4K PS5 pics of GTA Trilogy

1 : Anonymous2021/11/05 18:38 ID: qnhmp0
4K PS5 pics of GTA Trilogy
2 : Anonymous2021/11/05 18:46 ID: hjg72z5

Interested in playing vice city with a decent control method

ID: hjg92rs

Me too. When I tried like 5 years ago I couldn’t stand the old controls. Felt almost as bad as using the C-buttons to aim in Goldeneye

ID: hjgzwzr

I don’t know how it was on pc, but I replayed the ps2 version some months ago and half the difficulty of the game is in dealing with the awful camera, aiming and vehicle controls (for anything that isn’t cars).

ID: hjh3gen

Imagine they keep the rc plane mission with the previous godawful control scheme just to enrage us

ID: hjh4tc0

God I forgot about that mission

ID: hjhgpm4

Watch them make it a trophy/achievement

ID: hjhu6ot

Can’t wait to hear Maurice Chavez show again

ID: hjh3ca8

Yeah I tried playing GTA 3 the week on it's 20th anniversary and having just finished the story of GTA 5. I had to stop playing it was just to weird to play so kinda regret buying now.

ID: hjh4k9k

I remember GTA 3 not being THAT bad on PC using mouse+keyboard — but that was also going on 20 years ago now.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/05 18:51 ID: hjg7voa

I think I'm most excited to play Vice City first(so much good music!), and GTA 3 after cause I remember absolutely nothing about it so it'll be like a new game again.

ID: hjg90l9

Just don't get your hopes up about the music. I still haven't seen any clarification if they have the rights for all the music again, which is a big part of the older GTA games.

ID: hjgai29

Aww crap I forgot about that.... but yeah if it's fubar then I'll just que up the good stuff on spotify.

ID: hjgq2zq

Even if not all the original music makes it in, they should still be able to acquire "new" songs which fit the respective eras.

Those decades aren't exactly short of numerous hits and bangers.

ID: hjgsnce

"I walk along the avenue. I never thought I'd meet a girl like youuu!"

ID: hjguzzw

Last night a DJ saved my life...

ID: hjh60au

Don't play them out of order.
Gta3 will dissapoint you if you play it last.

Vice city was a dramatic improvement

4 : Anonymous2021/11/05 19:09 ID: hjgam7l

Man, I have never seen a game/remaster look so amazing and somehow shitty at the same time.

As much as I want to play a modernized GTA game, I'm going to wait for the reviews. The realistic environments contrasts with the cartoony art style way too much.

ID: hjgkxci

Yeah, they've been super tight-lipped about everything regarding this release. We've seen a teaser trailer (under 1 minute) and a handful of screenshots and we're less than a week away from launch. Seems suspect. I'm going to hold off on spending $60 for a game when the publisher won't spend $60 on marketing for it.

ID: hjhtljb

With titles on GamePass and PS Now there will be real user experiences all over the internet within minutes of it launching.

The wave of memes (and 4k versions of old memes) we can expect will be better than any marketing they could buy directly.

ID: hjgehe0

I think the connection between the trees and the ground make it looks awkward

ID: hjhd7gm

It kinda looks like they remade the game in the SIMs.

That's not bad, just, not what I want.

Which, what I want is usually more than I deserve lol

5 : Anonymous2021/11/05 21:53 ID: hjh0rbm

It looks so weird man. I kind of like it in a weird way though.

Some of the environments look from a modern game but all the character models look like they are from a cartoony video game from 2005

ID: hjhhk4e

Same. It's got this weird cartoony style to it that appeals to me.

I'm just wondering if the streets will be more populated with pedestrians and cars. Cause the streets are pretty empty in the originals.

ID: hjj0f9l

If you look closely, you can see more cars in GTA3 in the clip where it's raining from the trailer.

ID: hjhzy73

That first screenshot almost looks like it’s from The Sims.

