Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Tombs of the Fallen DLC is coming next week

1 : Anonymous2021/11/06 07:52 ID: qnvky4
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Tombs of the Fallen DLC is coming next week
2 : Anonymous2021/11/06 13:39 ID: hjjs58z

Been playing through Origins recently. Just beat the game and got the hidden ones DLC. Great game

ID: hjjtn6s

Been playing Origins for the first time this past month and it blows me away! I’ve never played Assassins Creed before….I don’t know why. But I can’t put it down.

ID: hjjydb1

Origins was a nice departure from what AC was, In Odyssey its similar enough you'll like it but its scope is much larger. The world feels alive and there is so much more to explore and do. You can run a 20 hour or 200 hour game, its all up to you. Valhalla is a tightly controlled experience with a solid story, akin to origins and less open then Odyssey. It's gameplay is very in your face action based, Stealth takes a back seat for the most part but it works so well. As for the environment its snow and grass, cities are basic. Fits the time but it doesn't feel like The other games. That said they are my favorite ACs you picked a great time to start playing!

ID: hjkbbx6

Best in the series

ID: hjjxgv3

Is origins lined up for a 60fps update on ps5, do you know?

ID: hjjyqgq

I don’t think so but I’d love a 60fps update for Origins just like Odyssey

ID: hjk6cb4

I could die happy if they added that patch

ID: hjkih1c

I hope so, it’s the same engine so I don’t see why not. They need to make the trilogy complete with 60fps for all 3 games!

ID: hjkmwn4

Been fairly impressed with how much they are supporting the game post launch.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/06 10:02 ID: hjj74v8

Valhalla is taking over my PS5 hard drive, damn. I love all the extra content but somehow can't wait to be done with the game too. Currently playing through the Siege of Paris.

ID: hjkd1z4

I really miss the days when you would install a game, play it, finish it and uninstall it, instead of having it linger on your system for months and months and months because they keep releasing tiny pieces of new content.

ID: hjlox9l

Uninstall it and wait a year or 6 months to reinstall and play all the piece meal content at once if you’re interested.

ID: hjk2esb

How big is the game now on PS5? It's doubled in size on Xbox over the last year (not including DLC) and I was wondering if it's done the same on all platforms. They do sometimes make patches that shrink it so if there's a drastic difference there might still be hope for that to happen again.

ID: hjkt4q2

I just started the Siege of Paris as well and loving it. Wrapped up the main story last week(finally lol). I enjoyed the hell out of it

4 : Anonymous2021/11/06 11:00 ID: hjjbpzf

Man idk why but this game had me so bored after a few hours. Currently playing Odyssey instead.

ID: hjjs7ix

For me, Assassin’s Creed is all about the cities. I don’t want to play AC to run around rural areas on a horse and do some free running in small settlements. I’ve still had fun with the game, but it doesn’t ‘feel’ like AC to me. Those Italian cities will never be beaten.

ID: hjk3exm

Yup. 3 was my least favorite because rural American was just so open.

Florence, San Gimignano and Venice were so much more fun to run around.

ID: hjjrhio

The environmental scenes were lame and uninteresting. ESPECIALLY after playing through the pyramids in Origins and the Greek architecture and mythological creatures in Odyssey. It’s all just grass hills and then nondescript villages. Like why the hell would they even think to base the game there?

Spoiler below:

I was sorely disappointed after leaving the Norway section after the first 40 mins of gameplay.

ID: hjk0q6u

Haha first 40 mins….I spent 10 hours clearing Norway before I saw the title screen…

ID: hjjvqpa

Same here. Regretted buying it. Everything looks the same.. The only change in scenery is that sometimes it rains..and thats it. Hella boring.

ID: hjjtt5t

Odyssey is alot more vibrant just wish it got a PS5 native upgrade those load times are long af especially after playing Valhalla

ID: hjjuekb

Forced myself to put in 100 hrs, idk why. Never got better sadly :-/. But yeah enjoyed Odyssey so much more.

ID: hjknp55

Same. Incredibly boring like it's ridiculous. IDK what they were thinking making this game. It also has incredible amount of chore like it's disrespectful to it's playerbase. Are you fckn kidding me ?

ID: hjkpm84

That’s what I hate the most!! 1 skill point per LEVEL and there are like 300000 skills. It feels like you need to grind just to unlock your left leg or arm. So much basic and literally labour-intensive bs to choose from. If you could at least see all skills or something.

ID: hjjsumh

Ancient Greece > Middle Ages England

ID: hjjzm6s

There's a lot to be said for that. They did their best to spice it up but it's not like that era was known for its interesting locations and feats of engineering.

ID: hjkd0rm

I just felt like I was making real progress, the game is like 100 hours long. I played for about 10 and felt like by then I had already seen enough

ID: hjjvavd

Is odyssey or origins better?

