Zen3 Threadripper (pro) status please AMD?

1 : Anonymous2021/11/02 16:48 ID: ql8imh

Some of us run small businesses, and need to make purchasing decisions for tax reasons by the end of the year. Not knowing what is going on with the TR releases is causing us to hold off and possibly delay purchasing new hardware well into the new year. If we can at least get an official date and position on when these will be released, it would be helpful in planning. Thanks!

2 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:14 ID: hj181sr

Very high probability that they're not releasing by the end of this year.

ID: hj1a17h

I know, it would just be nice to get some confirmation from AMD even if negative. If they said, once announced, it will be at least two months until release, that tells us what we want to know without saying when it would be.

ID: hj1vmyb

probably another paper launch with no way to order things for months and months

ID: hj3c305

I sadly gave up waiting.. I'm trying to squeak by with a 5950x. My 2990wx got toasted by lightning (came through the ethernet cable) and the 5950x is definitely better in that regard but sadly not enough lanes. Trying to get by till something comes out at least. Didn't want to buy a 3990x if they are releasing.

ID: hj26sr6

Yeah they have said it's going to be 2022

ID: hj2xy6v

I think if you aren't in a hurry to receive the hardware, you could find a distributor who would be willing to receive your funds as a pre-payment for the CPUs.

ID: hj4kfbh

Q4 is special, because it's the only Quarter where companies tend to launch or at least announce products early to become Christmas presents. At this point we've already heard about every interesting product launching this year.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/02 19:43 ID: hj1v3n6

Purely speculation, but since we know the 3d v-cache refreshes won't be out till next year, there's a solid chance amd will announce the threadrippers this month to take some media attention away from Alder Lake. They're decently close to launch since they've been found in benchmarks since August.

ID: hj2ib1c

I had similar thoughts.

AMD's top bin chiplets are being gobbled up by booming epyc sales & intel has no ~TR challenger, but Alder Lake (yuk) IS in some respects - 128GB & lottsa IO

It may make them get their skates on re TR - it seems ready to roll. Its just held back for strategic reasons.

ID: hj2t0v4

Lots of I/O is not something I'd use to describe the Alder Lake Platform.

More I/O than Intel's previous toy computer platforms, sure. But nothing even approaching Cascade Lake-X, much less standard Threadripper.

ID: hj3w6fp

Is EYPC booming? Just asking, I’m curious and would love some sources on that

ID: hj6vqpi

Wasn't there a recent video on gamers nexus or moores law is dead, that said threadripper 5000 is being canceled by AMD?

4 : Anonymous2021/11/02 21:22 ID: hj2an44

It is known that the second you get it ordered, receive it, and installed, they will announce zen3 threadripper will be available the next day.

ID: hj2az2j

That is exactly what I was thinking. If it was going to take six months, I'd like to know now and adjust my buying process. If it will be Dec 15th? I'd wait.

ID: hj3lekb

Another way to think about it. If they announced that a new threadripper would be available tomorrow, scalpers and bots would buy them all. I'd just get a current threadripper.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/02 20:57 ID: hj26s2r

ITT: People who have never used anything other than a gaming PC.

ID: hj2qvqg

Every thread

ID: hj2oolb

ecc memory
wuts dat

6 : Anonymous2021/11/02 20:27 ID: hj21tfe

Not likely we will get these by end of year, but probably will at least hear something about them before then. I'd also pay close attention to Nov 8ths EPYC stuff since that usually gives some indication of where TR is heading.

ID: hj2wu83

Now I have 2 things to look forward to for the end of this week

Edit: technically 3 actually

ID: hj2zayr

For sure haha, good stuff coming up I hope. 3970X user here myself and I'm curious what's next. Just hoping we can get mobo compatibility, otherwise I might wait another gen.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/02 22:00 ID: hj2gkn1

Dunno, just sayin, but i had a similar conversation with a guy with similarly challenging tasks, & the way he put it was that big iron like TR is great to time effectively get procedures down, but ultimately, PRODUCTION was best done on a farm of cost effective lesser units running batches.

In his case (GPU was unimportant) - ~6x 64GB 3900x/5900x boxes, each with an nvme raid array, which virtualised some extra memory among other things.

