PS5 & PS4 Dominate Ubisoft Sales, Digital and physical.

1 : Anonymous2021/10/29 05:28 ID: qi5kkg
PS5 & PS4 Dominate Ubisoft Sales, Digital and physical.
2 : Anonymous2021/10/29 12:20 ID: hii54hh

I mean, PS4/5 are the most.popular consoles.byna wide margin and given ubisofts general track record with PC games, I wouldn't touch it with a pole. So that kind of adds up.

ID: hii7r57

Their games are always go deep discount the quickest on PC though. Outside of Immortals Fenyx (which I got during a deep sale), I rarely ever buy Ubisoft games on console.

ID: hii84gv

I still wouldn't buy them. They always run like shit. I'd pirate them if I wanted to play (after paying) because the stolen version is unironically better.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/29 10:01 ID: hihswa3

I will say, far cry 6 is killer. It’s a game they actually spent time to polish.

ID: hii7yn9

This is the first possitive review i read of it.

ID: hii8oil

If you like Far Cry, you'll like 6. It's very Far Cry. But if you're tired of the formula, then you already know what you're getting. I love it.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/29 05:51 ID: hihb42p


5 : Anonymous2021/10/29 12:51 ID: hii8t3m

Interesting. Xbox had a better attach rate than Playstation for Ubisoft games.

PS4 and PS5 simply had more consoles out there.

ID: hiijwyq

Sony has some Ubisoft like games (probably better in terms of quality) in their first party lineup. Xbox has none so far

7 : Anonymous2021/10/29 11:45 ID: hii1jfl

Imagine if they brought out a good game

8 : Anonymous2021/10/29 15:30 ID: hiiuyvp

They did in 2012. But they’ve been pretty lazy since

9 : Anonymous2021/10/29 12:57 ID: hii9gls

I can't be the only one that doesn't like these types of posts. Hey mods, maybe there should be some type of flair, flag or tag to be able to exclude these types of weird self-congratulatory sales posts?

A large proportion of the PS posts that make it to my front page is another cheap "record breaking best selling console ever" posts. It's some cringe fanboyism "look ma' we're winning" shit.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/29 13:13 ID: hiibk6r

Ps fanboys is almost like a cult

11 : Anonymous2021/10/29 13:37 ID: hiieqwk


12 : Anonymous2021/10/29 13:53 ID: hiigwwz

Lol have you seen any of the xbox's subreddit? They are either circle jerking gamepass, how much money Microsoft makes compared to Sony or praising their "Uncle Phil". There's circle jerking everywhere and fanboyism, but it's far more restricted on the ps5 sub compared to xbox sub

13 : Anonymous2021/10/29 14:18 ID: hiika0h

I was here for new cool PS tech and game releases, not for daily sales reports. I don't get it. I have a hard time believing people would upvote this garbage. It seems fabricated and manipulated.

14 : Anonymous2021/10/29 14:41 ID: hiinnx5

It is weird. And it’s definitely fanboy nonsense. People try to justify it like “people like to know the console the bought is succeeding” or some nonsense like that. The funny thing is if people are complaining about a business decision like upgrade paths or whatever and someone goes against the grain and says they are ok with it, they’re a boot licker defending a mega corp. Then we have these mega corp praise threads.

15 : Anonymous2021/10/29 13:10 ID: hiib6l8

Love seeing PC looking so strong, outpacing Xbox in every quarter.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/29 15:21 ID: hiitnd4

Not that strong. PC actually dropped from 32% down to 20%.

17 : Anonymous2021/10/29 15:48 ID: hiixra4

Better then Xbox every quarter, which is the point I was making.

18 : Anonymous2021/10/29 13:08 ID: hiiaxqz

i love Ubisoft games so i probably contributed a lot to these sales.

19 : Anonymous2021/10/29 10:51 ID: hihwmtm


20 : Anonymous2021/10/29 11:38 ID: hii0vmi


21 : Anonymous2021/10/29 13:42 ID: hiifd62


22 : Anonymous2021/10/29 09:19 ID: hihpyx6

Is gamepass eating away at game sales for Xbox? Many sources have Playstation games selling many times more than the Xbox version. What effect could this have on 3rd party developers?

Edit: ofcourse ubisoft titles aren't available day one on Gamepass. What I meant if you're getting AAA games day 1 on game pass from Microsoft then you're less likely to pay 50-60£ for 3rd party games.

Edit 2: my point is are game pass subscribers buying more games now than they would have if game pass wasn't available?

23 : Anonymous2021/10/29 09:42 ID: hihriiw

As far as I'm aware, there aren't ubisot titles in the game pass, certainly not the latest AC:Valhalla and Far Cry 6

24 : Anonymous2021/10/29 10:36 ID: hihvfjt

I think a key thing to remember is that PlayStation currently has a bigger install/user base than Xbox. So if 20% of PlayStation and Xbox players bought a game, PlayStation would have more sales. As for game pass, here's a recent article of some devs talking about their experience.

I think this is a good quote:

“The effect that we see is that people are playing on Game Pass, they're telling their friends: ‘hey come play this game with me’, they don't want another subscription, so they just go buy the game. We end up getting a ton of players on Game Pass, and we sell a ton as well.”

Also most games (outside of Microsoft owned ones) will leave Game Pass at some point, depends on the deal. So if you are enjoying a game on the service you might be inclined to buy it to keep playing in the future. Game Pass members get discount on games and DLC purchases so that probably helps too. Microsoft want to make money off the service eventually so driving game sales will be part of their plan.

