Battlefield 2042 | PS5 – Xbox Series S/X – PC | Graphics Comparison & FPS

1 : Anonymous2021/11/15 03:21 ID: qu6tce
Battlefield 2042 | PS5 - Xbox Series S/X - PC | Graphics Comparison & FPS
2 : Anonymous2021/11/15 04:28 ID: hkokhhf

TLDR copied from the video’s description:

Series S: 1260p at 60fps with temporal reconstruction rendering PS5: 2160p at 60fps with temporal reconstruction rendering SX: 2160p at 60fps with temporal reconstruction rendering

The PC version runs with all settings maxed out using DLSS in quality mode with an RTX 3080. The PS5 version seems to apply temporal reconstruction better, achieving a slightly sharper result than the Series X version, but lower than the DLSS on PC. The PC version has the possibility to activate ray tracing for ambient occlusion with Nvidia card. Series S has a practically perfect framerate. PS5/SX suffer some occasional drops, being more common on PS5. Similar textures on PS5/SX in most cases, but in others the PS5 version is closer to the PC version. Lower quality of textures in Series S. Slight anisotropic filtering improvement on Series X over PS5. Lower in Series S. Series S shadows have lower resolution. On PS5/SX, they seem to have the same graphical setting. Regarding vegetation, Series S has a lower amount. It is difficult to know if PS5/SX/PC have the same configuration, since the vegetation distribution is different, but they look the same. The drawing distance is similar on the 4 platforms, but slightly lower on Series S. Reflections have lower resolution on S Series. On PS5, they seem to have lower quality compared to SX/PC. There are curious differences between versions, but in any case they are anecdotal. It's a good job on all platforms.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/15 03:32 ID: hkodyek

From what I see, PC>PS5>XSX>>>>>>>XSS

I'm surprised the PS5 was different at all from XSX. But it was a little better. And the Series S really didn't have a fair comparison since it was obviously lower power.

ID: hkpod7y

More like the PS5 and XSX trades blows here and there.

But the whole game is optimised like garbage.

ID: hkpxjt4

Yeah there was 1 shot where the XSX was better to me. I always preferred shooters on an Xbox controller anyway. So when it's $3 in a clearance bin I'll get it on XSX most likely.

ID: hkpcn4e

No way is PC better, the Battlefield subs are full of people complaining about poor performance on pc.

ID: hkpi4i2

Poor performance relative to PC performance though. That's still higher than the PS5.

ID: hkpswvn

People are complaining on the BF sub because they're not getting 144fps on a 3090. I get 70-80 fps on my 4 years old 1080ti gpu. To me that's more than good. And that's better than a PS5

4 : Anonymous2021/11/15 07:53 ID: hkp369o

The game is trash at the moment. Dont buy it.

EDIT : Downvoting this comment now lol

Buy it guys, get cyberpunked.

ID: hkpa3rv

I’m enjoying it but is it ever buggy. Every other match i can’t even change my loadout

ID: hkpbefe

Thank god Dice said they were ahead of schedule to prepare the launch of the game !

ID: hkp9ed3

What if I already bought it and am having fun?

ID: hkp9mvj

I bought gold edition and im having fun too but this game has TOO MANY PROBLEMS. Don’t you see it ?

ID: hkpdc1o

Do you? When did you have fun when you litterally spread your bullets with a RNG mechanic ? Or maybe when your squad leader dont ping anything and you cant take the lead or even change squad ? Did you have fun getting killed by a hovercraft climbing buildings like an elevator ?

ID: hkp5twu

i have to match this comment. it seems performance can be truly hit or miss. general consensus seems to be that almost *everyone* is experiencing bugs with it, but to what extent is different.

in my case on PC, i encountered a critical bug that causes something to force reboot the PC. there's a thread on the EA forums about it with a growing number of people reporting the same problem.

all drivers / windows / bios up to date, and the only way this PC gets any "better" is by going from a 3080ti -> 3090.

bf2042 is a technical mess, but for the 2 games i got to play through, it was fun.

give it some time with updates and eventually i think it would be worthwhile. no way at launch full price though, i refunded it.

ID: hkp68xc

Thats why i wrote "at the moment". And I didnt even made that comment about performance. If you ever played and enjoyed a Battelfield for what it was, a team play tactic FPS, 2042 is a fucking joke. Check the sub

to verify my words. It's outrageous. No voip chat, no possibility to change squad, to eject a bad squad leader who wont give orders, bullet spreads are awful for automatic weapon... and i dont even start with the gigantic and "feel empty" maps even with 128 people... dont get me wrong, i would love to play that game, but at the moment EA is (again) screwing us

ID: hkpbr2t

The PC version seems to be having more issues at this point than console versions.

My friend has a PC that blows my PS5 out of the water in terms of hardware, but he hasn't been able to play even 2 full matches in early access without game breaking bugs or server crashes.

I've actually been lucky so far, I've only had one match ruined by a critical bug. There are issues for sure, but nothing that's been bad enough to make me look for a refund (not that I'd get one from Sony support lol).

ID: hkqb3s0

Why would you buy a 3080ti instead of 3090?

ID: hkq98k9

bought it and hate it. I love getting one shoted from across the map but my 7 DM7 hits didn't do anything.

ID: hkqbfln

If you want to have fun, buy it, because it’s awesome.

ID: hkqbow6

would disagree. But sure, mate.

ID: hkqi91v

Already bought it, having fun, stay mad ✌️

ID: hkqm9zh

100 usd ? My man ... good move !

5 : Anonymous2021/11/15 07:55 ID: hkp3bas

Which one has the best performance? Among the consoles, obviously.

ID: hkperyt

Video description says “Series S has a practically perfect framerate. PS5/SX suffer some occasional drops, being more common on PS5.”

edit: lmao why downvoting?

ID: hkrdvce

Probably because you said the Xbox Series S was good. That's taboo here haha

ID: hkpwva3

I never noticed any frame drops playing on the PS5 and if there is some it's probably a few frames here and there which isn't really noticable in practice.

ID: hkpab22

Ps5 seems to barely beat xsx but the game is clearly unoptimized especially for PC

6 : Anonymous2021/11/15 16:34 ID: hkqih3o

No 120 fps mode?

ID: hkr1eam

Dude, 3090s can't get 100+ at 1440p.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/15 13:58 ID: hkpx969

And another win for PS5. Elden Ring, Vanguard, Skyrim and now BF2042

ID: hkq0s84

I guess you read what you want. If you want more frame drops and less quality reflections. Ps5 didn't win vanguard.. Skip to 11:30 and watch for yourself. The game literally pauses in full every so often for a second and is highly annoying.

ID: hkqk5m8

You guys at Sony are probably very proud about your "win".

8 : Anonymous2021/11/15 15:10 ID: hkq6ewf

What's the deal with the AO?

9 : Anonymous2021/11/15 19:23 ID: hkr820v

The game is a massive shit show. Like how can they not include a regular scoreboard? Honestly glad I got to try it for free with game pass PC. Going to skip this gen out


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