Battlefield 2042 Metacritic 67 and 62 on PS5/XSX

1 : Anonymous2021/11/18 19:40 ID: qwxrvr
Battlefield 2042 Metacritic 67 and 62 on PS5/XSX
2 : Anonymous2021/11/18 20:23 ID: hl5xt4h

I don’t have a horse in this race, but it’d be funny if Vanguard ended up with a higher metascore than BF, after all the doom and gloom about it during the summer and all the hype about BF from the leakers.

ID: hl680q0

Vanguard ended up being in pretty good shape after a bad beta. There’s some minor issues with bad spawns and balancing but it runs really well and is a ton of fun.

ID: hl7sr0b

Also today they are running a free MP on PS5 till November 22nd for Vanguard. Just Downloaded the free MP. Same release time as Battlefield. Pretty smart move on their part.

ID: hl74a98

I’m really enjoying it! I definitely have to try and not get too tilted at some of the ridiculous spawns, but all in all, the maps, weapons, perks and equipment are all well balanced.

ID: hl6agh0

Leaks have been insane for a minute. That we multi verse was having leakers call it cheap and dog shit but as someone that isn’t even a fan of those types of games it looks pretty fun. Vanguard was le dead game and shipped as a really fun cod. Battlefield was looking unbelievable before the beta according to leakers but came out a turd.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/18 20:19 ID: hl5xalv

Yes, the game is in a bad shape, I played it and this game should have been delayed for at least 2-3 months.

But posting the Metacritic scores that are based on 5 critics, the absolute minimum to even get a score, isn't good practice.

ID: hl64uxt

this game should have been delayed for at least 2-3 months

Agreed. They received a ton of negative feedback from the beta test (a lot of it constructive), but instead of pushing it back to fix or restructure certain things, they double-down on terrible design choices and launch without core things, like voice chat.

It feels like the beta test was more of a promotional thing than helping them launch a more polished game.

But posting the Metacritic scores that are based on 5 critics, the absolute minimum to even get a score, isn't good practice.

Agree with this as well. The game is getting a mixed reception, but 5 critics is nothing for a triple-A game.

ID: hl6orlg

without core things, like voice chat

Bro the game doesn’t have a scoreboard. Even Pong had a scoreboard.

ID: hl79t8a

Just goes to show you, developers/publishers are still more fearful about missing that holiday sales window than they are releasing a game that could have used a bit more time in the oven. A shame too, as I think spreading these games out more throughout the spring/summe

would give them more time to shine and a healthier player base that isn’t trying to compete with Call of Duty and Halo, just to name two.

ID: hl6c0hj

Agreed. They received a ton of negative feedback from the beta test (a lot of it constructive), but instead of pushing it back to fix or restructure certain things, they double-down on terrible design choices and launch without core things, like voice chat.

Maddening to see people say "It's just a beta," and then now, "It's a Battlefield game at launch, what do you expect?" Horrible design decisions and a lack of basic features aren't just things we can sweep under the rug. There's something seriously wrong with management at DICE if, year after year, they change, remove, and leave out things people are completely fine with. To see people on that thread the other day claim that disgruntled players were just being whiny was infuriating. I always side with the developer because 90% of people don't know what they're talking about, but this game is embarrassing.

They did make marked improvements from the beta. Quite a few actually. But half of these issues are things that never should have come about and wouldn't have if DICE would be steadily competent. DICE obviously has a philosophical problem in their team leads somewhere.

ID: hl6z5jq

It's crazy they even did this after the entire cyberpunk backlash.

ID: hl71w9f

Long time Battlefield player, have been playing on PC for the past week via EA Play.

Game is in rough shape. Lot of issues

Would recommend people avoid for a few months, wait for patches, and buy when discounted later on

4 : Anonymous2021/11/18 22:28 ID: hl6gh9g

So when does it go on sale? Lol

ID: hl7vt97

I was so hyped about it. Spent a good amount of time in the Beta too but wasnt satisfied. Refunded it and been playing Halo Infinite. If it goes for 50% soon I'll pick it up lol

ID: hl72ozl

I give it a month

ID: hl7bbpp

Bfv needed 1 week to get 50% off if im not mistaken

5 : Anonymous2021/11/19 00:03 ID: hl6tll8

It's such a major step down for the BF series. I've got about 15 hours in it so far, and all I can think when playing it is, how unpolished it is. Maps are empty and flat, gunplay feels like a major regression from what's currently in BFV and gadgets feel unbalanced and in some places overpowered. One match, I watched as six enemy drones circled my team marking everyone for snipers to pick off as soon as stepped out of cover. You have no easy way of knowing you're marked and in danger either.

I went back to BFV and it feels like it was made by a completely different studio. That game also launched in a rough state, but it actually had content. Think I'll continue playing that for a few more months until they sort out this mess.

ID: hl7p9w9

There’s so much shit missing from it. V got such a bad rap but holy shit does it play well. The guns slap, the atmosphere and destruction are perfect and getting knocked on your ass when a buzz bomb drops on an objective is one of the coolest additions I’ve ever seen in a multiplayer game.

All they had to do was reskin BFV and it would’ve been perfect but they fucked that up. Why did they do all this extra work for themselves to make a shittier product?

ID: hl7tg73

Yeah, V started off really messy with all the bugs, but once they cleaned it up, it became a really solid shooter. It still has issues when it comes to the design of some of the maps, but as it is today it feels significantly better to play than 2042.

ID: hl7uc9g

I honestly wished we had a game like BF1 eith a different skin

6 : Anonymous2021/11/18 20:18 ID: hl5x2s2

Yeah, based on 5 reviews.

PC (which is identical to the next gen versions) has a 75 out of 40 reviews, so there is a wider range of opinions.

