70% of Call of Duty: Vanguard’s UK launch physical sales were on PlayStation platforms (41% PS5, 29% PS4). 30% on Xbox (19 Xbox One, 11% Xbox Series X/S)

1 : Anonymous2021/11/09 10:25 ID: qq0skg
70% of Call of Duty: Vanguard's UK launch physical sales were on PlayStation platforms (41% PS5, 29% PS4). 30% on Xbox (19 Xbox One, 11% Xbox Series X/S)
2 : Anonymous2021/11/09 15:06 ID: hjxxyz8

Digital sales figures come out in a week per the analyst, Dring. IIRC the splits for digital isn’t that much different whenever he posts these third party sales.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/09 10:41 ID: hjx6fhc

Isn’t that basically every game?

ID: hjxay4j

When it comes to Physical Sales in the UK which ignores a lot of variables

The UK market is mostly dominated by Playstation the same way Mexico is mostly dominated by xbox and Japan is mostly dominated by Nintendo so reports from these markets will obviously skew towards the dominant platform

There's also the Digital to Physical split, with Sony stating that for them it's around 71% (in Q1 couldn't find a more recent number) and analysts think that the split is even higher on xbox

Basically UK physical sales are pointless to look at these days

ID: hjxbasm

they are pointless to look at if you only care about trying to figure out global trends from one market, which is stupid reguardless of the market.

you shouldn't be using a single market to figure out global trends, but to call them "pointless" is dumb.

ID: hjxcuq1

How much higher on Xbox? It was true in the past, but today I think the digital split is much closer on both platforms.

ID: hjxtfqr

Damn Xbox dominates in Mexico? I thought Latinos had a preference for PlayStation. I live in Nicaragua and afaik our neighboring countries and us have a preference for Nintendo and Sony consoles.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/09 14:58 ID: hjxww63

Those are some very, very interesting stats.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/09 13:53 ID: hjxoirg

Anyone else surprised Xbox One sold more than Xbox Series X/S?

ID: hjxp0ko

I’m honestly surprised the numbers are this close, given that the One has been out for 8 years and the X|S has been out for less than 1

ID: hjyl83a

But ps5 already vastly sells more than ps4

ID: hjxtc6l

Not really, because they are old some of the consoles may not work anymore, they may be in storage somewhere or the people using them are on a tight budget so they cannot afford new games. Meanwhile early adopters have more disposable income so they can afford new games.

ID: hjyisvp

I'm more surprised that PS5 sold more than PS4

ID: hjypww9

Pretty sure that has been the trend for all new games.

ID: hjy11so

No because there are significantly fewer Xbox Series consoles in homes than Xbox One.

ID: hjy1uwy

The same applies for PS5s.

ID: hjyf0bv

Higher install base I assume.

ID: hjyq064

Nope, if that were so PS4 would trounce PS5.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/09 10:49 ID: hjx6y4z

Because Europe buys PlayStations.

ID: hjxboym

Continental Europe, not UK. UK had roughly been 50/50, with the 360 and PS4 selling more in their respective generation. This gen looks like a blood bath for the Series X/S.

ID: hjxd545

In 2019 585,520 Xbox One sold.

In 2019 1.3 million PS4s sold.

I can't see the actual numbers for PS4, but if you measure the last year with the first year on the graph, the numbers beat Microsoft by quite a bit.

The 360 was the only time Microsoft outsold Sony in the UK though.

ID: hjxd9qv

Maybe people use the xbox as a game pass machine and ps5 for buying games.

ID: hjy79by

British person here. All of my friends and most people i know are on PlayStation and have/going to get a ps5. I only know 4 people that have an xbox right now.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/09 14:56 ID: hjxwkjt

Even with the discrepancy in console sales, it's not surprising because of GamePass - there's a wealth of content on there. Forza Horizon 5 is out today on it, San Andreas remaster is Thursday, Halo Infinite in a few weeks.

Unless you really, really have to, it makes no sense to drop fall price on another CoD when you have GamePass.

ID: hjykwzc

I highly doubt that there is a significant amount of people that buy COD every year skipping it solely because of GamePass. Love or hate it, we’re in an FPS drought and COD is the top arcade shooter. There’s nothing on GamePass that is a direct replacement for COD.

ID: hjyoqq1

People live in a bubble and think casuals actually follow trends of people who post on gaming forums. COD unfortunately has an iron grip.

ID: hjym881

The Halo series, the Gears of War series, the Battlefield series, Titanfall 2, Apex, Back4Blood, Destiny 2, the Doom series, the Battlefront games, Siege are all available on GamePass.

Anyone who cares for shooters is more than catered to on GamePass, and there's a bunch more single player shooters in it too.

ID: hjyoaa0

It does make sense to drop full price on COD when that is all alot of casuals play.

For alot of casual gamers all they buy is games like cod and fifa. Especially in the UK this is very common to have people who buy consoles for just those games.

ID: hjzuuo9

Did you just compare racing game and open world single player game to COD?

ID: hjzhzdi

Can you find me one source that shows people with game pass are any less likely to buy CoD?