ID: hji1sk4

Personally I’m the opposite, I feel like the original wasn’t trying to look cartoony but rather as real as you could for the time. The cartoonish look they gave it is kind of weird to me.

ID: hjhptws

Right? Something looks off about the character models but as long as the controls are updated and didn't lose too much music to copyright issues, I think I'll buy it.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/06 00:18 ID: hjhlrhw

I really want to see some uncut gameplay and how extensive the quality of life changes are before getting this pretty weird they haven't shown anything 1 week before release.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/05 19:33 ID: hjgeib2

So the first GTA I actually played the story of is GTAIV. I played the ps2 trilogy, but it was mostly just screwing around in the world.

How are the stories in this trilogy? You guys think they’re worth playing for the stories? Are the worlds as fun to explore as the newer GTA games?

ID: hjgfij1

I think the stories were pretty good, fun (larger than life) characters mostly rooted in pop culture references. The story of vice city is basically a copycat of scarface.

ID: hjgjqu8

San Andreas is definitely a good romp.

ID: hjj1iuc

OG Loc Baby!!

ID: hjgr8wd

Typical GTA stories, lol. GTA3 has a silent protagonist but some likable characters. VC and SA are both great though. Stories should hold up fairly well.

ID: hjgvz1b

San Andreas had the best imo. The three cities gave an epic feeling to the story.

ID: hjgw4iz

I have fond memories of the VC and SA stories.

I don’t remember anything about the story in 3.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/06 01:36 ID: hjhw2it

It sure would be nice to see some gameplay outside the trailer.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/06 03:00 ID: hji6lxp

Is there a physical PS5 version we can purchase? So far I've only seen a PS4 copy. I know the PS4 copy would work on the PS5, I'd just like to have a PS5 disc.

ID: hjir2h3

I saw today they have mentioned that there isn’t a PS5 physical announced just yet. December 5th I think the physicals come out too.

I’m trying to decide between physical or digital. Would it be the games I’ll just pick up and play. Or do I want disc and sell them after?

10 : Anonymous2021/11/05 18:59 ID: hjg93na

Tommy looks f-uuucked up in terms of body proportions. I don't remember him having a pea sized head. His face looks weird too!

ID: hjgpg7f

This remaster either looks beautiful or fucking hideous

11 : Anonymous2021/11/05 19:56 ID: hjgi5rn

GTA3 looks the best to me. It looks like an across the board upgrade. San Andreas also looks really good, though I’d need to see more. Vice City’s character models looks rough.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/05 21:54 ID: hjh0v2i

I played through GTA 3 and Vice city last year during lockdown. I must say, they were very difficult games! Especially GTA 3, it has no real aiming mechanic, and there’s no way to see your map, so you just have to remember where Pay n Spray’s and Ammunations are! Plus half the missions are trial and error! Vice city was somewhat easier and more enjoyable. The last mission in 3 is impossible without a money cheat as well.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/05 21:55 ID: hjh11e9

Wonder if they're gonna pump up the physics a bit. Like having ragdoll instead of the canned animations. I'm a real sucker for stuff like that. I actually enjoyed Ghost of Tsushima a lot less because of the lack of any real physics. Haha.

ID: hjiev84

I’m with you on the rag doll. Feel like it hasn’t been the same since GTA IV.

ID: hjip6m8

GTA IV had the best physics of the series. I was blown away by the way cars wrecked and how Niko reacted to being ran over.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/05 22:04 ID: hjh2cwq

Give me manhunt with modern control's

ID: hji6xwi

They're just waiting for VR so the media can freak out

15 : Anonymous2021/11/05 23:39 ID: hjhgeeg

I know it's not a remake, but damn it looks like The Sims

16 : Anonymous2021/11/05 19:00 ID: hjg96ct

Reminds me of the Sims LOL!

17 : Anonymous2021/11/05 19:44 ID: hjggcak

Man i wish yhey went for a sharper look to the characters.


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