Saber Explains What Happened to Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered Multiplayer

1 : Anonymous2021/11/25 19:18 ID: r244iq
Saber Explains What Happened to Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered Multiplayer
2 : Anonymous2021/11/25 22:36 ID: hm35wrc

I remember playing on the servers about 10 years after the game came out and people were still playing it. It's a shame they basically gave up.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/25 20:05 ID: hm2mj90

Tim Willits is a little weasel used car salesman.

ID: hm2uzga

TL;DR: Saber Interactive is a fucking dog shit developer

ID: hm2y81e

Didn't they do the ports for Crysis and Witcher 3?

I thought they were a top tier dev for Switch ports

ID: hm4en2w

Why is that? They have done quite a lot of good ports and remasters. And world war z was fun.

ID: hm64odd

What? They did the top-tier Switch ports for Crysis and Witcher 3, they made World War Z, Timeshift, and Snowrunner.

How in the flying fuck can you call them dog shit developers?

4 : Anonymous2021/11/25 22:12 ID: hm32z76

Lesson to learn is that if a company says “we will add mp after launch” to market the game, assume it’s not happening. If it’s not there day one don’t believe what they say pre launch as they can just not do what they said (as evidenced here).

ID: hm34ai2

Reminds me of Anno 1503 a Lan Mode was planned and even advertised on the Box of the Game but never added and that was a loooong time ago.

ID: hm41fuf

Why don't believe it? Mighty Number 9 gets a Vita and 3DS version soon, I am sure....

ID: hm44oev

I’d like to introduce exhibit Godfall into evidence — it’s been more than a year since it launched (with the ability to play multiplayer, but with no matchmaking — correction: they finally added a beta for matchmaking 3 months ago). They’ve added an expansion in the meantime but for some reason, I guess it wasn’t a priority to make it possible to play the game with people that you don’t know that also bought a PS5 and a copy of Godfall. Which is a bit of a disappointment from Gearbox, the studio that released multiple Borderlands games and then re-released those same games in multiple formats, and on multiple platforms, and sort of saw matchmaking as the thing keeping their games alive all those years.

This should come as no great shock to anyone, but I have yet to play Godfall with another player. And as it’s the kind of game that would definitely be more fun with a friend so I pay less attention to some of it’s more generic elements, it’s just been gathering dust for a year now in my backlog. The few hours that I played weren’t even as terrible as the internet made it out to be — if nothing else, the haptic feedback got me really excited for God of War 2 based on the sensation of throwing a shield out and having it impact targets and come back, or the swing of an axe.

Edit — /

pointed out in a comment below that they introduced a matchmaking beta in August, for anyone like myself that was under the impression they still hadn’t added it. Not sure when it comes out of beta or what limitations that might add, but it’s better than nothing and I appreciate their superior googling skills as I didn’t find anything about it.

ID: hm3pcv3

Isnt that sort of what happened with last of us 2. Not complaining I’m very satisfied with what we got but still it would have been nice

ID: hm3rdof

Naughty Dog is working on the second iteration of Factions. It will not be tacked onto Part II and will instead be its own game but still uses the part 2 engine and graphics and animations and such. This is why it's not out yet, its more ambitious then a last minute multiplayer.

ID: hm37y01

I mean ghosts of tsushima would like a word but I know what you mean.

ID: hm3kmfa

They never said that pre-release, though. It was a complete surprise when they announced the multiplayer.

ID: hm6wf17

Still my biggest issue with DREAMS. Such a promising game about community and working together that avoids the topic entirely these days.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/26 01:59 ID: hm3tkw1

Didn't two different teams handle the single player and multiplayer on the original?

ID: hm4wg06

Shhhh, stop being reasonable

6 : Anonymous2021/11/26 01:26 ID: hm3prsu

Forgive me, I'm not all that familiar with Tim Willits/Saber Interactive, but I must ask - why the strong responses here towards this explanation?

To play Devil's Advocate a bit, it sounds like what had happened was that Saber Interactive wanted to include the multiplayer but was having difficulties with the game code and weren't able to include it at launch. Then, after presumably continuing to fight with the game code after launch, they decided that they just wouldn't be able to get it working.

I can believe that explanation, it sounds like they gave it an honest attempt. But, as I mentioned, I am not all that familiar with Saber or Tim Willits -- is this just a case of extreme disappointment from fans, or is there something more to this? Such as a history of promising features for the sake of sales just to never deliver?

ID: hm4weam

People often have strong biased unreasonable reactions to things they don't want to hear.

Honestly, I was glad the multiplayer wasn't included. It meant I was actually able to get the platinum because fuck multiplayer trophies.

ID: hm50krz

Says guy biased against multiplayer? KekW may as well throw your comment in the trash, it’s worthless.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/26 00:43 ID: hm3kw2j

It's a damn shame that these weasels did the remaster because the online portion of the original release is my favorite multiplayer ever. I love that it was entirely cooperative and rewarded good teamwork over everything. There needs to be more multiplayer like this.


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