Rainbow Six Siege: Year 6 Season 4 High Calibre Reveal

1 : Anonymous2021/11/09 04:37 ID: qpvwk2
Rainbow Six Siege: Year 6 Season 4 High Calibre Reveal
2 : Anonymous2021/11/09 05:51 ID: hjwkzxw

They literally nerfed Valkyrie and called it a buff lmao

ID: hjx5u5t

I haven't touched Siege in a long time. What did they do to Valkyrie?

ID: hjxbc19

Her cameras don't work outside anymore, they last like 8 seconds then it's lights out

ID: hjyv4id

Definitely not buff, but much needed.

The cameras were too powerful outside and made window play pretty much impossible on maps like consulate and bank.

Now that they only work for 8 seconds before shutting off, it makes you think much more if you want to risk losing a camera on a run out

3 : Anonymous2021/11/09 09:08 ID: hjx03wh

Is there any chance of a single player Rainbow Six ever again?

ID: hjyvzr0

No chance with the current Ubisoft, Extraction is unfortunately the best you’re going to get.. also a Rainbow Six campaign with Siege lore/storytelling is a horrifying thought.

ID: hjxj5bh

Oh sure it will be called Rainbow Six Seige 2 and will offer an optionally co-op story mode where you can play as a select few of the cast of R6S and you can even play pvp multiplayer with people who own the original R6S. By the way team sizes for that mode will be reduced to 4x4 and they are getting rid of Montagne.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/09 14:44 ID: hjxuyoi

I would love to play siege again but is impossible to play it fairly in platinum and above with 80% of the people using m&k

5 : Anonymous2021/11/09 17:39 ID: hjykobi

I love this game. I think it’s one of the most unique shooters out there. However, smurfs and mnk users on console just ruin the whole experience. Haven’t touched it in months.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/09 13:26 ID: hjxlata

I miss pre 2017 siege.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/09 09:43 ID: hjx2gws

R6S jumped the shark a few years ago, it was a great game for a bit.

ID: hjxyuyi

Besides cheaters on consoles the last 5 or so new operators have been great

8 : Anonymous2021/11/09 12:48 ID: hjxh5nn

Used to love Siege in the first few years then it got stale with new operators essentially being “remixes” of the older ones.

Is it still popular? Would love to try it again!

ID: hjy3pqh

The problem isn’t so much that the new operators are remixes of one another (i’d disagree tbh), but it’s that they’re so disconnected with the community.

Ironically, in this video, they talk about how when they have fun making the operator, they know we’ll have fun playing them. Almost everyone laughed at that statement.

ID: hjxjcpt

Its still one of the most viewed games on Twitch at least.

ID: hjxl5t0

I played it up to about year 2 then stopped. After they added in Maverick and Clash I couldn’t take it much more, two majorly unbalanced operators and it got crazy after that. It’s a shame, was a great competitive shooter that felt fair any time I played.

ID: hjxv0ls

Both of them are fairly balanced and not often picked either.

ID: hjxyr12

Last 5 or so operators have been great


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