6700xt MSI Mech 2x: very silent, overall fine. Max temps on FF XIV. Is this alright?

1 : Anonymous2021/10/30 18:58 ID: qj81sf
6700xt MSI Mech 2x: very silent, overall fine. Max temps on FF XIV. Is this alright?
2 : Anonymous2021/10/30 19:02 ID: hiocs4p

Use hwinfo

ID: hiotvsw

Thanks, will get it!

3 : Anonymous2021/10/30 19:09 ID: hiodo7x

Yeah looks good, no worries

4 : Anonymous2021/10/30 19:16 ID: hioeqxc

For me, I turned on the Radeon Chill mode in the settings and set the min/max to 80. The highest I get on the GPU Hot Spot Temp is 65. No point in maxing out the FPS higher in FF14 for me.

ID: hiou0gb

yeah im gonna play around with it. As I said on another comment, i pretty much only played without messing much with settings either on games or the GPU. Just put everything on max to give it a try.

Tomorrow or monday I'll twist things a bit.

ID: his5pp8

But then no point in buying a stronger gpu if you are capping it so low ? Or am i missing something ?

If, for example, your card can do 120fps and u cap it at 80fps for thermals you are losing 50% Performance to keep it cool and quit.

If you dont feel like you need that much fps then Pretty sure you could have just bought an overkill AIB model of a 6600xt for example that will have 30% less fps but will be extremly well cooled and will still be way cheaper so you wouldnt have to worry about thermals or power draw

ID: hisbelv

In an RPG, would there be any advantages to run it at 120 or 144? In my opinion, there is no point in running it at 120 or 144 for FFXIV. Yes, I am losing "performance", performance that would not provide me any advantages at all in any of the RPG that I played.

So why bother getting a stronger GPU such as the 6700XT? Well for me, one of the reasons that I bought the 6700XT is so that I can play the more demanding games such as RDR2, C2077 or any future games. Plus I really doubt that my old 980 TI could handle RDR2 and C2077 properly at 1440p.

But hey, some would probably to max out everything with the GPU that they bought but for me, I am satisfied with running my games smoothly.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/31 13:20 ID: hirep9k

You are fine but you can always just make a more aggressive fan curve if you prefer your card cooler

ID: hirfmwi

Will try to tweak some settings on games first. I assume messing with fan curve could result in more noise and right now im enjoying the lack or noise tbh.

ID: hirxta9

True. Hmmm maybe you could improve your case's airflow then. The right choice of fans equals to a silent but cool pc~

6 : Anonymous2021/10/31 17:11 ID: his8sjk

75C edge temp and 85C hotspot temp is very nice, especially for quiet fan operation. Some decent room for OCing if you haven't had a go at it yet.

ID: hitkr48

Haven't messed with anything just yet. WIll play a bit more before I do any of that!
Thanks, good to know these temps are not scary to everyone 😛

7 : Anonymous2021/10/30 18:59 ID: hiocclr

They are on the toasty side but nothing that would make the card break. Have you looked into limiting fps (i play ff xiv too, you don't really need more than 100 fps) or simply trying to undervolt the card using adrenalin custom settings?

ID: hiodikr

I havent tried much. Just plugged it in 3h ago and played overwatch and ff xiv.

Wanted some feedback before messing with configs.

I am also comfortable with changing thermal paste if it could help and am considering adding a side fan to my case that would throw air directly at the GPU.

These temps are not widely different from those of my previous Vega 56.

ID: hiqo7sh

I mean the fan would def help, im not so sure about the paste. You just got the card, so unless the manufacturer did a shite job, it shouldn't be that.

But since you're not squimish about opening the card, do it. Worst case scenario nothing will change and temps will keep being like this (which again, are a bit on the toasty sides, but are completely fine especially since you didn't mess with fps limiters and undervolt yet).

I think the most practical solution is limiting fps (again as i said, you don't really need more than 90/100 fps in ffxiv as there's no need for faster input lag since the gcd of 2.5sec) and undervolt the card. Then if temps don't change much you can think about opening the card and adding that fan to the case.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/30 19:11 ID: hioe02c

on what world do you play

and temps look very nice

ID: hiou309

something in europe....can't really tell you without logging in and I'm not with the computer right now. 😡

ID: hiou603

whats your player name ?

9 : Anonymous2021/10/31 00:56 ID: hipm3o3

Looks fine. Card doesn't throttle until 110C hot spot.


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