Final Fantasy XIV: Ongoing Congestion Situation and Compensation

1 : Anonymous2021/12/05 16:04 ID: r9ir6e
Final Fantasy XIV: Ongoing Congestion Situation and Compensation
2 : Anonymous2021/12/05 16:54 ID: hncap1x

"Error 2002"

3 : Anonymous2021/12/05 19:06 ID: hncvfke

Ya I was trying to get in today and get back into playing the game since I own all the content and still haven’t beat the base game. lol

I’ve really been trying to get into a good mmo but I play so many different games it gets hard sticking to it. I’ve liked what I’ve played so far it can just get a bit overwhelming.

I’ll just wait till the issue is fixed then get back in and playing again. Not like I’m in a hurry. lol

4 : Anonymous2021/12/05 19:46 ID: hnd29p4

Can anyone shine light on how comparable this one is to ffxi? In terms of gameplay (leveling character up, armor, parties)?

ID: hnd9bqr

Faster, you can play all classes, leveling up is mainly done through story for your first class.

There are some throwbacks from 11 but it's a very diffrent game.

ID: hnd458p

Haven't played FFXI sorry, but from what I've heard FFXIV is a lot friendlier to solo play.

ID: hndg0up

Yeah so it’s a lot better. I played 11 and in 14 when you want to level up a class (after the initial 15 levels, which you grind via solo like in 11), you generally queue in the duty finder for a dungeon that is at your current level. The game generally finds people for you to play with in any few minutes. Then beating the dungeon gives you around 20% to 30% of the exp you need to level up.

Armor and inventory is a lot better experience. In 11 playing lower level content required using lower level gear. In 14 your gear downscales to fit the content. So no longer do you have to hoard low level gear to replay or help others with earlier content. Most armor can be obtained via the dungeons, which will drop a few pieces every run. You’ll be able to roll for armor and weapons and if they are specifically for the class you are playing your roll will get priority over higher rolls from players who don’t “need” it. You’ll get thru the story of without having to grind for gil to buy better gear.

ID: hndm65g

Thanks for the info! Is there anything like ballista? PvP

5 : Anonymous2021/12/05 17:31 ID: hncg7t8

Hey, I'll take a week of game time lol. Almost every major game is going to have some major congestion issues at launch, plus FF had already just had a massive spike in players from the WoW Exodus lol.

ID: hnci148

Yeah this was to be expected and should be understandable. The game blew up in player count so immensely and in such short time that it became a meme. Not many games can say they produced a meme for a GOOD reason. And every expansion sees an enormous spike, I've been around for heavensward, storm blood, and shadow bringers. They always had congestion. So couple the usual expansion congestion with the recent popularity, yeah this should be expected by players and understood. Could the devs have tried to make some sort of proactive work around? Idk, maybe. But either way, I'm not mad at all. If anything, I'm happy for their embarrassment of riches.

ID: hncmlu6

The thing is, they did lol. Back when they had the massive uptick in players, they said that there would be spending like an extra mil on new servers for launch.

I'd imagine if they could have gotten more capacity, they would have done it. The problem is they are in the same silicon shortage the rest of us are in so they can't get the hardware.

To me, they seem to have tried everything they can but it's hard to anticipate the game skyrocketing in player base 3 months from launch lol

ID: hncj23c

Raubahn EX still brings nightmares 🙂

However, I can't remember these congestion levels during shadowbringers launch, must have something to do with the WoW exodus as well 🙂

ID: hndvbdk

Why was there a WoW exodus?

ID: hndwlrh

Was it related to the awful treatment of their employees? Or has wow just consistently put out subpar products for the last several years? I’m a bit out of the loop.

ID: hndtlwx

A week free that you can't get in due to long que times?

Sounds like a circle jerk to me, or did they fix the long wait times?

ID: hne1ss7

Well they are specifically giving everyone the free time on the official release date when they'll be less people rushing to get in because a large chunk of the players are playing now in the early release.