(am4 can do a proper 3x nvme raid if u use an 8 lane pcie 4 gpu & an 8 lane 2x nvme adapter card)

Flames incoming 🙁

ID: hj2r43p

No flames, but my 3950x is memory bottlenecked by ZFS well before saturating 3x gen4 NVME raid, due to the number of times it copies around each block. For some tasks you are right however.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/02 21:25 ID: hj2b2da

Ask Hardware Unboxed, they have a crystal ball.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/03 16:58 ID: hj64j76

Moore's law is dead made a video on it last week. Very likely cancelled.

ID: hj6aigz

Threadripper, not Threadripper Pro, which is what I'm really interested in.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/02 18:59 ID: hj1o9fb

Aparently it will be delayed to next year, but asking just out of curiosity, for what would you need Threadripper, so you couldn't go with the 5950X?

ID: hj1pf6w

If they are rendering or doing Machine Learning, the Threadripper line lets you scale as far as your budget.

Rendering specifically benefits from more cores, so the 3970x has double the cores of the 5950x and the 3990x has quadruple the cores of the 5950x.

When you are making very large or complex renders, being able to allocate that many cores dramatically reduces render times and allows you to segment out so you can render and work at the same time.

ID: hj211c3

Don’t most people use gpu rendering nowadays?

ID: hj1ox0q

I already have a 5950x, and a 3950x, and 3900x... I'd like a system with more cores available, and many of the tasks I do are memory bandwidth limited. ZFS in particular really likes having lots of bandwidth when dealing with large amounts of data off of many raided gen4 m.2 drives.

ID: hj273ej

You don't have to explain yourself to plebs.

ID: hj1y7ur

I got 0 experience with this sort of work so bear with me. Couldn't you use Epyc instead if Threadripper isn't sufficient, or is that way too expensive?

ID: hj1q3ea

Why not go with the Threadripper 3000 series? It's not like those arent monsters already.

ID: hj28rro

In addition to the replies, Threadripper can support more than 128GB RAM, it has many more PCIe lanes, it has more consistent ECC support (the 5950X itself does seem to support ECC RAM, but nearly all motherboards for the 5950X don't seem to), Threadripper supports quad channel RAM while the 5950X is dual channel (and Epyc can be 8 channel).

tl;dr, there are reasons to go for the workstation platform even if 16 cores is enough.

ID: hj26ldb

For me a 3D workflow, even disregarding rendering, can often involve file conversions (now that everything is switching to USD) which can mean thousands of files that pin my CPU. Physics sims also are CPU bound. I also like the PCI lanes for as much storage as I can cram in (including those Asus Hyper cards)

ID: hj3rp26

Not everything is gayming

ID: hj47xi6

Never said that

11 : Anonymous2021/11/02 20:06 ID: hj1yk5b

Buy the zen2 if you need it this year.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/02 18:55 ID: hj1nnno

I doubt the expected performance gains are enough to justify waiting tbh

13 : Anonymous2021/11/02 23:33 ID: hj2u5qj

There have recently been some TR Pro performance leaks, with a number of people suggesting that normal Zen 3 TR has been cancelled. I certainly hope the latter is wrong, but the fact that it would be a blunder on AMD's part doesn't protect against it. It was also a blunder on their part to start TR 3000 parts at 24 cores instead of 16, but they still did it.

With any luck, you'll get some useful information in November, but I wouldn't count on it.

I myself would like to get a Zen 3 TR chip, but the current world situation makes me doubt it will happen anytime soon.

ID: hj33a1d

Given that I can go onto Amazon now and order basically any of the 59xx chips for immediate delivery, it would be in AMD's interest to start using the chiplets in higher profit price categories. As for the normal Zen 3 TR, I'm actually not that interested in it, I want to jump to the TR Pro to provide IO and memory throughput.

ID: hj3a062

If you want or need the I/O and memory throughput, then AM4 just isn't an option.

As far as AMD's position goes, you have to remember that they have a lot more information than we do. Each chiplet that goes into something other than an EPYC chip is lost margin. If they're able to sell every chiplet they make as an EPYC chip, then the only incentive they have to make TR or Ryzen processors is preserving that market segment. A few annoyed people aren't going to change the figures on their bottom line.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/03 07:51 ID: hj4ffpc

I think it’s not being released until 2nd quarter of 2022

15 : Anonymous2021/11/03 15:52 ID: hj5u0it

Epyc Zen 3 is out already, so although more expensive you can still get those 64 Zen 3 cores if you want.

