Zen3D release date and am4 compatibility?

1 : Anonymous2021/11/12 04:27 ID: qs3bgq

Hello, does anyone know when Zen3D is going to release next year and is it compatible with am4 and ddr4 RAM? Thank you.

2 : Anonymous2021/11/12 04:48 ID: hkaolbh

Idk how much rumors are allowed in this sub but.....

All leaks indicate it would be ddr4 and on am4 (don't know to what extent though, for example, only x570 boards, or what?)

Lisa Su said volume production starts end of this year, so launch q1 2022? She also said for high end zen 3 too, so maybe no 5600x 3D.

AMD said 15 (or was it 12? Don't remember) percent average increase in fps increase in 1080p

Pricing no one knows, could slot into old zen 3 prices, or could be marked up high because of the relatively new 3d stacking tech from TSMC, which might also be why Lisa Su said it's coming for high end zen 3

Greymon, a pretty reliable leaker, thinks zen 3d will win in gaming, lose to alder lake in lightly threaded MT tasks like photoshop, and tie in MT perf.

But no one actually knows for sure when and what everything will happen. Because AMD has not announced it yet. Only things we know for sure is that Lisa Su said mass production would start end of this year. Performance, if you trust AMD slides, should be a good boost. Everything else though is basically speculation or rumors.

ID: hkascgf

This news article says that Robert Hillock confirms the CPU will use AM4 socket and this the link:

Then this means it is almost certain the it will be AM4 as he is the Director of Technical Marketing. Thank you.

ID: hkbd2fv

The real question is which chipsets will be supported, I hope 400 seires are but after what happened to the 300 series, I'm not having high hopes.

ID: hke12ii

there was this rumor about am4+

i am not sure what +'' means in this case and I hope people don't need to buy a new platform.

ID: hkbljyt

She also said for high end zen 3 too, so maybe no 5600x 3D

But if they are producing refreshed 5950X and 5900X with 3D cache, there would be 6 and 8-core chiplets that aren't fast enough or that need too much power to fit in double-chiplet processors, right? Or would they bin the base silicon before adding the extra layer with the cache? (I have zero knowledge about these things.)

ID: hkcvvlo

For someone with zero knowledge about these things, I think you’ve made a very incisive pertinent point! One that I have not seen anyone else make. ie. if the v-cache has to be added pre-bin then there are going to be 5600x/5800x class v-cache dies that would end up in the literal bin/trash if they decided not to sell 5600x V-Cache chips.

ID: hkaq5y8

Thanks for your reply

ID: hke5nu5

I thought the rumor was production starts this month of November. At least, it has to be if they are actually planning on “early Q1 launch” based on their past launches and the lead time from production to launch.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/12 04:56 ID: hkapida

Most likely to pick up a 5900X3D in the middle of FEBRUARY.

ID: hkaq6ss

Thanks for your reply

4 : Anonymous2021/11/12 08:10 ID: hkb6ghk

Thank you for your post

ID: hkbf1uh

Thanks for your reply

ID: hkbwww8

Thanks for your reply

ID: hkbf1j9

Thank you

5 : Anonymous2021/11/12 07:43 ID: hkb4dwq

Jan, yes, yes.

ID: hkb4m0g

Thanks for your reply

6 : Anonymous2021/11/12 13:34 ID: hkbwn8h

It seems likely to be only a 500 series am4 mboard support only unless amd will state otherwise.
q1 2022 is the release date, we don't know if its just high end or if they add a 6 core 3Dv supported cpu.

so for most with a 500 series mboard and dd4, it be a bios update, replace the cpu and go faster.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/12 14:21 ID: hkc2cqo

I'm guessing it will be supported on B550 and X570 only, not because of technical restrictions, but because it gives AMD and the board partners one last chance to make AM4 motherboard sales with a new product. Artificial segmentation is the name of the game on the AM4 platform. Maybe with enough end-user blowback like what happened with Zen 3 support they would change it and support it on B450/X470, but I doubt it for Zen3D.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/12 04:52 ID: hkap3aj


ID: hkaq7hd

Thank you

9 : Anonymous2021/11/12 06:35 ID: hkaz1fm

Production already started, debit at CES, launch late January.

It is AM4 compatible, haven't heard anything about a new chipset, so I assume 400 & 500 series boards will support it.

ID: hkb4ima

Thanks for your reply

10 : Anonymous2021/11/12 13:16 ID: hkbuhdc

Do we know what cache sizes to expect for this new layer? Based on Milan X, the 12/16 core Zen 3D will be adding 32MB of 3D cache per chiplet. So double the cache for Zen 3D?

11 : Anonymous2021/11/12 18:05 ID: hkcypbd

Release: Q1, probably Jan-Feb

AM4 + DDR4 compatibility: yes

Motherboard compatibility: X570, B550, A520, and you can assume 400 and 300 series won't be compatible

12 : Anonymous2021/11/12 18:11 ID: hkczmk1

I wish Ryzen CPU have iGPU, I know they have G series but they are all lacking in L3 cache, making them like half generation behind.

It's hard to buy into a CPU that has no exit retirement plan, I mean when you are done with it and want to put the CPU into a small mini itx HTPC case without dGPU.

Any chance you guys think Ryzen Rembrandt will remain AM4 with RDNA2 and buffed with 3D V-cache?

ID: hkdmh0i

Any chance you guys think Ryzen Rembrandt will remain AM4 with RDNA2 and buffed with 3D V-cache?

Rembrandt was always rumoured to be DDR5/LPDDR5. I think there's no chance it will be AM4.

Zen 4 CPUs are expected to all include an iGPU.


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