AMD is allegedly preparing Renoir-X with disabled integrated graphics

1 : Anonymous2021/12/01 14:27 ID: r6fy8q
AMD is allegedly preparing Renoir-X with disabled integrated graphics
2 : Anonymous2021/12/01 14:58 ID: hmsvpo5

This has all the indications of AMD getting rid of all the Renoir dies that did not qualify for their existing products; so a new product is made late in silicon product life. Similar to many other somewhat strange, limited sales products nVidia and AMD did- like the 2060-TU104, 1050 3GB, 1060 5GB, first 3200U stash made out of Picasso, 4700S, etc.

ID: hmswp37

That's what I think, too. Defective GPUs on the APUs which have relatively widespread OEM adoption should mean there are 200,000 or so defective but usable dies by now.

ID: hmvvtaz

Theres no reason to believe the GPU part of the APU is defective. These things are built with multiple redundant circuit paths and in a way that allows several non vital components to be disabled or even fail outright. Failed units just become some lower end part on their SKU list.

They are just clearing stock, I'd bet folding money they want to clear out their inventory ahead of any new product announcements. Just cut their losses and move on so they cover their asses on any contractual commitments with the likes of TSMC and aren't sitting on a large inventory of higher end parts nobody wants to buy while Intel and AMD themselves have a new shiny to sell.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/01 14:29 ID: hmsrwz7

The rumour comes from 热心市民描边怪 on and apparently they're meant to tackle the incoming Alder Lake S Core i3. It's not clear if the iGPU is completely disabled or they just come with a reduced graphics core count.

ID: hmv4ob3

Could bring 2 versions, depending on if the die has a useable gpu or not.

One without gpu for a low price

One with 3 CUs or so for like 30$ extra.

ID: hmvw0b3

But there's no way they can tackle Alder Lake i3. Zen 2 single thread performance was way too weak. Zen 3 upped it by 20%, and Alder Lake jumped Zen 3 by at least 10%. Maybe they'll occupy a spot below Alder Lake i3s and be priced accordingly.

Edit: On second thought it may not be as bad. Though Im wondering if this was an engineering sample.

ID: hmw49o3

My own guess is that OEMs might need additional low end CPUs, either because Intel can't fully satisfy their demand or because they need a second source in order to negotiate better deals, and they don't care that much about benchmarks, as long as price and real world performance are fine for the product range.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/01 17:33 ID: hmtiq9j

I feel like they are gonna do something bad like disable cache and gimp them pretty significantly, and they still will be hard to get.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/02 07:07 ID: hmwlj8n

AMD need some lower priced CPUs on the market, so this is good news. The current price of their quad and hex core parts are crazy, here in Europe at least.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/01 15:10 ID: hmsxfd4

I want an ringing bell when a full, strong, unlocked quad-core amd cpu will be released (kinda of 5300x with pci ex 4.0 or 6300x with zen3dcache)

ID: hmu9va5

The 3100 and 3300X never being in stock is what really upset me about this. They could be producing quad-core dies for a 5300X, and if it fails, 2 dual-core dies go into a 5100X.

ID: hmwedik

Wow, man! Never dared to hope for a new Athlon / Sempron

ID: hmuiu3k

Why would you buy a quad-core in 2021 when 6c12t is quickly becoming the standard minimum for anything outside of cheap Facebook machines?

ID: hmx6fpx

Sometime if you life outside America is not why you buy Quad core cpu but why AMD is now more expensive than Intel

I really wanted Six core cpu but look at the price of AMD line up, even the 3100 is more expensive than i3 10100, the six core line up (Ryzen 5 5000 series) is even more expensive than current intel core I5

I ended up buy weird chinese mutant cpu where you can get i7 8700B for 120$ and B150m for 50$ on Aliexpress, and its include iGPU that has Quicksync for my client that want more than 4 core for editing especially when GPU is hard to find right now

ID: hmv6fbt

A lot of things are still singlethread performance bound. I'd rather 4 good Zen 3 cores than 6 Zen 2 cores with gimped cache.

Not to mention, this is a cheap processor. It's meant for cheap machines.

ID: hmur3h1

Actually 8c16t is the standard now. 6 core is obsolete and has been since like 2017

7 : Anonymous2021/12/02 11:51 ID: hmx6kov

If and only If they make this product more cheaper than i3 F series lineup, AMD need fill this market they seem abandoned low end market adter Ryzen 1200 series and 2300 series

8 : Anonymous2021/12/02 15:19 ID: hmxul6i

Maybe they'll make a Ryzen 3 4100/5100 or new Athlon out of these and give the i3 10100F and Pentium some competition.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/01 16:06 ID: hmt5jyl

meh so less cache AND no igpu

ID: hmtaxbn

and maybe 25W TDP soooo, you will see these in Chinese mini PC's with something old as well, like RX5x0/4x0 heh

ID: hmtdoi6

Would not mind to see this CPU sold in Europe either. In my local shop in Lithuania, the only sub-€250 AMD products in stock right now are a 220GE for €109 and a 1700 for €169.

ID: hmtsf2d

Actually a similar mini PC would have some uses, I'm more inclined to think that these Renoir-X could end up in those mATX sized Pavilion "Gaming" Desktop equipped with RX 550, they would actually make more sense than the current ones equipped with the 5300g.

ID: hmu2g1v

But monolithic, so better memory speeds at 1:1 FCLK, and easier cooling versus the chiplets. So not all bad, especially if you just need a low budget CPU and have a dGPU.

Curious to see how they perform, but if it's an upgrade from a 1600AF (the 4500, if real) at a similar price, then it could be a decent budget chip. Though I expect the R3 variant may end up closer in price to the 1600AF, with the R5 4500 being more of a 3300x "replacement."

10 : Anonymous2021/12/02 17:40 ID: hmyg5rd

It makes a bit of sense to release Renoi

dies with 6/8 cores that didn't make the grade in the GPU department (or both CPU clocks and GPU), but I'm not totally sure about the market positioning.


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