1 : Anonymous2021/11/06 03:19 ID: qnrn6g
2 : Anonymous2021/11/06 03:53 ID: hjico4i

Thumbnail looks like this takes place during a lunar landing mission.

ID: hjiyayf

I mean you are on the moon, on a mission too.

ID: hjidl47

I assume it's when we arrive on the moon in Endwalker so it's not too far off

ID: hjjiqku

It looks like a school project

ID: hjj3r12

Also from a PS2 game

Edit: god you weebs are so precious... I'm sure the game is fantastic but this particular screenshot looks like it's from 2005 and downvoting me won't change that, cry harder loll

ID: hjknjeo

please stop being weird

ID: hjkqmof

Editing your comment for downvotes lol

ID: hjkgp1f

Please link any ps2 screenshot that looks like this. I'm so curious what you played in 2005 lmao

ID: hjkn61d

It's a MMORPG... the game engine have to deal with over 100 players, theyr own animations, theyr own unique outfits and theyr own particle efects... its a CPU benchmark in gaming form.

I mean, this is what players can do:

ID: hjl8wgb

You're getting downvoted even though it does look like shit

ID: hjkqcc2

PS2 games looked better than this.

The entire final fantasy franchise is dedicated to toxic gamers. 99% of the people look at the screenshots and decide to stay away from such idiotic games. There's always the weird 1% that loves that kind of stuff.

And they are a cult. So you will be downvoted for saying negative stuff

3 : Anonymous2021/11/06 09:37 ID: hjj5671

Exciting (even though I’m still slogging through ARR)

ID: hjleq4v

Good luck. I picked up FF14 last year when the lock down started and I just no-lifed it. I made the mistake of actually reading the story and watching all the cut scenes, and I was absolutely 100% burned out by the time I finished heavensward.

ID: hjl40wx

It sucks soooooo bad. I love final fantasy but I can't get through the early slog of this game.

ID: hjl97n1

Honestly, if you just push through til you're 40, things really start ramping up.

ID: hjl8rew

I mean, you got a long ways to go, though you have until December!

ID: hjlaspc

I got a long way to go in-game too though lol. Something tells me 1-hour at the end of the day won’t cut it in time.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/06 14:18 ID: hjjx4fr

Really don't watch this until you have finished Shadowbringers (previous expansion) and are planning on or currently playing playing this game, it contains some spoilers here and there.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/06 19:57 ID: hjl84h0

I don’t understand what I’m watching since I stopped after playing Shadowbringers’ base scenario. And I’m afraid to come back because that means I’ll have no time to play my other games again. Lol.

ID: hjlgxla

Even Yoshi-P encourages people to play at their own pace and play other games so they don't get burned out. It'll be waiting for you should you return!

ID: hjlibbd

I’m actually pretty excited about the new expansion! But if I didn’t stop, I wouldn’t have been able to play some gems like God of War, HZD, FF7R, The Last of Us and Persona 5 this year.

If I can’t decide on which game to play after Persona 5, I might pick up FFXIV again to finish the rest of the ShB story. Learning to play on a controller might be a challenge though since I had to let go of my PC.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/06 11:25 ID: hjjdv53

Anima hype.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/06 14:45 ID: hjk0qol

Rammstein - America came to my mind. When i saw the thumbnail x)

8 : Anonymous2021/11/06 09:55 ID: hjj6lls

Why is there a weird flag in the corner?

ID: hjj743q

To show the language of the trailer as they release in multiple languages

ID: hjjq74h

This trailer is voiced in 'Merican

ID: hjj773y


ID: hjjwemd

Has to do with the ratings. Eg American ratings are different to UK. Then the other bit for the EU is just the voice acting.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/06 12:07 ID: hjjhtpb

I was trying to figure out which Final Fantasy this was. I believe there's FF online, the upcoming "main" entry, and another upcoming one that became a "chaos" meme right? So this is an expansion for the online game?

ID: hjjvkr4

I’m surprised FF 14 isn’t very popular and talked about much in this server. Its one of the most successful MMOs currently and probably the best I’ve seen imo

ID: hjk379j

MMORPGs are a niche genre but especially on consoles as the majority have no idea what they are.

ID: hjke1ka
Final Fantasy XIV (Online MMO) - This is the online MMORPG that has been running ~10 years. Endwalker is the grand finale of the entire story arc thus far. Final Fantasy XVI - This is the next single-player mainline entry in the series Stranger of Paradise: FF Origin (CHAOS!) - This is a spinoff Final Fantasy game that plays like Nioh
ID: hjjico2

Yeah, this is an expansion for FF14. Then there's FF16 and the meme one is called Stranger of paradise.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/06 05:11 ID: hjikqap


11 : Anonymous2021/11/06 15:55 ID: hjkaieg

Final fantasy blew me away with the graphics on ps1. What has happened to this series. So disappointing to see a franchise I loved be destroyed.

ID: hjkhmgp

Destroyed? This game has one of the best stories in gaming! It's incredibly fun and every single expansion has been rated 9/10 by most media outlets. It might not be the peak of graphic fidelity but it's over 11 years old. Look at world of warcraft. Also looks incredibly dated. That's just a thing with mmos.

It was actually amazing looking on ps3. One of the issues at launch was they focused too much on graphics and not enough on gameplay.

The same team here is doing ffxvi and that looks more up to date if your curious

ID: hjkryvf

He’s a troll.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/06 14:32 ID: hjjz29q

Why are comments and ratings disabled in YouTube?
Trailer looks underwhelming, is this what all the hype is about?

13 : Anonymous2021/11/06 14:48 ID: hjk16iy

I remember playing the hell out of 14 when it was first released and eventually stopped around 2013, then I played FF14 again when the PS5 beta came out and for another month past that. It was a fun and nostalgic time, definitely relaxing to just sit in the world and take everything in, but after a month or so on the PS5 it was the dated graphics that turned me off, I get that it’s well over 11 years old so it makes sense.

I’m still waiting for the day that a new, more current-gen-looking MMO comes out for the PS5. Would it even be possible for that or is a live service like Destiny 2 our best option given the limitations?

ID: hjkh2y0

Its not impossible . The graphics are already improved from the original ps3 version. The issue right now is maintaining ps4 support. That and other important dev needs are keeping things looking like they are. But it is a huge mmo so the likelihood of a massive overhaul of gfx is low imo. Even the loss of ps3 support was not a huge change. Mostly better textures and lighting

ID: hjkyo0c

Oh for sure, FF14 is fine where it’s at and they deserve all the success they’re having, what I meant is if it’s possible for another brand new MMO to come out for current Gen.

Some people may not know this, DokeV was supposed to be a full fledged MMORPG but recently the devs scrapped that idea and now it’s turning into a regular campaign game, I think they mentioned the project being too big. What’s wild to me is while the game looks confusing, the graphics are gorgeous, and I can’t help but think how crazy it is that a game with these graphics was about to become an MMO for the PS5. I’m really hoping someone takes the helm and goes for an MMO for current-Gen sometime though!


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