Zen 3 do not manually overclock use pbo and let cpu do its thing

ID: hi1f4q4

gosh how could i have forgotten the most crucial piece of information.. im sorry man. please excuse my lack of attention here.

i’m rocking with a R9 5900X

ID: hi1jemy

Definitely do not manual overclock as that will hinder single core boost

3 : Anonymous2021/10/25 22:07 ID: hi1gvky

How exactly are you pushing the CPU to 4.65ghz? You do not have exact control over cpu frequency when PBO overclocking, and generally, pbo isn't very crashy unless you fuck with the curve optimizer or throw some extremely low values.

Are you adjusting CPU clocks elsewhere while also running pbo? Because that would likely mean that you are overriding PBO with a much slower static OC.

ID: hi1h1i8

Ah, I see your running an all core oc. Might I ask why? PBO is faster 98% of the time.

ID: hi1hcvn

the 4.625 is an overclock and not PBO. this over clock has been performed thru ASUS Bios and even thru the 5 way optimizer app which also adjusts bios i believe but from the desk top?

PBO on the other hand has well, just been enabled and i’ve tweaked some setting like 10X and 200 and what not.

the curves the only thing i haven’t messed with cause like i mentioned it just seems like too much and i’ve just not had the time or the willpower to take the time out of my already scarce gaming time!

ID: hi1jshj

10X scalar? Damn, I hope you plan to upgrade the CPU rather quickly since a 10X scalar is most likely going to kill it sooner rather than later.

That being said, you should focus primarily on memory latency aside from pushing CPU frequencies. My suggestions:

Skip the all core overclock. You want the highest frequency you can get which you’re not getting with an all core OC unless you push voltages to dangerous territories, even then you’re not going to get the frequencies the chip can do with other forms of overclocking.

PBO power limits won’t do much, Warzone isn’t going to suck > 142 W from your processor meaning increasing PPT/TDC/EDC isn’t going to do anything.

PBO’s Curve Optimizer will help you alter FIT and push higher frequencies. Invest the time into learning how it works and do a per-core Curve Optimizer for your chip.

AutoOC will help you here, if you can push for +200 MHz here, go for it. Couple it with CO and you may very well hit 5 GHz on a few cores when gaming.

Be careful of instability and test adequately. Warzone has a lovely habit of crashing at the slightest forms of instability. It may not happen immediately or even after a few hours so testing for several days is best IMO.

Overclock your RAM and memory timings. The higher you can push your FCLK, the better. Ensure you’re running the UCLK:FCLK in a 1:1 ratio. The tighter the memory timings, the better. Shoot for 3800/1900 MHz at CL14 if you can (depends on your die type). Watch out for WHEA errors as well.

Warzone in general loves fast frequencies, meaning all core OCs on Zen 2/3 aren’t gonna benefit as much as PBO+AutoOC. In addition it loves low latency to main memory so shoot for the best latency you can get (ideally <= 55ns if your kit can handle it).

If you love tinkering, that’s your best shot. An all core OC just simply isn’t worth it for gaming on Zen 3 where they primarily focus on IPC+Frequency+Memory Latency.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/25 21:54 ID: hi1f5ye

Why are you asking about opinions and facts if you can just test this yourself

ID: hi1gug4

what i’m looking for

Start discussion with in the community get information i don’t know as i’m certainly not somebody who believes he knows it all GET SUGGESTIONS/NEW METHODS TO TRY HEAR WHATS WORKED WELL FOR OTHERS HEAR WHAT HASANT WORKED WELL FOR OTHERS HEAR ABOUT THE GENERAL EXPERIENCE OF OTHERS WITH ZEN 3 RYZEN CHIPS

what i’m NOT looking for

MORE questions unrelated to what i am asking for. Smart Butts Irrelevance

i hope i’ve thoroughly answered your question now.

I hope that this post gets some great answers and one day in the future somebody looks up something similar, finds this post and gets the answer they’re looking for!

ID: hi1l7wn

You haven't.

ID: hi1hp54

lol ya know… i must ask if you read my post or just the title and felt snarky enough to ask your ?… because if you’d read my post you’d know.. i as a matter in-fact have tested it… multiple ways.

ID: hi1lfru

I have read your post and you have said nothing about testing which is better yourself.


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