Queue today?

1 : Anonymous2021/12/02 14:50 ID: r793do

You guys think they'll do the usual queue even though they did one for cyber monday?

2 : Anonymous2021/12/02 14:53 ID: hmxqygl

They did one on Monday? I had absolutely no idea.

ID: hmxrp3c

This shit is insane. Why don't they just use their twitter or atleast something to notify us, are we expected to check their website every second?

ID: hmxvgi4

NewEgg sends me emails every day. They should rename their shuffle to the Gigabyte Clearance sale.....

ID: hmxrdw3

yeah i stayed up late the night before bc my cousin was leaving town the next day and I said "I bet amd does a queue for cyber monday" then when I woke up I saw that I missed it.

ID: hmz53sp

You wouldn’t have scored unless you’re using bots. The AMD queue is totally flooded, getting a sub 3 min wait time (which is required) is like getting a winning lotto ticket

ID: hmxrkes

then when I woke up I saw that I missed it.

What exactly did you see to know that you missed it?

ID: hmxrh2o

they didn't

ID: hmxy2it

They did have one Monday. It was closer to noon if I remember correctly. Also, if anybody wants alerts, join the stockdrops discord and they will notify you if you sign up for the AMD queue notification.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/02 15:06 ID: hmxsunj

Chat opened. I asked about the queue for today...

ID: hmxu5e7

did you get an answer?

ID: hmxu9p5

The window closed right after I sent my question and has not opened since...

4 : Anonymous2021/12/02 14:57 ID: hmxrj4q

Looks like no queue today... back to guessing what day they do a drop then.

ID: hmxtcwu

The queue is normally every Thursday.

ID: hmxtrkl

Yh except this one and last one, very consistent I love it

5 : Anonymous2021/12/02 19:16 ID: hmyv6yb

I just talked to support and no drop today because cyber Monday. Check in before 10am est every Thursday

6 : Anonymous2021/12/02 16:04 ID: hmy162c

Honestly I do not know why these websites don't use their twitter accounts to give us a heads up for their restocks, instead they just let bots take them all.

ID: hmy1t4e

It would be really nice to actually have some sort of official announcement. Or even better a lottery system of or something. Seems like they don't care enough to do it though.

ID: hmy2g6f

atleast they don't have bugs like Best Buy I just spent 45 minutes in a loop trying to get a RTX card but it bugged and looped me for the same 2 prompts until everything was sold out. I just want a new GPU man.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/02 15:09 ID: hmxt5rf

Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. No doubt, no doubt, no doubt.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/02 14:59 ID: hmxruix

Queue should be opening now.

ID: hmxsbze

I tried. No queue for me. I will finally find a 6700 2 gens from now lol

9 : Anonymous2021/12/02 15:24 ID: hmxveeg

I hope all the miners buy intel cards next week and relieve the stress on Radeon supply so I can get one.

ID: hmxviup

Who says Intel cards will be available next week?

ID: hmy0mvi

Yeah it's more like spring 2022

10 : Anonymous2021/12/02 15:28 ID: hmxvy6h

I've veen checking for the past 1.5 hours because the time is a bit unpredictable sometimes but alas, doesn't seem to be any queue today :/

ID: hmxz4yo

I have been checking too. Now AMD is denying me access to their site...

ID: hmxzix8

That happened to me too, and I thought I was being gentle.

Anyone know if we normally enter the queue without having to refresh?

ID: hmxx5vm

It really sucks, that they can't tell the time on an official channel.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/02 21:57 ID: hmzkf3s

Hello, guys... What queue are you talking about? This one:


12 : Anonymous2021/12/02 15:03 ID: hmxsboq

Nothing was done for Monday.

ID: hmxszeg

Yup. The queue was on Monday.

ID: hmxtc39

Was it at the usual time? There was nothing for EU people.

ID: hmxt5kl

No queue opened for me on Monday morning.

Just like no queue opening today...

13 : Anonymous2021/12/02 16:44 ID: hmy7a9u

Why do you guys look for AMD cards instead of NVIDIA ones? Or is it judt a case of trying to get whatever is available? Genuinely curious, plz don't hate.

ID: hmyczg1

I think the reference Rx 6800 is the most powerful card you can get in 2 slots under 270mm. Plus the USB-C port is a massive convenience for portable monitors, and Nvidia doesn’t offer that on the 30-series. So it’s pretty useful in sff builds if you’re trying to cram as much power as possible into something tiny for LAN parties.

ID: hmydrkp

Insightful answer, thanks!

ID: hmyanvp

I would guess that most people here are looking for both, but AMD's direct drop is the best way to get a GPU for a good price.

The reference 6800 XT is $649. If you try to get a 3080 from Best Buy, chances are you can't get a reference or EVGA GPU. All of the remaining AIB 3080s cost over $1000.

ID: hmybwpo

yes, this is exactly why!


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