Potentially going team red

1 : Anonymous2021/11/29 04:06 ID: r4n06x

Currently have an rtx 2080. Looking to future proof my system more. I play in 1440p. Have been trying to decide between the 3080 or 6800xt. Do you like your 6800xt? Any thoughts on the 6800xt? Which aib would you reccomend? Cheers!

2 : Anonymous2021/11/29 07:54 ID: hmibc4k

Honestly, skip this gen. Prices are bloated/scalped and stock levels are insanely low. The next gen will be announced or come out in another year or two anyway, and the RTX 2080 isn't a bad card right now to begin with, especially for 1440p.

If you must buy a card, then go with AMD, but only because it's easier to buy one and not because it's necessarily better or worse. You'll just stress yourself out over stock levels if you constantly chase after the unicorn that is Nvidia and will never reach a decision.

But in terms of an actual practical assessment: AMD and Nvidia basically trade blows, but AMD is behind in terms of raytracing. Whether or not RTX matters to you is up to you to decide, but since you already have an RTX 2080, you probably have an idea for whether or not you like RTX. If it's not a big deal, just go with whatever you can get your hands on and is cheaper.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/29 08:01 ID: hmibuf3

I've been in a similar spot before. Had a dying 2070 and had the chance to use a friends 3070 temporarily until I could get my hands on a 3080. The reason for me was 1440p 144hz and 4k gaming on the tv but alas I never had luck with the 3080. Got a good deal on a 6900XT instead and went with that.

Absolute zero regrets. I know you're looking at a 6800XT but I'd expect them to be very similar on that resolution. Like others have said you won't get to enjoy RT and DLSS and potentially have to settle with FreeSync instead of GSync (both are fine, really) but other than that these cards are absolute beasts. Stable drivers, pure rasterization monsters and good oc headroom. Having access to 16GB of VRam is also some nice peace of mind. If that ticks your boxes then by all means go for it. On a side note mine is from XFX and while being an absolute massive brick of a gpu, it is both silent and cool. Overclocked to 2,6GHz just fine aswell and doesn't even break a sweat on most games I've thrown at it.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/29 10:57 ID: hmioajn

Buying into probably the worst GPU market of all time to "future proof" your system is very silly.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/29 11:25 ID: hmiqd31

Next gen GPUs are leaked to be 2x faster than the 3090/6900xt, so keep that in mind.

The 3090/6900xt would be mid-tier by next gen.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/29 13:44 ID: hmj3ci1

I had a 5700XT and went to 6800XT and was nearly double the performance. If you can find a card at a price you can live with and it doesn't break you I would buy it. The wait for the next gen is a pipe dream. This is the world from at least a few more years. Get use to paper launches and low supply at least until 2023 maybe 2024. The CEOs have said this so be it actually limited quantities or artificial supply shortages high prices are here to stay.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/29 11:14 ID: hmipkm3

6800XT is hell of a card, you will enjoy it like I do mine

8 : Anonymous2021/11/29 14:52 ID: hmjbejv

Wait for next gen RDNA3

If you play at 1440p please don't buy any card with less than 12GB

9 : Anonymous2021/11/29 16:47 ID: hmjrenb

They are both on par with each other depending on the title. The 6800xt will have more vram, so its technically more "future proof".

The 6800xt tends to have a lower mark up vs the 3080, so that should be taken into consideration too.

Its reallllllyyyy a pain in the butt wanting to upgrade to a GPU right now. These GPU's have been out for about a year now, and their replacements are right on the horizon. Normally this wouldnt be an issue @ MSRP or even on sale. But, these GPUs are still 2-3x their MSRP. It would feel extremely bad to upgrade for $1.5k then have their replacements come out in a little bit.

Id just stick with the 2080. Those cards OC well, you should be able to push out competitive frames at 1440p with that GPU still.

I went from a 2060 Super to a 3070. The difference was pretty big, but i got the 3070 at MSRP. Had it been marked up like it is today, id probably not have upgraded.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/29 19:13 ID: hmkd842

I've had a Strix LC 6800 XT for exactly a year now and my experience has been fantastic. It's a 1440p rasterizing beast and a solid 4K card as well although I game at 1440p personally and if you land a decent silicon the overclocking potential satisfies the enthusiast itch. There is performance to be gained. Ray tracing performance isn't as good as Ampere but it's not too bad. Here's a video I made testing out ray tracing on and off on Guardians of the Galaxy with my build for reference

As for the different AIB models, honestly from all I know about the different models is that as far as Navi 21 gpu's go they are all really good. I haven't heard anything bad about any of them.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/29 05:46 ID: hmi0du8

The 6800 XT is more future and even present proof when it comes to 4K, otherwise both cards are more or less equal, aside from RT performance. But I wouldn't buy a expensive high end card with just 10 GB vram in nearly 2022. 6800 XT easily wins this in my eyes, RT isnt nearly important enough, and so isn't DLSS.

For 6800 XT I would recommend Sapphire Nitro, Red Devil, Strix, Merc or Qick319.

ID: hmif3by

Doesn't the 3080 outperform the 6800xt at 4k, how is the 6800xt present proof if it already performs worse at that resolution?

