Expected performance of RDNA 2 cards for machine learning

1 : Anonymous2021/11/23 13:21 ID: r0d3wb

I'm looking for a computer upgrade and also getting into machine learning with Pytorch, is it a good idea to get an AMD card? Apparently ROCm support is coming soon™️. What kind of performance can we expect, given the lack of tensor cores? RX 6800 = RTX 3060 at least? Can any Radeon VII owners comment on this?

2 : Anonymous2021/11/23 13:51 ID: hlrmju5

See this

ID: hlro5i8

Hold on I'm confused now, I thought these cards weren't supported yet by ROCm? At least according to the GitHub page

ID: hlrqqez

The cards are supported by the code, but there are some bugs in the code that prevent AMD from offering official support in the current release. That said, I haven't run into any of those during my testing.

ID: hlrpg4g

TF works for me, Pytorch not yet. Just install ROCm as instructed on the website and then use pip to install `tensorflow-rocm'

ID: hlrvruz

RDNA 2 cards are officially supported by latest ROCm version... also i recommend win11 or linux for using it

3 : Anonymous2021/11/23 18:30 ID: hlsr3so

It's good to see progress with ROCm on RDNA 2. As for Pytorch, I documented my struggles in this article:

In the end, I actually gave up. For some things still, CUDA is simply a requirement. But I'm glad to see that landscape change slowly into something that is less prone to vendor lock-in.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/23 13:50 ID: hlrmhnc

I did a few benchmarks with Tensorflow, and my 6800 was somewhere around a Titan V for training. Inference is something I haven't tried yet.

ID: hlrmvfh

Is it DirectML or PlaidML?

ID: hlrqhp4

Raw tensorflow-rocm.

I did find some benchmarks for Tensorflow-DirectML from January, which was months before the recent massive performance improvements.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/23 17:31 ID: hlshx80

Without going into much details (NDA's in play) expect good things today and even better tomorrow.

While CUDA driven ML is still top shelf performance for MANY things, its not that way for all things. RDNA1, RDNA2, and the upcoming RDNA3 have been absolute game changers in these regards and its a very safe investment today.

At home I run a pair of RX6700XT's (Time slicing) instead of going for a single 6900XT, and the performance translates well from my datacenter options(Both AMD and Nvidia).

ID: hlsmyqg

Was just about to buy a G15 advantage edition, good to know!

ID: hlsoor3

Eh, dont. Stay far far away from that model. Instead look at other OEMs. Look at my posting history if you want to know why.

ID: hlszgkv

what time zone is today ?

6 : Anonymous2021/11/23 19:19 ID: hlsyj5w

Is it possible to use DirectML at present ? I have seen that it's already available. If that's the case, it would be a better choice compared to ROCm. We faced some difficulties figuring things out in the ROCm for DGAN. Please tell me if anyone has done anything using it. That would be great for those with AMD GPUs who wish for writing the codes without CUDA.

ID: hltmmjm

When did you try that? There have been a lot of improvements in ROCm(-support) over the past year, so it may have improved quite a lot. That said, RDNA support is not yet finished, so there may be issues.

DirectML is just a DX12 library that has been available since 2019. Tensorflow-DirectML has been available since last year, but had massive improvements in performance on AMD cards last month. Link


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