That being said, the game should not have released in this state.

ID: hl61px6

The PC version is worse than console.

Ps5 the game runs pretty well. It has issues but it's not like 40fps the entire game.

Xbox series x is similar. But because cross play is a system level setting it's not in the game to ask for cross play or turn off so right now the big issue on Xbox is so many people have cross play on that turning it off basically means you can't find a match. So pc users are actually ruining the Xbox version.

PC version has the same issues as console on top of bad optimization. The game struggles for almost every PC setup and sometimes even turning details lower doesn't help much.

ID: hl6vv8o

I’m pretty sure people are confusing bad optimization with being heavy on the CPU. This is by far one of the heaviest CPU games released in a very long time, if you’re not running a relatively decent processor you were going to not have a prayer of hitting high frame rates, or even 60FPS. I have a 5800X+3080Ti, but I am still hitting CPU limits rather than GPU limits, getting. Around 110FPS on average at 1440p Ultra DLSS. I would not call that “struggling”

7 : Anonymous2021/11/19 02:14 ID: hl7al9v

I played all 3 major fps games this year and Halo is by far the best experience I’ve had in a multiplayer fps shooter in a while and unlike cod and bf it’s free. To any ps5 owners with a pc or Xbox, give it a go. It’s great.

ID: hl7g581

It’s free???? Ok I’m getting halo on PC

ID: hl7gbjh

Free my dude. It’s on steam.

ID: hl9ay6s

I'm really enjoying Infinite at the moment, but for some reason I keep coming back to COD instead.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/18 19:48 ID: hl5shlj

Dice deserves lower. In addition, all those youtubers who is a “EA game changer” completely shut their mouth in this current terrible situation of the game.

ID: hl947f6

JackFrags really outed himself as a shill on this one.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/18 21:33 ID: hl68drw

I’ve only experienced a few bugs. I was running on I forget what map but I fell through the map and had to redeploy.

The other bug I’ve experienced is the scope zoom goes away when switching scopes.

The other one is the classes will vanish and I can’t switch between them.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/19 15:33 ID: hl9jgk2

Halo will be ating this up like I thought.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/18 19:50 ID: hl5sskd

Generous! And here people thought no campaign meant that multiplayer was gonna be better LOOOOL. Did no one learn their lesson after Black Ops 4?

ID: hl5wfel

argued with so many people who were happy that there was no campaign as if it’s a good thing they’re charging $70 for that

ID: hl6640x

Most battlefield players don’t care about campaign so it not having one isn’t the issue here

ID: hl8lb3x

Battlefield campaigns are garbage. Letting people play multiplayer games with bots again and adding portal is way better than a campaign

ID: hl8updx

Battlefield campaigns are unnecessary tack-ons.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/18 21:31 ID: hl685c3

It is really rough watching one of your favorite franchises die. It was a hell of a ride from Modern Combat on the PS2 to this. I hope DICE and EA get their shit together and eventually give us another BF3 or 4.

ID: hl6t8hy

This comment isn't aimed at you personally but I just find it funny how so many people have said they wished this game was as good as BF3 and BF4 but I feel like they are comparing end of life BF3 and BF4 to this game at launch instead of doing a launch to launch analysis. This game is in far better shape at launch than 3 or 4 ever were and it took years for BF4 to get to where it is today. EA and Dice have always fucked up BF launches, like I can't remember a single Battlefield launch that hasn't been complete shit and had major push back from the community. I honestly don't know what people were expecting? Me and all of my friends went into this with the idea that launch would be shit and the game would get better with time, like every single other battlefield game has done and we've all been pleasantly surprised by how good this launch has been compared to others.

ID: hl6v9oa

Battlefield 3 and 4 both launched in pretty poor shape technically, absolutely correct. However they were some of the highs of the franchise due to gameplay, map design and ect all being on point despite the technical aspects. Now we have Battlefield 2042 where it doesn't have a solid foundation and shares very little in common with the franchise on the box. That's my complaint.

ID: hl7x7py

Just so you know, while reddit is trying to bury this game, their are thousands like myself who are loving the game. You're seeing what the minority is saying.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/18 20:35 ID: hl5zmpg

I like it.

It does need alot of work.

Especially the UI.

But if they keep giving us new weapons regularly.

And maybe try to change the specialist system a little bit. It will become a very good game.

Portal also just needs cross title weapons and gadgets.

(And also fix the gunplay and bugs)

ID: hl63fp4

Well for a full priced game with ONLY multiplayer, they shouldnt have to "give" us new weapons regularly.

ID: hl641az

Well, they kinda should but really there should have been a lot more options from the start as well

ID: hl6745m

It does need a lot of work.

It will become a very good game.

Translation: wait until this game deserves your money. Paying now for something that may or will be good later is silly. Plus, it'll only get cheaper.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/19 00:08 ID: hl6u7zy

let it cook for a few months, then buy it.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/19 15:57 ID: hl9n1ms

I do think EA need to be raked over the coals for the bugs but mostly because BF 2042 is a really good game. Afew more weeks of development would have made the difference.

Seems the hate mob went a little OTT here. This is a much better game than BF4 enjoyment wise.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/19 07:02 ID: hl86yxc

Halo Infinite is the real winner here. Such a awesome game.

17 : Anonymous2021/11/18 23:45 ID: hl6r789

What happened to DICE? It’s like they’ve been steadily going downhill since Battlefield 4. I’d say blame EA but they have been with EA for long before then.

ID: hl74gji

I thought BF1 held its own, but yea Battlefield 4 was the last out of this world battlefield.

ID: hl744yy

Since bf4? BF1 was massively anticipated and delievered.


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