ID: hmifc96

"Outperform" by a few percent, then slower in some other games, barely any vram left and chokes in 4K Doom if you activate everything. For a new card that's pretty bad, for 700-800$ it's acceptable for 1300+ it's not. You really wanna risk that 10 GB vram buffer that is less than 1080 Ti's 11 GB from 2017, compared to 16 GB on 6800 XT in end of 2021? Also you can get another 10% extra on top and even faster card if you spend a little more and buy the 6900 XT instead. 3080 Ti and 3090 are both extremely overpriced and not even competitive anymore price wise.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/29 05:11 ID: hmhwwx1

Next gen... regardless of price I don't see anything in this gen that makes me think it would be worth draining my loop for the 1440p performance bump over my 2080 Ti for free... let alone at current market pricing

13 : Anonymous2021/11/29 04:13 ID: hmhqab3

Keep in mind the features you would be losing if you went AMD. No DLSS and no nvidia reflex or gsync. Not saying don’t go AMD for gpu but it’s something to consider. If the above features don’t mean anything to you then go for AMD. But if some of said features are important go nvidia.

Another thing to keep in mind if your future proofing is raytracing. AMD is….very below average in the raytracing department. While nvidia has optimized it and already on second gen RT graphics card. If you play single player games and want the best look I would choose nvidia.

As far as AIB I’d say one that is in stock and can buy.

ID: hmiacyj

What about AMD FSR and AMD Freesync?

ID: hmidg0k

FSR and Freesync are vendor-agnostic, they can and do indeed work on both amd and nvidia gpus.

ID: hmhqss0

I understand, I’ve been trying to find a 3080 since launch. Never had any luck and sure as hell am not buying one for the crazy price scalpers are asking. 6800xt in my area usually go for 1200-1400, 6900xt go for ~1500. Just not sure what to do. I do like the OC potential the AMD cards have, I don’t really use dlss or ray tracing in the games I currently play, although I’m sure in the future, more games will have it.

ID: hmhufjx

IMO its probably not worth upgrading from a 2080 to a 6800xt for $1200+. It's your money and there is a good improvement to be made, but the 2080 should be doing 1440p 100FPS on average, so its no slouch, in esports titles youll be hitting above 144fps so plenty for esports, and other games still in the 100 FPS range.

At MSRP, yeah id say go for it, but at these insane times, the 2080 is more than enough.

ID: hmijgfe

I was in your situation except I was on an ultrawide so I felt the need to upgrade if I was still gaming at 1440p I wouldn't have upgraded at all but I went with the 6800 xt mostly because it was what's available and while I do like my gpu I kind of regret it since if I had waited about 6 months more I could've payed $100-$200 more at my local microcenter for a 6900xt. In my opinion if you're dead set on buying a gpu I'd go with the 6900 xt it's probably the best choice for you, also don't even bother trying to get a 3080 by the time you get one, there will already be a 4080 it's just not worth the stress

ID: hmixc5z

Those are more reasonable prices on the 6800xt. However, next gen is coming end of this year. And your current card is fine for 1440p.

I'm currently on a 1080 ti not for of lack of money but because I just can't accept the scalped prices. The only thing that caught my eye once was a decently priced liquid cooled 6900xt I saw once.

ID: hmi21g3

At that point just buy a 3090

ID: hmidd65

At similar prices I’d choose the 3080, it does more things and performs comparably. On side note though how future is future? In 2 years future I’d bet current RT performance will not be meaningful, we’re in the early stages and gen to gen gains will be significant enough to push previous gens into oblivion

14 : Anonymous2021/11/29 11:20 ID: hmiq1l2

They’re more or less equal. I got 3080, friend has got 6800xt, purely because of poor availability.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/29 16:25 ID: hmjo69n

Either or will last you 3 years so it’s a matter of preference. You will be paying way over MSRP for either though thanks to cryptominers. The 6800XT is easier to find (see them all the time at Microcenter) and usually $700-1000 cheaper than the 3080 because its mining performance sucks in comparison.

If you want to skip this generation like the other guy said, you will probably be waiting into 2022-2023 for normal priced GPUs. Also RDNA3/Lovelace is rumored to come out Q4 2022

16 : Anonymous2021/11/29 19:16 ID: hmkdoga

I'd get either a 6800XT or 3080 depending on which is in stock at RRP, if you can't then just keep the 2080, was running a 1070 myself until I finally got a 3080 after a year of waiting.

17 : Anonymous2021/11/29 19:33 ID: hmkg9mw

The prices this Gen is cancer, but if you most then grab the cheaper.

18 : Anonymous2021/11/29 20:56 ID: hmksk38

Love my 6800xt! Highly recommend

19 : Anonymous2021/11/29 04:12 ID: hmhq2fq

rtx can really help game at higher rates on 1440. i run a super wide 38” and turning off rtx (what i would have essentially with a team red card) usually shows a very noticeable loss.

ID: hmhqfpo

Do you mean dlss? Rtx doesn't do what you are saying it does. Rtx lowers framerates significantly lol.

ID: hmin5x1

I think the confusion comes from DLSS and RT being packaged under the RTX brand. People also confuse RT with RTX. RTX is just a marketing brand, it doesn't mean raytracing.

ID: hmhr7xz

ya that thing. derp.


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