[HUB] GPU Prices: Getting Worse Yet Again? – November 2021 Update

1 : Anonymous2021/11/19 10:45 ID: qxdnw7
[HUB] GPU Prices: Getting Worse Yet Again? - November 2021 Update
2 : Anonymous2021/11/19 15:49 ID: hl9ltnx

Well, time to join

ID: hl9tmtj

There's nothing wrong with trying to make your current graphics card last as long as possible.

Also if you're running out of new games that will run well on your current hardware then I recommended checking out older games that you have missed or that were released before you got into PC gaming (GOG is the best place to find these games). There's a lot of gems to be discovered.

ID: hlanpiz

Or games that you already own that you bought ages ago in some Steam sale that have been sitting there untouched for ages because of compulsive FOMO game purchasing.

I'm a rookie with rookie numbers (~250 games in my steam library over 18 years or something) and I've been exclusively patient gaming for the last 3+ years and have knocked out like 40 games at most in my library.

Basically anyone on Steam for any amount of time has a huge catalogue of incredible games that they own. Go play them. Help them fullfil their dharma.

ID: hl9ud17

With these prices we're all going to end up there and stay there.

Gee, can't wait for the next generation of cards to come out and being able to pay €300 for a card that's slightly faster than the card that cost me €200 four years ago! Now with not very powerful ray tracing and 8GB of VRAM!the same amount as your current card

What an exciting time to be a gamer.

ID: hlakb9f

I have an RX480 8gb and I feel you real bad 🙁

3 : Anonymous2021/11/19 12:25 ID: hl8wdm8

Just wanted to say:

FUCK mining for ruining PC gaming

ID: hl9nuz8

Imagine getting paid for wasting electricity and video cards.

ID: hl9s4o2

I'll be glad if/when the crypto bubble pops.

ID: hlavnh1

What you are actually getting paid for is participating in the world's largest decentralized money laundering/crime financing/pyramid scheme operation. A purely speculative bubble has to burst eventually , one that's propped up by constant influx of real money following the path of least resistance from drug/weapons/human trafficking ? How long can that last then ?

ID: hl9siyf

I agree, esports streamers suck.

ID: hlaoe6r

Go back and play some of the games in your steam library that were purchased during some random sale that have never even been launched.

If you don't have a library of games yet, wait till the Thanksgiving sale and load up on $5-10 gems and enjoy.

That's the incredible thing about PC gaming, you have a near limitless catalogue of absolutely incredible games to play.

ID: hlbgw65

Spoken like someone who wasn't smart enough to go all in on crypto to earn a living wage off mining.

ID: hl9boxn


ID: hl9rsoe

Steve from HUB literally said on the broken silicon podcast recently that mining is a tiny issue in this. Majority of gpus are sold to gamers. Chip and substrate shortages are a factor and so is covid and shipping problems

But make no mistake. Gaming is mainstream. Gpus are no longer for nerds. People want to game during lock down. And gamers are willing to pay 2x prices to get their fix.

ID: hla6rqt

Steve from HUB literally said on the broken silicon podcast recently that mining is a tiny issue in this.

That's such a load of crap. I think this graph speaks for itself:

Second there's also the part where GPU prices follow the ETH price almost 1:1. Prices are more or less set by how profitable it is to mine

An lastly LHR vs non-LHR prices. If mining was a tiny issue the prices of these would be almost the same but instead LHR cards sell for 70-75% of the non-LHR cards. Geez what a coincidence...

Imagine thinking mining isn't the big issue. Only miners tend to peddle this shit. GPUs literally print money atm. What do you think people are going to do?

ID: hlafqrz

What. Load. Suppliers have flat out said 80% of stock is going to farms in China still….. Lame

ID: hlah59h

Prices are strictly decided by ethereum hashrate atm, take a look at the nosedive prices took during june/july when all cryptos took a dip from China FUD. Prices fell 20% during those weeks and went back up when the cryptos recovered, you need to be completely aloof to think that these are not tightly connected. Gamers have pretty much no influence in this market, not unless the money printing machines stop printing money.

AIBs literally couldn't care less about a gamer that buys 1 GPU every 4-5 years and has certain quality and aftermarket expectations when miners will just buy anything (even without warranty) in bulk for whatever price as long as ROI seems within reach. Manufacturers love them, scalpers love them, miners are the best (and most desperate) customer this market ever had and the rest can go **** themselves. This is the reality we live in.

ID: hl9uvzq

Steve from HUB literally said on the broken silicon podcast recently that mining is a tiny issue in this. Majority of gpus are sold to gamers.

Did he state his sources?

ID: hla5tqz

Oh the all-knowing-Steve. Who cares about what that dude said? It's mining's fault. With the low prices of the cryptocurrencies during july the prices of the GPUs came down. Now it's up.

They're highly linked together.

ID: hl937g5

Won't last long. Bear market/crash will happen in less than 3 months.

ID: hl94a5d

Bro we've been hearing that since the end of 2019... it ain't happening.

ID: hl96576

That bear should hurry up and crash the market

ID: hl9bne8

I've been hearing that for 4+ YEARS

4 : Anonymous2021/11/19 10:56 ID: hl8ol77

Thank god I have a game&watch to wait out this drought

ID: hl8toxl

No Tea/Coffee or a pack of Marlboro?

ID: hl9x70z

You dont powersmoke a Marlboro red while balancing a 5700xt on your nose? You aint living the life

5 : Anonymous2021/11/19 14:10 ID: hl987bl

5700xt for life!

I am just going to back catalogue, this is so beyond stupid. When my first car was cheaper than a gpu... I'll find other hobbies.

ID: hl9gdka

Got a 1080ti at launch… I never would’ve thought it would still be relevant all these years later.