ID: hjjwm1m

Haven’t played origins but I can say that odyssey is better in terms of beautiful sceneries and architectural buildings and world liveliness. Loved combat more in odyssey but valhalla is not bad as well. Both open world is kind of the same with copy-pasted point of interest. For story, I like odyssey more. It’s more linear and character connections are less confusing than valhalla. DLC odyssey is the best tho. Both odyssey dlcs are fcking awesome, I’ll say that.

ID: hjk6ngk

I think odyssey gameplay is better (except for the grinding you’ll have to do close to the end) but I think the story sucks and origins is my favorite assassins creed story (gameplay is fun tho) so it depends if you care about story or gameplay I guess

ID: hjkhrke

I measure this in the fact I can go back and play Odyssey today and have a blast. I tried to do with origins and it felt old, slow, and a little clunky. So I stopped playing it lol. It has a great plot though, definitely recommend going through it once if you haven’t.

ID: hjkopy3

Yeah both of them better. Origins is a bit raw but have great sound, atmosphere and theme. Odyssey is more refined, complete version of Origins. Again with a good sound and ok theme. Valhalla is not comparable. It's a big downgrade in every front. The game doesn't even have gears. Skill points are bs. Combat is a joke like a mobile game. Setting is bland. Sound is bland. Filled with EXTREMELY HIGH AMOUNT OF CHORE. Odyssey is like a sequel of Origins but Valhalla is a different game. They removed all the refined stuff and start it over. Check skillup review of Valhalla. Best reviewer out there.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/06 13:44 ID: hjjssiy

How is Valhalla these days after the updates and what not? I played a few hours on the Series X, but got busy. Looking to go back to it at some point.

ID: hjkmidu

I really liked it. It's a very long game, but i love how they're supporting it. Best Vikings games ever, i think it's a lot of fun and a huge step forward for ubisoft. Storytelling was a nice surprise too, eivor is a great character and the main story was interesting

ID: hjk29qq

It's good for a time...after a while, I'm 50 hours in and nowhere near the end game, and I can't stomach it anymore for now. The story is good, but the gameplay and combat sound effects are too horrendous for me.

ID: hjk44ap

Thanks for the reply. I think I immediately was thinking about all the side content and how much time it would take to finish this. I'm all about open world, but I may only do a few side quests and go through it. What I initially played at launch was good though.

ID: hjkr4de

Its so fucking big. I was really enjoying myself at the beginning, told myself yeah I'll get the plat for this one. I'm like 80 hours in and there's still sooooo much left. I burned myself out on it.

ID: hjknbpp

I'm well over 300 hours and I love it. I like the Ubisoft "style" because its accessible and when you can play for just a little bit amount of time you can set smaller goals for yourself to make it fun by "clearing the map".

6 : Anonymous2021/11/06 11:16 ID: hjjd21w

I've got Far Cry 6 and Kena to finish. Quite honestly, Valhalla is my least favorite of the newly reformed AC games (Origins,Odyssey, Valhalla).

If there happens to be a lull in January while waiting for February's monster releases I might toss a few hours into it.

ID: hjjrkfr

I’ll say that Valhalla does it’s “mysteries” really well compared to the others and most were really enjoyable short diversions. The collectibles are absurd though.

ID: hjkpjhe

Finishing Kena for the 2nd time. Great 8.5/10 game. Never finished Valhalla.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/06 15:01 ID: hjk2zb0

Hope that they will fix pad vibration and killing notification bug

8 : Anonymous2021/11/06 12:26 ID: hjjjojj

I had so much fun with valhalla and platinuned it on pa5. I must say that i passed odssey after origin because it felt too similar. Feels like if you play ac game every other 5 years instead of 2, it becomes super enjoying.

ID: hjjq5n9

Exactly. I thought Valhalla was great but it was my first AC since Black Flag. There were times I got upset that the map just kept opening up but as someone who keeps himself on a gaming budget, and as someone who appreciates Ubisoft's attention to history and also appreciates funny insults, AC Valhalla really scratched my itch.

ID: hjjrv94

I also went BF to valhalla. I love it.

ID: hjjmv7g

You had fun with the nearly 800 collectibles?? I wanted to throw eivor off a cliff at every stone stacker

ID: hjjv7a3

Lmao, those are my favorite to do

ID: hjknzag

Odyssey was phenomenal, you should revisit it eventually.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/06 20:56 ID: hjlg72q

I've yet to buy it but I kinda want to, as a Norse person. I'm also an AC fan, buy the core story has taken a nosedive for me, since they ended Desmond.

Waiting for a sale on some epic edition - but I love following the development of the game

10 : Anonymous2021/11/06 15:53 ID: hjka6ar

How is the state of the game these days on ps5? Bugs smoothed out?


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