Question.. I want to get the Astro A50 but wondering if i had to change the TV settings every time i want to use them. Also interested in the pros and cons. Using for the ps5

1 : Anonymous2021/11/06 19:31 ID: qo7g58
Question.. I want to get the Astro A50 but wondering if i had to change the TV settings every time i want to use them. Also interested in the pros and cons. Using for the ps5
2 : Anonymous2021/11/06 19:53 ID: hjl7lgt

I bought the Astro A50 a while ago and the sound wasn't that great and ended up returning them. The sound was very tangy. I don't recommend getting them.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/06 22:13 ID: hjlqgz5

why so expensive ? just get the steel series 7p. Half the price and very good sound.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/06 19:59 ID: hjl8g9f

Not there best set tbh, but you can change Your settings so when your turn them on the sound and mic comes from them instead of the tv.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/06 20:13 ID: hjlacfa

Skip the a50 and get an a40 instead. The difference is night and day and you will save money

6 : Anonymous2021/11/06 20:36 ID: hjldiwt

If you run the optical out from your TV to your box and USB to your PS5 then set your TV to output both external and optical you won't ever have to change anything unless you want your TVs sound off.

Just a note on the A50s themselves. I've owned two sets with a lot of money invested running one set to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The first set gave me constant connection issues cutting in and out perpetually with me trying every fix I could find on the internet to no avail. Bought a second set, same problem.

Ended up giving away my A50s to a friend and using A40 for PC and Steelseries for the PS5. Something in my house was not playing nice and I never could pinpoint what it was but both the Steelseries and my Sennheiser TV set are wireless with no issues.

From what I've seen online ASTRO has been aware of this issue for a long time and has been pretty silent on it blaming routers.

ID: hjlfbs9

Hi, I own the 4th gen A50 and I had the same issue, I actually when to my router and changed the channel frequency from the 5ghz signal and immediately the a50 started working like it should, it really was the routers channel frequency interfering with the headset.

A few month after I bought a new router and had no issues.

It looks like there is specific router that gives you that problem.

Just wanted to tell my story on the A50, I was having that issue for a few week it was driving me nuts.

ID: hjlfpan

I tried that on my setup but it could just be that the Orbi system I have causes issues on both channels. Good that you got it working through, I really enjoyed the headset and hated switching!

7 : Anonymous2021/11/06 20:01 ID: hjl8rdi

If the base connects directly to the system, you should be fine. But I don’t know how these connect. I know that my LG OLED will knock itself out of the Game graphics mode when using Bluetooth and have horrible screen lag.

I’ve used the A40 for a while and love them, so these should work pretty well.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/06 20:17 ID: hjlaxsp

I use it on my monitor and love it.

You have to get an adapter for the ps5, but once set up it works great.

I use it for Apex Legends and run a custom sound profile, but I've enjoyed it with other games as well, just pick a different sound profile.

ID: hjlbkhf

I've had various models of Astro and TVs over the years and I seem to recall that I've had it set up both so that you have to manually switch the sound over so it only comes out of the headset, but I've also had it set up where it goes through both the TV and headset at the same time and you can control the volume levels independently, so in that situation I just turned my tv all the way down.

ID: hjlc7xz

The big pro for me is the flip to mute mic, great for playing multiplayer games if you live with anyone else.

The biggest con is that for the ps5, it can't charge the headset on the dock while in rest mode. I read somewhere that the USB doesn't maintain a high enough amperage to charge it, maybe something fixable with a ps5 update, so instead I just plug it into a large battery pack whenever I'm finished playing for the day.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/06 20:25 ID: hjlc045

I always wanted a set of Astro cans because for years they had been so highly regarded universally. Looked at the A50's and reading about all the issues that the later gen A40's and newer gen A50's had made me steer clear. (obviously the exorbitant price was easy to say NO to as well.) It seems their Customer Service took a bit of a dive in recent years too.

If your display device (TV/Monitor) does not have an Optical Audio out I would steer clear of the Astro's with the Mix-Amp. Optical used to be the best way to feed the Mix-Amp and many many display devices played along with that. More and more Display companies are dropping support of Optical. Which leaves you an option of using a HDMI audio extractor. The problem with using an HDMI audio extractor is that it will arguably degrade your HDMI video signal. You will have issues finding an extractor that can support full bandwidth video (40-48Gbps - 4K+HDR) and 120fps. Going forward, missing support for the extended HDMI 2.1 feature set.

I tried another very expensive headphone set, in the same vein as A50's, and encountered significant issues with IT, so I returned it within the refund period.

Settled back for the workhorse Gold and Platinum headsets years back I got on sale ($50 and $85 respectively). They are not great, not the most comfortable, but they WORK. And they work, while costing 2/3 or 3/4 less.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/06 22:21 ID: hjlrga5

I have Astro A10s and they... Suck. If it's just at 75% volume, my friends can hear the game audio and it their voices through the headset. Idk. Maybe I got a defective headset.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/06 23:13 ID: hjly901

No experience with the A50, however I’m a huge fan of my ps5 pulse headset!

12 : Anonymous2021/11/06 23:16 ID: hjlypmo

Astro does make some great headsets. I haven't owned a50s, but I did have a pair of wireless a40s that lasted around 6-7 years before having issues. I even contacted customer service about my worn out earcups 4-5 years in and they sent me new ones for free, which is awesome. My only gripe would be that with prolonged use they would feel uncomfortable on your ears/head.

Nowadays you can find similar or even superior quality sets for a bit cheaper. My current recommendation is the Arctis 7P+ wireless. They are very comfortable, user friendly, and high quality. You can also swap them from PC to console in seconds with the included dongle, without purchasing anything extra. Arguably the best gaming headset I've ever owned.

Honestly, you really can't go wrong either way, but if you're willing to spend that much, check these out first! Good luck!

13 : Anonymous2021/11/06 23:00 ID: hjlwobe

Clearly shows that people never used the A50 and have no idea what they’re babbling about. A50 is a fantastic premium headset. They’re just expensive.

ID: hjlz7ni

Clearly shows that people never used the A50 and have no idea what they’re babbling about.

I have probably 50 to 60 headsets. They're not the best headset in that category. Are they better than cheaper ones? Sure. Are there some cheaper ones that out perform in certain aspects? Absolutely. But I could see a lot of the opinions here being accurate.

A50 is a fantastic premium headset.

That said, I like and use them the most because they're just the simplest. Nice base to put them down on and take them off. No issues. No need to plug it in. That is worth it to me over something that sounds better like Penrose.


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