ID: hl9qg9n

Rx580 gang chiming in. Performance/$ of that card at it's original MSRP still somewhat holds up today because of this insanity.

ID: hl9p5bu

Ha best card release ever!

ID: hl9tu50

I got it a couple months after launch, just as the 2017/18 mining boom was taking off. Lower tier cards had already started getting scarce and pricey at that point, so cards like 1060, 1070 or 1080 were already selling for 100-200 € above MSRP, if you were even able to find them in stock. Ironically, that made the 1080 Ti, which was still selling at more or less MSRP, the best price-to-performance card at that particular time. I managed to snag myself one just in time before miners caught on and bought them all up as well.

Four and a half years later and there's still no card available that would give me better performance for less than I paid for the 1080 Ti back then.

ID: hl9la7w

Same, still happy with my Red Devil. I was hesitant to spend $440 on that thing, now I could probably flip it for $100 more. That's just ridiculous.

ID: hla3esr

If you're referring to a 5700xt, you can sell yours on ebay for around $1000 rn

ID: hl9pd5p

Yeah...it won't be good for gaming in the long haul. A lot of variables though.

EDIT: I am referencing high gpu prices

6 : Anonymous2021/11/19 17:25 ID: hla0iue

Can’t wait for the enthusiasts who purchased $900 3060s to do the same and buy $1200 4060s. Little Timmy is going to be so happy when he rushes to NewEgg for the privilege of buying a gpu combo with a literal landmine of a psu at 600x markup.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/19 15:30 ID: hl9j400

I'm not now nor will I ever be in the market for a $600+ GPU. I'm just unable to enjoy gaming that much.

ID: hl9mbfd

? Your signature says 1080ti. Absolute lowest point on them were used right before 20 series launched for 400ish, then shot up after people saw 20 series sucked. Been relatively pricey for a long time.

ID: hl9oxak

EVGA b-stock 1080ti were under 300 in fall of 2020.

Other sellers had refurb units for about the same price.

ID: hl9rhxv

That's when I got mine. I've only ever bought used/refurb/b-stock.

Got my 1080 at a good price too.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/19 17:36 ID: hla25qc

The future:

PC: Rich Streaming: Middle class Console: Middle class Mobile: Poor

Change my mind.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/19 20:59 ID: hlaylh9

Said it many times... fuck them. [redacted] them with a pineapple sculpture made out of metal shavings right up their PR hole. Weather it out people, play older games, play classic games, play board games, play drinking games, hike, camp, explore just learn to enjoy other things. It's a shock, it's sort of a withdrawal, for many people gaming is the primary if not the only driver of social interaction and that is what drives people to finance these rich assholes beyond their means. How can you just... not participate when all your friends are. Well... if they jumped off a cliff... yeah you would i know. For the price of one mediocre GPU you can have a long time of fun in a myriad of hobbies. Or you can just buy an e-reader for $50 and fuck off to Neverland for the rest of your life never giving a single $ to Su and Huang. Instant bliss, liberation, emancipation... your mind is a powerful tool and using it to passively soak up flashy visuals is a terrible waste. Your reading comprehension is likely somewhat less than when you last used it in high school so it may be a bit bumpy but there are thousands upon thousands of hours of content waiting to be discovered. And if you're afflicted with being and extrovert and have to consume your entertainment socially - start a ducking book club. It's good for the soul.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/19 10:46 ID: hl8ntj7
Timestamps: 00:00 - Welcome Back to Hardware Unboxed 01:36 - Will Upcoming GPU Launches Help Pricing? 08:06 - Other Possible Solutions 09:22 - Current Gen GPU Pricing 11:35 - Used GPU Pricing 13:41 - Final Thoughts
11 : Anonymous2021/11/19 14:44 ID: hl9cos6


12 : Anonymous2021/11/19 15:32 ID: hl9jc2e

Apparently, Ethereum is moving towards proof of stake, which means that the hardware quality wpn't be the decider (of course unless you're using something like a 1993 Intel Pentium), so this should help calm prices down. Of course, if anybody knows better or can offer a better explanation than me, feel free to tell me.

ID: hl9mmza

People have been jibber-jabbering about Ethereum moving to PoS for several years now. I'll believe it when it happens. If/when it does happen, miners will just switch to one of the other dozens of coins that are still GPU-mine-able.

ID: hl9mtfh

I didn't realise that PoS has been talked about for several years without any actual progress, thanks!

13 : Anonymous2021/11/19 17:13 ID: hl9yoxg

Honestly, yeah this sucks, but I got to obtain my 6600 XT by selling my 1070 and paying a few bucks more out of pocket. It's a double edged sword for current somewhat modern GPU owners in a way. Your card is either worth the same price when you got it or even more.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/19 11:23 ID: hl8qreb

I never imagine the PC killer can be Nvidia/AMD

ID: hl8v4j3

It is not them. From the data available (a few quarters back), PC sales were up ~18% yoy, with the same dGPU attach rate. That means, AMD and nVidia produced ~18% more dGPUs too. However most of cryptomining is built upon idea of using non-ASIC components- that is gaming GPUs. Every GPU that can mine well (no matter if it is old) has increased in price 2x-3x, due to mining sucking out old and new GPUs from the gaming market. It is mining (actually- allowing investments into cryptos is funding it all) that is killing PC market.

ID: hl8vyap

Yeah and when you tell miners that they are main problem why GPU market is broken they gonna be like : We are tru3 inn0vators WE making this world better schizo cult nothing more.

No matter how much stock we have right now miners will buy everything they even destroyed used GPU market. Thanks miners keep goin all this for easy greed money and nothing more.


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