25 : Anonymous2021/10/29 09:33 ID: hihqy6o


26 : Anonymous2021/10/29 10:48 ID: hihwe8y

Always in a very roundabout way never directly saying "Gamepass has increased sales for x game by y percent", or that the people who have Gamepass play more games and spend more on games. In the instances where they said that sales went up they were talking about indie games with no marketing budgets, which were then put on the Xbox dashboard because they were featured on Gamepass.

27 : Anonymous2021/10/29 13:45 ID: hiifpt9

I completely understand your logic on this, and I'd say yes. I know personally I use my Xbox for the free day 1 games, and the PS5 for the games that aren't free. Thus, I'm making all of my purchases through Sony.

28 : Anonymous2021/10/29 11:00 ID: hihxe4d

No it's not, findings suggest that game pass subscribers even spend more on games than non subscribers, here's one article :

/03/19/game-pass-massive-growth-is-bringing-developers-some-surprises/?sh=3fa904dd62b4" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

29 : Anonymous2021/10/29 11:50 ID: hii210n

people who pass on a great deal like game pass are probably casuals who play 1 or 2 games and shouldn't be a metric.

My point is are game pass subscribers buying more games than they would have if game pass wasn't available?

30 : Anonymous2021/10/29 10:26 ID: hihupx8

Could be a lot of people waiting for them to hit gamepass sure. Xbox won't care though as long as they're still paying each month while they wait.

And to your edit - yes that's exactly what I did. Back4Blood has been my October game rather than Far Cry thanks to gamepass.

31 : Anonymous2021/10/29 16:30 ID: hij427j

Who cares about this stuff though?

32 : Anonymous2021/10/29 09:52 ID: hihs8o3

Ubi has some pretty sweet playstation exclusives! /s

33 : Anonymous2021/10/29 18:19 ID: hijl3rs

These stats make the Bethesda acquisition by Microsoft even more interesting to me since they’re gonna be missing out on a lot of sales revenue. Some people will get both systems but the average person will only get one and it’ll be PlayStation because the market share is so big and everyone they know who’s on console probably has one.

34 : Anonymous2021/10/29 16:31 ID: hij49a0

It’s because I bought the division 1 and 2, and siege

35 : Anonymous2021/10/29 18:04 ID: hijioza

There's the whole thing where Xbox users aren't buying as many games due to Gamepass and on PC you have Ubisoft+, so they both eat into the sales on other platforms but regardless, Playstation is crazy dominate.

36 : Anonymous2021/10/29 20:51 ID: hik87as

There was a quarter or two a few years back where PC had outpaced Playstation. That was attributed to the generation lasting longer than it should have.

But outside of that, Playstation has dominated most 3rd party AAA developers. This is how Sony is able to leverage so many exclusive marketing deals and timed releases from other platforms. Our community supports the platform and developers know it.

37 : Anonymous2021/10/29 22:47 ID: hikojvu

i hate Rayman. Ubisoft only releases crap games for Switch anyway. PC's are outselling Xbox, that's interesting

38 : Anonymous2021/10/29 23:00 ID: hikqcii

Riders Republic is a must buy.

39 : Anonymous2021/10/30 01:26 ID: hil8lre

Valhalla running best on ps5 back at launch with many youtube videos showing that fact in detail mustve influenced it a bit.

40 : Anonymous2021/10/30 11:52 ID: himsuhd

Ubisoft games are fucking terrible though. Every game is the same go climb this tall peak and jerk off into the wind then clean up.

41 : Anonymous2021/10/30 15:01 ID: hinebf2

Itll be hard to judge xbox sales going forward because of gamepass.

42 : Anonymous2021/10/31 11:20 ID: hir4315

Here's me thinking xbox are the idiots.

43 : Anonymous2021/10/29 11:13 ID: hihyigm

Until Xbox complete the purchase of Ubisoft. Think they're just waiting for the Ubisoft price to get a bit lower and then Phil will pull the trigger.

Ubisoft is a perfect fit for Xbox gamepads, they can deliver reasonable quality games quickly and on time and they have a proven formula which works but most importantly the people who run Ubisoft want out as trying to stay as a mid market generalist in this industry is going to be impossible.

44 : Anonymous2021/10/29 14:13 ID: hiijl1a

Xbox buying Ubisoft will be the worst possible thing that can happen. Why do people want shit like this to happen. Its bad enough they bought Bethesda and basically made a whole library of games exclusive, buying Ubisoft would destroy the balance of multi-plat games out there

45 : Anonymous2021/10/29 15:10 ID: hiirwur

More just predicting the future. Xbox are Microsoft and have all the money so they can do what they want and they want to dominate the gaming space so just a question of time.

46 : Anonymous2021/10/29 10:40 ID: hihvqt7


47 : Anonymous2021/10/29 10:59 ID: hihxaqd

Game pass does not hurt game sales. In fact, multiple sources claim that game pass subscribers spend more money buying games:

/03/19/game-pass-massive-growth-is-bringing-developers-some-surprises/?sh=3fa904dd62b4" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

Not just that but it actively helps developers by bringing more people to games they otherwise wouldn't have purchased.

48 : Anonymous2021/10/29 21:34 ID: hiked5c

Damn that’s an L for PlayStation players. Lmao

49 : Anonymous2021/10/30 16:28 ID: hinqflu

Imagine if Sony owned Ubisoft and made them put actual care into their games.

50 : Anonymous2021/10/31 07:20 ID: hiqmujk

What's the mythical PS5 you'll saying ? I didn't see at least one unit in local store.

51 : Anonymous2021/10/29 14:58 ID: hiiq7uf

Please give us Uplay app, Sony.


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