AMD Grenada PRO (R9 390)

1 : Anonymous2021/11/28 09:15 ID: r40bpo
AMD Grenada PRO (R9 390)
2 : Anonymous2021/11/28 09:26 ID: hmdsu6i

Holy wide memory bus

ID: hme05ct

No delta compression. But a nice older compute card if you need bandwidth. I would go so far and say one of the best aged cards! (290 - 390)

ID: hme9i85

The 290 is really one of the best cards I've come across. Bought a used one about 2 years ago and it still plays games at 1080p like a charm.

ID: hmet1gk

Brother still rocks an r9 390x with his 5600x rig. Literally completely cranked vanguard at 1080p at 80+ fps.

ID: hmeh7zy

Im using one now and it works well. I can play rust 2k on a mix of medium settings and fluxuate between 45-65 fps

ID: hmeeyee

1216 GDDR5 chips, 384 GB/s in 2015.

Before the rise of Bitcoin when we had the golden era of PC components and the cost to material ratio of GPUs was very low, now it's higher than ever before.

ID: hmetwig

In 2013 even. 290 had the same layout

ID: hmenrq6


ID: hmi5tqu

Same bandwidth as a 6700xt... its pretty amazing how much bandwidth efficiency has gone up due to better cache utilization and larger caches.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/28 14:06 ID: hmegd2l

My first AMD card. Sold it to buy a Vega 56. I should have kept it for posterity.

ID: hmezuux

I'll sell you one cheap...

ID: hmfh7wy

PM me some details.

ID: hmisquu

I did the same with my 290x, sold it for £90 to a friend, got a Vega 56 Pulse for £190. £100 out of pocket for the upgrade - worth.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/28 15:49 ID: hmet0ug

Still using mine, fans died a couple years ago so I zip tied 2 Noctua case fans and it's been running cooler than ever.

Given I live in Chile I can't upgrade often (prices here are insane and importing means paying 200+ dollars on top of the price) so I wait for a good price performance uplift. 400 and 500 series were not worth it, Vega was overpriced, 5000 had tons of driver issues for months, finally was going to get a 3060 Ti but well... COVID + mining happened. Now it'll have to last me, dunno, 2 more years or so hahaha. Hope it manages to hang in there.

This one also had months of horrendous drivers on release to the point I regretted getting the card (which is why I avoided the 5000 series, was not keen on going through the same crap again) but after that it has been an absolutely solid card. And everytime I've changed CPU it has given me more and more performance. I think now with Monster Hunter World and Forza Horizon 5, is the first time I feel it's showing its age.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/28 13:42 ID: hmedtbb

Still a great card surprisingly

6 : Anonymous2021/11/28 21:45 ID: hmg9lsi

Still pushing my MSI R9 390 with 2 monitors at 1440p. The 8GB VRAM has been a god send in newer titles. Feeling smug since all my mates with 970s have had them die or been made obcelete due to the 3.5GB VRAM.

ID: hmh65q2

Same. I upgraded to a vega 56 though, since it started getting slow in newer games, and I wanted to get over 100 FPS on my 144hz monitor. The powercolor vega 56 is just as good, with the mini pcb, lower power consumption than v64, and HBCC support. I'm planning on keeping it until prices come down.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/28 13:21 ID: hmebn79

Can you link to a teardown guide? I need to repaste my 390 and get it back in action.

ID: hmesc05

YouTube is your friend.

ID: hmetu04

not without a dislike counter.

ID: hmhl7ik

You don’t really need teardowns for these things since they have not that many screws so you can just take off all the screws you see until stuff starts coming apart.

ID: hmefp2f

If You need a guide to repaste a Graphics card's chip, better not touch it.
Edit: If You're afraid to repaste a Graphics card's chip, better not touch it.
Yes, sometimes people make mistakes and type differently from their thoughts.

ID: hmei4pu

This is not only stupid, it denigrates the entire hobby.

