5800x PBO2 Settings Inquiry

1 : Anonymous2021/11/15 12:01 ID: quevbo

I recently upgraded to a ryzen 7 5800x and very new to PBO2. I was watching a bunch of videos online and tried to come up with my own custom settings for a stable setup. Here are my settings so far:

PBO Limits: Motherboard

Curve optimizer: Per Core Negative 15 on all except for Core 3 and 7 which are the star cores from Ryzen Master

I also set the Platform Thermal Throttle Limit to Manual and set it to 70C. Is it bad that I am forcing such a demanding limit? If i keep it to auto my cpu still occasionally skyrockets to the 80's level but on average manages to keep a mid 60s level in games. With the above settings im doing a multicore score on r23 of 14337. Im not too particular about synthetic benchmark scores I just want to be working on a stable temps within a 70-71C max because I've also found the sweet spot undervolt for my 3080 ti to run at the same temps

2 : Anonymous2021/11/15 14:21 ID: hkpzztf

It's not really bad, the CPU will just throttle much harder to keep that 70c limit. If anything, it's better for the longevity of your CPU because less voltage will be pushed to it (and it will be running cooler), but it won't make any form of noticeable impact.

You will lose some performance in synthetics because 100% load pushes my 5800x with a 360mm AIO to just sub-70c. But you won't lose much at all, and it certainly won't make a difference in games.

To be safe and ensure you are not sacrificing too much performance, you could set it to 80c, which is still perfectly safe.

Also, PBO limits set to motherboard are often too power hungry. You can dial down those settings and lose practically no performance and reduce power consumption, but I've never done it myself, I just set it to motherboard and let my overkill cooling take care of the rest.


have a look here for optimal power settings.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/15 18:00 ID: hkqvgar

My sweet spot is PBO set to advanced: PPT = 120, TDC = 75, EDC = 110 with no curve optimizer or thermal throttle. I get roughly 14,600 - 15,100 depending on the time of day in Los Angeles. A recommendation is to turn off the thermal throttle limits or if you're comfortable with setting it to 80C or even 85C. Our 5800x is fine running at 75-85C.

I did multiple test with many different variations and this was the sweet spot. I even put PBO on Enabled and Auto and it did worse and temps were maxed out at 90C.

Also, when you run Cinebench make sure to open up the task manager and end all extra tasks such as RGB softwares, Razer synapse, etc. as that will improve your scores by couple hundred points.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/15 19:48 ID: hkrbszt

Why do you care about 70C temp, AMD's Robert Hallock specifically talked about how these chips are designed to run up to 90C with out any issues.

PBO2 algorithm is specifically optimized for that.

By setting PBO to "motherboard" - you are just increasing PPT, TDC, EDC to really high levels and at the same time cutting off performance with 70C limit. You are losing a lot of performance by doing this.

The single setting that most affects temp is TDC - also the star cores are the ones to start CO undervolt with.

See below AMD's Robert Hallock technical briefing on how to OC with PBO2 here, it's timestamped where he talks about starting to undervolt with the star cores:

5 : Anonymous2021/11/15 20:45 ID: hkrkit1

Yeah...raise that to a 85c limit. Is totally fine. Even 90c is fine (this from AMD themselves)

6 : Anonymous2021/11/15 14:19 ID: hkpzs54

I’ve had the best luck on several 5800x by setting PPT to 105w, tdc 80a, edc 110a with -15 curve optimizer on all cores and a +50mhz setting . This, for me, has resulted in the best thermal and performance balance. Typically seeing a max of 70-74c and ~15.5k r23 scores

Each chip is different, but these settings have worked for me on 5 different 5800x CPUs

Quick edit: realized you have your PBO power set to Motherboard, it definitely will make it run much hotter as it gives it really high power limits and runs voltage much higher than is needed, and arguably, than is acceptable for all multi core usage. This would be why you’re seeing the high temperatures

ID: hkqgif2

Any other main bios tweaks!?

Like I got an Asus bios, do you enable to disable anything else?

ID: hkqhhg8

There’s not really a need to modify other settings unless you’re having issues. If you’re just looking to play around, just give a search to the setting you’re interested in and see what it does. These settings I’ve included are just a well balanced setup that keeps performance in good standing while also keeping all-core voltage low enough to prevent rapid degradation of the CPU.

ID: hkqpvf9

with -15 curve optimizer on all cores

Isn't that just the same as a standard UV by 75mV? Setting the same offset for all cores kind of removes the curve out of the optimizer^^

ID: hkqqwh9

It applies the undervolt to all cores, so, essentially yes. The curve optimizer includes the benefit of not having the voltage be fixed by using manual voltage or any issues with adaptive voltage. You can always test by changing the settings on a per core basis if you choose to take the time to find all the proper values.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/15 22:41 ID: hks22wn

Try USMuS's CTR and see what results that will get you. Works better than PBO in terms of temps for me (85c vs 60c) and barely any performance loss.


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