Not sure about what CPU to get

1 : Anonymous2021/11/09 20:30 ID: qqcjp5

My rig is starting to show its age and I was thinking to update the mobo/cp

, I was thinking about either a 5600x or a 5900x but my ocd is killing me, thought about the 5800x but I dont think its really worth the extra for 2 cores and also read it runs extremely hot, even hotter than any other ryzen, I mainly play Apex or competitive high frame rate games at 1080p but I like being able to run demanding games at decent frames too. I also use editing/rendering software every now and then, I was also thinking on maybe holding until AM5, which means i'd need to upgrade the ram too, not to mention I live in a 3rd world country and it'll take a lot for ddr5/am5 to arrive here and it'll probably be super expensive and I dont really wanna be the guinea pig of the new gen, but if I upgrade now I need a cpu that holds until am5 matures, so will 6c12t hold for around 3/4 years to come or should I go with a 5900x?

2 : Anonymous2021/11/09 20:32 ID: hjzave1

If your concerned with gaming the cpu legitimately doesn't matter once you get to 5600x levels of performance. You can get it right now for a super cheap price with a cheap motherboard as intels new lineup lowered prices all around the board

ID: hjzg4wp


3 : Anonymous2021/11/09 20:37 ID: hjzbkr7

I got 5800x for my 6900xt

ID: hjzlfje

What resolution do you play at?

ID: hjzz6vs

1440p. I got the 5800x instead of 5600x and 5900x was because to me it was a happy medium for its price and performance. I got the 5800x for future proof and I don’t want ANY bottlenecks from my cpu to my rx6900xt. Another reason was I wanted better multitasking and better performance in cpu intensive games which I play a lot of.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/09 20:59 ID: hjzeyv9

Nice thing is you can buy a 5600x and if you aren't happy, sell it and get a 5900x and nothing else in your build needs to change. I have a 5600x w 6900xt and couldn't be happier.

ID: hjzg7uc

Nice thing is you can buy a 5600x and if you aren't happy, sell it and get a 5900x and nothing else in your build needs to change

Except for more cooling.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/09 21:30 ID: hjzjlj9

DDR5 has little to no relevance atm. First gen DDR5 is so latency heavy that gaming performance is generally worse other than certain titles.

If you're in a third world country why not just go cheap for a few years and then buy up AM5 around 2024? Something like a 10400F/11400F are very cheap, but it depends what you are coming from.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/09 22:03 ID: hjzojdd

If you live in USA get a 5800X for 330$ at microcenter anywhere else the 5600X is good enough for gaming And can even handle a 3090

7 : Anonymous2021/11/09 20:37 ID: hjzblbp

I know this is the AMD forum, but the best CPU's right now are intels new Alder Lake you might wanna look in to that.

ID: hjzirwa

Yes, but no. They're faster.. yes... more efficient while gaming... yes... that's the two advantages Alder Lake has in this particular user's use case. The CPUs themselves aren't overpriced... but the motherboard options are very expensive and if you're going the DDR5 route that's even more expense... that situation will evolve, but AMD is still the better buy right now.

That said, the difference in gaming performance comes out to ~10% in favor of Alder Lake... that's not even noticeable (though there are games where the difference would be noticeable and certain CPU comparisons would be greater).... if that little bit of a performance difference matters then OP should wait for Zen 3D in late January because it is bringing a ~15% average gaming improvement, which will step above Alder Lake.

ID: hjzj5w1

I was assuming price wasn't a problem since he doesn't mention anything about it.

Also no it's not just 10% in some games have up to a 30% improvement depending on the game. It's not really an opinion, just check out the benchmarks it pretty much dethrones AMD when it comes to performance. Which I don't know about you, but is my primary concern when upgrading my rig.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/09 20:35 ID: hjzb9sz

What are you coming from? (Cp


Is your existing DDR4 fast? If not, then you would need to upgrade it anyway or leave a bunch of performance on the table.

ID: hjzc71z

Im running a 2400G with an rx 580 so I really need an upgrade, im running 16 gigs of 2993mhz ram, But now what you mention it youre right, might need to upgrade my ram too

ID: hjzf1xb

Are you on a 300 series or 400 series mobo?

If 400 series, I'm not sure I would bother with a new mobo.

And 2993mhz isn't terrible....

If you could just grab a 5600x that would be a nice upgrade and not a huge outlay.

Edit: some A320 boards can also support 5000 series CPUs, though I wouldn't stick anything beefier than a 5600x in them...

ID: hk000du

Find a second hand 3600/3700x or 5600x. Can also wait a little bit for Zen 3D and see how that goes. If not then previous gens should be cheaper to get. Also, 1600AF/2600(x)/2700(x) could be options depending price. You're most likely GPU limited. Check out Ancient Gameplays, he did various tests of amd CPUs so you might find them useful. And no your RAM is perfectly fine.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/09 21:16 ID: hjzhjup

Go with the 5900x.

12 cores is great right now.

I have a 3900x and it is great for gaming and video edit/encoding.

Also, the prices of the 5000 series are dropping slightly, so maybe keep a look out for upcoming specials. 😉


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