With your advice, we should nuke every ifixit guide, every repair guide, every guide and howto on the internet. Then we should nuke github - if you need help programming you shouldn't program, and then get rid of Linux altogether.

ID: hmeh1ak

I've been disassembling PCs and building my own for over 20 years. Repairing iPhones for over 6 years. I've got an ROG 3080 I need to repaste and re-pad. You're an ass to suggest that looking at a guide, where others have made mistakes and later discovered the proper pad size and the easiest way to unscrew bulky heatsinks is for amateur's.

ID: hmfcwf1

In any technical practice, it’s good form to consult the manual/guides regularly and often. Especially when you think you know. The guys who memorize everything and get boastful/too cocky never last, they always fuck up something big time.

ID: hmegg47


8 : Anonymous2021/11/28 16:28 ID: hmeyet7

Don't forget to use the NimeZ modded drivers for this card, can make a huge difference according to people in the comments, mainly so with games made after the current offical driver given by AMD.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/28 09:16 ID: hmds3f9


10 : Anonymous2021/11/28 10:23 ID: hmdx5mm

Still works? If so keep it

11 : Anonymous2021/11/28 15:11 ID: hmeo0j7

Bought one of these in 2015 for Fallout 4. It was an okay card but it wasn’t much different from the 200 series, which in turn was basically the same as the high end 7900 series. Just way more VRAM. GTX 1000 came out the next year and blew it away but it gave me a wonderful Fallout 4 experience!

ID: hmf3p3t

Ah yes, I remember the collective disappointment of AMD's perpetual rebadging from the 7xxx to the 2xx to the 3xx.

Only new chips through those three series was Hawaii, Tonga, and Fury. Was impressive that AMD managed to remain competitive at all through the Bulldozer years.

ID: hmghf9q

Just made me happy that I bought a 7970 when they first came out. Used it all the way up to a 2080 Super. Still a decent card, if nothing else.

ID: hmguw12

Hawaii wasn’t the same as Tahiti, gcn 1.1 vs 1.0. The rebranded 7xxx cards on the 3xx series was the 370. pascal came out but the 390 still held pretty well pound for pound. The 1060 6gb was in the same price bracket, and only marginally faster, although hugely more efficient.

ID: hmgwkdx

Fair enough, I was misremembering. I got a GTX 1080 that gen and it felt like a big upgrade but I guess it was about $700 CAD compared to about $500 for the 390 if I recall.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/28 15:00 ID: hmemmlk

Loved my R9 390, XFX sent me one out to replace my dead 280. (Which I promptly sold for $600 during that first mining boom)

Funny to think I had more VRAM on this and my 580 than my current card.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/28 16:04 ID: hmeuz60

I still have my R9 390 (upgraded to a Vega 56 two and a half years ago). Quite powerful, but also a freaking oven, easily reaching 80ºC - 90ºC when playing demanding titles.

ID: hmf8ouw

Was yours a blower style card? My 290x has a triple fan cooler which keeps temps in check

ID: hmfllhf

Nope, it was a MSI double fan model. Literally I wasn't able to play certain games during summer (it gets quite hot here) due to the high temps it reached.

I even remember manufacturer note stating its operative temp limit was 95ºC.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/28 19:23 ID: hmfo7sf

I remember buying a open box 290, and gosh was that thing such a monster, I think it was the Asus version? It was so loud though it sounded like a bus in my computer lol I had to return it and got a 380

ID: hmhmja6

Yeah, I used a PowerColor reference 290x from release until 2018 or so, I got nearly 5 years out of that little monster. I put it under water for it's last 3 years, never skipped a beat. Went V56, still have that, replaced it in 2019 with a Radeon VII. Sold it when 6900xt launched and fell back on V56 until I could get the 6900xt (took 7 months, got lucky and snagged one on AMD store literally one drop before the new bot-queue system).

That 290x was my first top end card purchase. Everything since 2003 I've built has been mid or uoper-mid range GPU powered, and the 290x changed that. It'll always be a special little dude to me.


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