Gamers Nexus: Best CPUs of 2021 (Gaming, Workstation, Budget, & Disappointment)

1 : Anonymous2021/11/26 04:31 ID: r2etlz
Gamers Nexus: Best CPUs of 2021 (Gaming, Workstation, Budget, & Disappointment)
2 : Anonymous2021/11/26 09:19 ID: hm4z1f2

It's awesome to have competition in the CPU space again, I just hope that it starts bringing prices down again.

ID: hm5ehid

Price of 5800x has already come down, good sign hopefully of things to come

ID: hm5dmls

They see how it is with GPUs, I doubt prices will ever fall down, though I have my hopes ofc.

ID: hm5qolk

Pray to the Crypto Gods no crypto currency minable with CPU gets hipped

ID: hm6zvxz

There are a few, but they don't perform well on Intel CPUs due to the much smaller L3 cache size.

ID: hm5shnq

Not in my place, 5800x sky rocketed again because of rtm coin

ID: hm7mgln

The only reason Intel exists is to make AMD more affordable. I'd never actually ever buy Intel; terrible products from a terrible corporation.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/26 05:54 ID: hm4ik88

Hopefully AM4/AM5 next CPU blows intel out of the water.

ID: hm4zyde

Hopefully ...


What everyone actually wants is a healthy competition between vendors. Despite AMD fans being all over Intel when the Ryzen 5000 series launched, the pricing AMD set for the CPUs was atrocious and reeking of a monopoly. As soon as Intel became competitive, all Ryzen 5000 CPUs suddenly became cheaper and what they should have been sold at from the beginning had Intel had strong products at the time.

ID: hm509kt

Agreed, my wording initially was poor. I’m not exactly rooting for team red in this case. It’s more like chess. Intel has played their move. Now it’s AMD’s turn.

ID: hm52i6i

sToP cOmPLaiNiNg aNd jUsT wAiT a FeW mOnThs fOr $200 5600 NoN-X

whats even more annoying were those people insisting we should compare 5600x to 3600x so it’s only $50 increase! Yeah, sure buddy

ID: hm5ang7

There is a pattern here for AMD that has always concerned me. It has done the same thing in GPUs too, rather than competing with the price of what will be the next generation and keeping $/mm silicon roughly the same it just charges more for the faster product, breaking the entire point of Moore's law. It has over the last 10 years or so nudged the price of GPUs up to insane prices and is now doing the same to CPUs.

AMD seems to always go first on this when it has a winning product and its annoying, they weren't always like this either the Athlon was just a better product at competitive pricing.

ID: hm5dqfn

As soon as Intel became competitive, all Ryzen 5000 CPUs suddenly became cheaper and what they should have been sold at from the beginning had Intel had strong products at the time.

Just like Nvidia did last year with the 3000-series (at least official pricing) when AMD's 6000-series launched.

ID: hm7mq60

As soon as Intel became competitive, all Ryzen 5000 CPUs suddenly became cheaper

Not all of them. I'm quite happy with my €300 5800X but honestly just wanted a 5600(X) for a reasonable price. But it's currently still like €275 so it makes no sense.

ID: hm4ljf9


ID: hm4logu

I love competition, but I really like efficiency. Unfortunately intel never really looks at that (they did once upon a time) . Hence why ARM and AMD has been interesting to watch as of late

ID: hm4u5pc

I do! Come to papa cheaper intel or amd!

ID: hm7mjsu

Same. Really hoping AMD kills Intel so hard they leave the consumer industry. They've been a disease for decades.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/26 14:00 ID: hm5l2zi

Alder lake would have been decent if not for crazy board prices (and nonexistant ddr5 although it matters less as ddr4 can also be used)

5 : Anonymous2021/11/26 13:09 ID: hm5fztn

After decades of time purely with intel, I started my AMD journey with a 3600, upgraded recently to a 5600x, all using the same motherboard.

Would take something spesh from intel to win me back over. They got lazy.

ID: hm701u8

Would take something spesh from intel to win me back over. They got lazy.

As a owner of a Ryzen 5 3600 as well looking for upgrade, the i5 12600K seriously reconsidered me because of how insanely good value it is compared to 5600X - 5800X. The only way that i am going to go with Ryzen again is a huge discount, like the 5600X under $200 or 5800X under $300.

And i know.. I know.. The 5800X was on sale at that price on microcenter, thing is i don't live at US. And i have no microcenter or equivalent nearby my place.

So, i don't consider it as a option at all..

ID: hm71ifg

What could you possibly be needing to upgrade your CPU for, at the moment?

With your current system, what does the 3600 not do, that's worth spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on a new CPU + MOBO?

6 : Anonymous2021/11/26 09:29 ID: hm4zrcb

I'd say "hopefully AMD stop bilking us like they're Intel now" but we all know that's not going to happen with this permanent "shortage" that will not end until it's no longer profitable to constantly be short on everything.

ID: hm53hkk

Am I understanding this right - you think the shortage is not real?

ID: hm544g1

You'd be surprised how many people on reddit want to believe amd and nvidia have warehouses full of chips to stick it to the little man. And accumulate massive inventory costs and fuck over their financials at the same time.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/26 17:11 ID: hm693j0

I just bought a 5600x and I'm really happy with it but at $300 I wanted to buy a 12600k and get 4 extra cores however the cheapest motherboard for it is $220 so in reality Intel 12th gen is $120 more than the AMD alternative.

ID: hm72g43

You are comparing the wrong SKU's though.

12600k(f) competes with the 5800x.

The unreleased 12400(f) (in January) competes with the 5600x, that should be between $160-190 MSRP.

And Z690 competes with x570. At CES we will get B660 which competes with AMD's B550.

Price to performance Intel does come out ahead. Though its not by huge amounts.

ID: hm7nm3h

At CES we will get B660 which competes with AMD's B550.

This is mainly what is needed to make it compelling. Z690 may have nice features and compete with X570 but it's still expensive. €200-300 board makes no sense on a gaming build, which is what most people are looking for.

At least there still was B450 while AMD neglected to release B550. Even though AMD tried to kill it off early.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/26 07:32 ID: hm4qwa0

Would still rather have a 5600X over a trash 12600K.

Much more power efficient. No wasted die space, powe

, and cost on useless E cores. Gives roughly the same performance in gaming for lower cost (especially if prices drops continue).

ID: hm4ypsn

It's workstation performance is similar to the 5800x and it's power consumption for workload tasks is slightly lower than the 5800x. For gaming it's between the 5600x and 5800x in performance and again in power draw.

This is another case of someone looking at the power draw of the halo product and assuming it applies everywhere else too.


ID: hm4zsey

Then you should rather have a 11400 over a "trash" 5600X. No power, no heat, similar gaming performance and a lot cheaper.

ID: hm4zu3z

Not true. Quoting the techspot article that


"[discussion about power consumption] Well, with the 12600K it’s no concern at all as the 12600K pushed total system usage 46% higher than the 5600X, but it also delivered 44% more performance, so in terms of efficiency they’re about the same."

Either you are intentionally lying or you just do not understand computers.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/26 13:06 ID: hm5fqrx


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10 : Anonymous2021/11/26 18:35 ID: hm6khnh

AMD doesnt need 3D cache or price drops. They need 10-12 core R5 parts. The possibility of that happening is virtually zero tho. Even with ZEN4. Most of the people here, in forums, on youtube keep focusing on R9 vs i9 but the long term problem for AMD is going to be the mid to low segment not the high end that rarely anyone buys anyway.


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