ID: hj5wzmq

It isn't quite that simple... the TR are unlocked and can boost more. The Epyc are more conservative in their performance.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/03 18:04 ID: hj6f1dc

Pursuant Thread Ripper Zen 3 aka Pro 5000W_ series. Alder Lake reintroduced Intel Extreme Edition pricing. 12900K at $589 is Extreme mid shelf price think 5930K. Subsequently Alder Lake is missing the $999 top bin "Extreme' SKU think 5960K at $999.

My analyst take pursuant TR 5K AMD waits in the shadows and will release Thread ripper 5000 as soon as Intel shows its Alder Lake top bin SKUs in this scenario at two Intel Alder missing price points $749 and $999 which would bracket current Ryzen 5950X. Intel HEDT could drop on top of AL $999 price point up to say $1750 but neither here no there at this time.

Back to Alder lake Intel on cost of production also needs the $749 and $999 Alder Lake products to subsidize down bin < $406 (the old Extreme $389) AND especially if / on AL CPU kit deal with Alchemist GPU in an OEM sale.

AMD, my take, will lead with Vermeer 5x XT / 3D refresh where the 16/12 core SKUs since Matisse essentially displaced Extremes / Intel HEDT in channel on Ryzen performance desktop top SKU grades. So AMD leads with what it has which is V5x refresh on channel data on AMD q3 10 Q may be as many as 15 M units and then mid way into V5x refresh late q1 into q2 2022 slaps Intel with Tread ripper 5X as Intel shows its top Alder lake $749 and $999 SKUs, and perhaps some Ice W HEDT. On channel on AMD q3 10 Q there may be as many as 1 M TR 5K in the dice bank or finished goods cage they're Milan essentially with a TR i/o die.

But its not going to happen this year. AMD will lead with V5x refresh thereafter Computex q1 is the next "show and tell" gate.

There's plenty of TR 39x0 in the channel including configured systems and 3970/60X are the top sellers moving briskly and frequently refreshed. 2990WX also moves very well and plenty to choose from. Last week TR 39x0 in WW channel = 6.7% of all V5x available and adding 29x0 10.7%.

Mike Bruzzone, Camp Marketing

ID: hj6npj3

Thanks for this! I'd be interested if they pushed out the 3d refresh of the 12/16 cores to be paired with a 16 core Threadripper with 3d as well, as it should use the same amount of silicon, just with a higher price and profit point. This at least would help cover the people that want lots of IO and memory, but don't need as many cores, which is a reasonable segment.

17 : Anonymous2021/11/03 19:50 ID: hj6vo5q

Wasn't there a recent video on gamers nexus or moores law is dead, that said threadripper 5000 is being canceled by AMD?

ID: hj6xlp6

TR != TR Pro, and it is still second hand information.

19 : Anonymous2021/11/02 21:29 ID: hj2broj

Hahaha sif amd gives two shits about your tax requirements bahhaha

20 : Anonymous2021/11/02 21:56 ID: hj2fv4b

End of year purchasing is a big thing for many businesses. If they can drop something spicy that appeals to many businesses, it is a good thing for them as well, as companies don't have much time to evaluate if they "really" need it, they need to jump.

21 : Anonymous2021/11/02 22:16 ID: hj2iz2z

You're in the market for a product, you're going to buy one regardless.

Amd don't care.

22 : Anonymous2021/11/02 21:13 ID: hj295w4

They wont announce negitive news such as set backs in development as it'll harm current sales on existing products especially closer to next gen product release As like businesses like yourselves will hold off purchasing. Even realistic future time tables could create current gen products to sit on the shelves. Imho.

23 : Anonymous2021/11/03 00:09 ID: hj2zfpw

Amd might be waiting for ddr5 board to catch up?

24 : Anonymous2021/11/03 00:33 ID: hj32yfc

That is zen4.

25 : Anonymous2021/11/03 01:04 ID: hj37eep

Why the delay

26 : Anonymous2021/11/03 04:14 ID: hj3x0kl

How much money can be made mining monero with thread ripper platforms? I was really surprised to see my 3900x making $2 a day or so on nice hash a couple months ago before I sold it


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