Plus, they did also say they are willing to give more if problems persist. Is it a perfect solution? No, but when you are physically limited by the amount of hardware you can get in, I think it's a good gesture.

ID: hndv0r1

Yeah, also many, many players are just here for the expansion story every time, then disappear until next big patch/expansion.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/05 17:42 ID: hnchyzy

I had no idea there was a new expansion coming. I picked literally the worst time to give the free trial a shot finally lol.

ID: hncj19q

The free trial is also extended isn't it?

ID: hnckb7k

No, the 30 days sub time you get with a purchase of the game is extended. The free trial is just to level 60, no time restraints. I was referring to the fact that free trials aren't even allowed to queue during this period due to volume.

ID: hncjg5f

Free trial is all the way to level 60, iirc. I started it, but I've been busy

7 : Anonymous2021/12/05 18:20 ID: hncnqci

Unrelated question maybe one of you can answer. Can you play on pc with your ps5 account? One price for both platforms?

ID: hncpe8c

Your account/characters/subscription can transfer between platforms, however you’d have to purchase the game and expansions again on PC.

ID: hncpy6d

Thanks for the info! I heard ps5 version had some issues initially. Is it good now?

ID: hncpvgl

You can play your character on any platform, but have to have the game and all the expansions for that platform.

ID: hncuv8x

I think you need to own both versions of the game unfortunately.

ID: hncpbdq

No, you need to purchase the game on each platform. Never understood why.

ID: hndy4vt

I would assume so. I logged in on my PS5 with the same service account I use on PC. It's not a free game though and your license is platform-specific so you'd have to buy the game in both places. So not two subs but two one-time purchases I think.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/05 20:37 ID: hndaxug

Is this game better on PS5 or pc?

ID: hndjtor

Depends on the PC I guess. The controller support is excellent but it has full MnK support on console if you'd prefer that. It's runs mostly perfectly on ps5 except there's a weird thing where the frames drop when you look in certain directions in some areas for no reason. Other than that it's great.

ID: hndwye1

I have it on both and prefer to play on PS5, the game just feels better to play on a controller IMO.

ID: hndxape

Interesting I have a very powerful pc (rtx 3090) and a PS5, wondering which one to get it on to trial it out, was going to play New World but looking at the subreddit it seems like an absolute mess

9 : Anonymous2021/12/05 17:26 ID: hncfh3h

Meanwhile, over in Guild Wars 2...

ID: hncfp4o

What’s happening in GW2?

ID: hncgcek

A ton of people are coming back to the game and we have a bunch of new players as well. Never had wait times for servers.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/05 18:26 ID: hncoq29

I thought this was the title for a new weird expansion

11 : Anonymous2021/12/05 16:57 ID: hncb3a2

"We have no plan to fix this but here's a free week so you don't ask for a refund on the expac."

ID: hncgc0v

We have no plan to fix this

They do have a plan, they're just unable to act on that plan because of a shortage of materials.

You don't actually have to play the game on release if you don't have sufficient time because of the queues.

But I guess you'd rather complain about "the unemployed, childless, and streamers(?)".

ID: hncj9mm

There's just no pleasing some people. The guys over at WoW would like to have a word.

ID: hncvgn2

People's ability to get completely pissy over not being able to play right this second never fails to amaze me.

We know congestion is going to happen on a launch. Especially on heavily populated servers. I wonder if they are shocked when the sun sets every day.

ID: hnchefh

Free week? Is FFXIV paid montly?

ID: hnchhwg


ID: hncujn1

Found the peanut brain

ID: hncbrzm


ID: hnccheb

They've literally said they can't due to the shortage of semiconductors.

12 : Anonymous2021/12/05 22:34 ID: hndthgr

So basically it's a good thing I didn't start playing this again the other day.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/05 23:02 ID: hndxp6l

This game was way too boring for me. Walk all the way across the map you can’t fast travel or use any vehicles and press x, then walk all the way back to where you started. No thanks, uninstalled after a day or two.


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