8 : Anonymous2021/11/09 14:34 ID: hjxtlcm

Lol I didn’t even realise it was out

9 : Anonymous2021/11/09 14:24 ID: hjxsbx3

Here in my little area of Australia jb hi fi had the pre ordered games on the front counter with the paper attached; 2 were for xbox the remaining 10-15 were playstation and I can't remember the exact numbers but almost all of them were ps5 copies.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/09 14:53 ID: hjxw5rq

It's also interesting because the demographic is 12yrs old and younger.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/09 12:09 ID: hjxdekm

Zero percent on PC?! Or are they lumping those numbers in with Xbox.

ID: hjxe5dn

Are there even physical copies of call of duty for PC?

ID: hjxfe6r

Oh right. That’s a good point!

12 : Anonymous2021/11/09 15:37 ID: hjy2gfb

Good, Xbox players are waking up and realizing COD is trash.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/09 12:41 ID: hjxghnd

Most if not all of them Europe is dominated by playstation. Xbox is big the USA.

ID: hjxrny5

Even in USA Playstation 5 sells better than Xbox Series X.

ID: hjy85gw

Series X also didn’t put out for sale every chip manufactured though. They prioritize upgrading xcloud servers. No idea how many that becomes in the end.

But Microsoft hasn’t been pushing console sales in any market though. They’ve been pushing gamepass however constantly.

I’m not even sure how data like this relates anymore. Physical hardware sales aren’t the goal anymore on Microsoft side. Hell, my one X now streams series x titles.

ID: hjyh07i

Not in the US, in Canada, but I don't know anyone who has an Xbox. Everyone I know is Playstation and/or PC.

ID: hjyirm8

Same With México With Xbox

14 : Anonymous2021/11/09 17:59 ID: hjyntxu

Is this game out already? Lol

15 : Anonymous2021/11/09 18:18 ID: hjyqljk

Just a personal anecdote but every one of my Xbox friends who bought the new Call of Duty bought it digitally.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/09 16:42 ID: hjyc116

Xbox is a dying platform…this is not new information.

ID: hjz6zik

Dying? You must be insane

ID: hjyjcyu

Ah yes, an incredibly specific statistic like physical sales only in the UK tells us an entire brand is dying.

Seems like logic is a dying platform in this sub lol

ID: hjydx77

Yes, that explains why they just invested 7 billion+ dollars into that division, that makes sense.

ID: hjyh3lg

No they aren't, they've just always had low sales outside of the US

ID: hjyunkj

Forza Horizon 5 literally has 3 million players right now, 1 million of those where before the game released. But COD sold bad in the UK so Xbox is dead /s

ID: hjz1b39

I think he means the console not the service. I dont agree with either argument.

18 : Anonymous2021/11/09 14:41 ID: hjxujo4

I use my xbox 99% for gamepass, its such a good service. I bought only old cheap games for it.

This numbers are only retail, so no digital, but i wonder if gamepass could have something to do with it.

Ether way, we dont know the real numbers (WW+Digital)

19 : Anonymous2021/11/09 14:55 ID: hjxwjew

Over a million people played Forza Horizon 5 Premium for early access, and that was on Xbox Game Pass priced at $45 or without Game Pass $100.

Also, Halo Infinite releases in December as well

20 : Anonymous2021/11/09 16:53 ID: hjydqc2

Last of Us 2 did 4 million in less than a week at 60$. Demon’s Souls did 1.4 million at 70$.

21 : Anonymous2021/11/09 15:00 ID: hjxx4kp

I'd say GamePass absolutely has something to do with it. I got a PS5 at launch last year, a Series X a few weeks back.

Playing Forza Horizon 5 today, San Andreas remaster on Thursday, Halo Infinite in a few weeks. And that's just the new content. I'm now looking at my PS5 and thinking I won't be spending another dime on games for it until it's a personal must have (which will be Horizon Forbidden West, which is what, three months away?).

But if I only had the PS5? Yeah I'd be far more inclined to buy new games day and date of release.

22 : Anonymous2021/11/09 13:21 ID: hjxkrpb

First time I see this chart posted and see the replies being reasonable and logical.

23 : Anonymous2021/11/09 16:15 ID: hjy8109

Tha is actually hilarious. It truly shows most ps players literally only play one game

24 : Anonymous2021/11/09 16:27 ID: hjy9rdl

It shows nothing of the sort.

25 : Anonymous2021/11/09 18:50 ID: hjyve5p

Did you know the series x can play steam games? I hope ps games keep coming to steam

26 : Anonymous2021/11/09 15:58 ID: hjy5eeu

Is there a metric on preorders?

27 : Anonymous2021/11/09 21:08 ID: hjzg94t

Huh, I didn’t know this game was already out

28 : Anonymous2021/11/09 23:14 ID: hjzypq3

Owning both the Series X and PS5, given there is no graphical or performance difference, for me it's about the adaptive triggers. Just prefer FPS on the PS5 due to the triggers. That's the only difference. Tbh I don't use them in any other game genre.


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