is the ryzen 7 5800x worth the price

1 : Anonymous2021/11/19 22:28 ID: qxr6rb

I'm thinking about getting the ryzen 7 5800x. But that almost 400 dollar cpu price is pretty high. If anyone has it right now, can you tell me if it was worth it?

2 : Anonymous2021/11/19 22:29 ID: hlbbtwf

I think usage is important to know. If you’re using it purely for gaming there is little to no difference between it and the 5600x. Especially at 1440p and 4K.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/19 23:05 ID: hlbh0hk

Worth it, for me.

5600x is the recommended value/ perf, but, you have to take into consideration, that Ryzen Cores are equal within a margin, so ,having two extra cores, adds some flexibility rather than a lot of FPS

Games: the cores number usage increased, but, the recent 6 cores cpus are just fine. You can say that you are future proofing, buut, you can also replace a 5600x with a higher core proc, at a lower price (maybe used) in the future.

Resolution: at 1440k, the main chock point is the gpu, the cpu is happy. both 5600x and 5800x. If you have a high end card, some, but should not matter really

(My) Overall experience:

- a 5800x will benefit multitasking at this stage. Including multitasking with active games. Although this scenario is not that popular (i do it, having dual screens and playing city builders or turn based games) . Multitasking is buttery smooth for me

- i do keep a lot of stuff in the background, a fair amount of utilities loaded in background

- i play at 1440k with a nvidia 1080ti, i can say that the proc is not stressed at all. I can do it :), some city builders have this ..."capacity" to have many active stuff at the same time. Some limits appear due to frequency, not core usage and or availability.

- i keep it cooled with a 280 aio, but a noctua NH-U14S level of perf. cooler, will keep it under control

5900x - each time somebody will propose a 5800x, a reply with 5900x will appear.

But, they have a point, to an extent, depending on the usage.

- If the unit will be primary a gaming/ media/ entertainment pc, then adding more for a 5900x is not worth it (unless the difference is minimal).

- if you plan to use it for some actual work (computational heavy), yeah, 5900x is nice.

So, yeah, 5600x is good, if you have gaming mainly in mind. Maybe in 3 years you gonna want to replace it; at that time, a 5800x/5900x should be attainable at good prices.

Then again, you may see a good offer during this Black Friday and holiday season, to settle the internal debate 🙂

4 : Anonymous2021/11/19 23:22 ID: hlbjdwm

If you don't have an AM4 motherboard just buy a 12600kf and you'll have better than 5800x performance for less money.

If you do have an AM4 board, buy a 5600x if you're on a budget and do mostly gaming. 5800x if you don't have a tight budget or do productivity work too.

ID: hlbkvnw

Not necessarily. While the 12600 does better in gaming for max fps, every benchmark I've seen shows that the 1% lows are atrocious on 12th gen Intel. I have no doubt they will eventually address that issue, but for now I personally wouldn't get one. I hate those frame dips and hitches while I'm playing.

It's better depending on what is more important to you I suppose.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/19 22:29 ID: hlbbq8x

Compared to?

ID: hlbbv8g

something cheaper like a 5 5600x

ID: hlbclxw

How much cheaper?

6 : Anonymous2021/11/19 23:15 ID: hlbif1m

What are you doing? Just gaming the 5600x is way better option. Performs nearly the same as the 5800x is most titles. If your doing any sort of editing or multicore activity then ya 5800x.

ID: hlbjpls

The caveat I would add is if a person doesn't upgrade very often, the 5800x or 5900x might be a better choice as even games may move past 6 cores over the next few years. Right now 6 cores really is the minimum as 4 cores do seem to perform somewhat worse on a lot of recent games.

ID: hlbk8bj

Ya that is a potential thing. But who know 8 may not be enough either we dont know. Its a guessing game. For years people said 4 isnt going to be enough for the future and that is just now starting to come to light with some titles.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/19 23:21 ID: hlbjcjx

Depends on what you need it for.Price/Performance the 5600x is king.I would say buy the 5600X and if you need more horse power upgrade to the new Zen 3 3DV cache later.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/19 23:25 ID: hlbjt6k

What price? Also compared to what alternative and at what price?

9 : Anonymous2021/11/19 22:30 ID: hlbbxt0

Not really, the 5600x is better value and the 5900x is better performance


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