Fortnite Is Officially Moving to Unreal Engine 5

1 : Anonymous2021/12/08 12:17 ID: rbq3bl
Fortnite Is Officially Moving to Unreal Engine 5
2 : Anonymous2021/12/08 12:49 ID: hnpml6n

Was the new trailer in UE5? Because it looked the same if so

ID: hnpo8ct


To be fair I think because of the cartoony art style it's unlikely you'll see a massive difference. When it comes to cutting edge visuals Fortnite has never really been a great benchmark.

I'm curious to see how it affects resolution, framerate and visual effects though. Does it run and look exactly the same? Is it a big improvement or is it more of a tradeoff?

Haven't found any coverage about it yet though.

ID: hnq2s5u

Supposedly unreal 4 games moved to unreal 5 run much more efficiently if you don’t utilize lumen or nanite etc.

ID: hnqsce4

When it comes to cutting edge visuals Fortnite has never really been a great benchmark.

That's because they want it playable on ALL devices. This allows the most ROI.

ID: hnpomni

This is what i want to know. It looks so crisp on next gen. Hope that isnt ruined because they are moving to a better engine. If anything i hope it runs better, while looking better

ID: hnqhtxv

Runs the same on the 120fps mode on console

ID: hnrks0d

UE5 is backward compatible with UE4, the big difference is that it can use Lumen (software based screen space Ray-Tracing that works very well on non RTX cards) and Nanites (automated LOD system that makes rendering assets with millions of polygons easy). That doesn’t mean Fortnite will support those features from the first update.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/08 14:02 ID: hnpupss

Fortnite is really fun again.

I loved fortnite in 2017 and 2018 but once they started adding so many goofy gimmicks into the game I stopped playing but this season is really nice.

Good map, no over the top weapons, unreal engine 5 runs and feels amazing.

Anybody who is like me and loved the OG fortnite but got burnt out by all the nonsense should check the game out again. I’m pleasantly surprised with the fun I’m having again

ID: hnpyov8

It doesn't make any difference with all the sweats that build the entirety of NYC the moment they hear a gunshot. There needs to be a no build mode

ID: hnq0txp

sweats that build the entirety of NYC the moment they hear a gunshot.

I’m a very casual player (I’ve never made it to level 50+ of any battle pass) but I really enjoy Fortnite - this is so accurate, I had a good laugh at your description.

A no build mode is something I’ve always wanted but I don’t think it’ll ever come. I can’t build to save my life, literally.

ID: hnqgbpx

I hate when I shoot someone and they become a house.

ID: hnq4bw6

i counter strong builders by just plain hiding. i never get high kill counts but i can win a match a week or so.

ID: hnqddn7

There needs to be build ability factored into player rating for matchmaking. Put ace builders with other ace builders.

ID: hnr2znk

I had a lot of fun with Fortnite the first 6 months or so, when it was still mostly gun fights with building. As they added more option to make building faster and players got better, it morphed into a building game with gun fights, and I stopped having as much fun.

I don't really think a no building mode would necessarily work, but maybe on with limited resources so you need to be smart about building rather than just really spammy.

ID: hnq31m7

Agreed.. I still love everything about Fortnite, but as soon as I get in a sweaty build fight with someone & there's just mass builds I'm like fuck this man...


ID: hnqehfk

I think a cap on mats at 100 each would be pretty cool. You can still build simple builds, but can't go crazy.

ID: hnq0zp1

Yes please, i do enjoy the game but the building is annoying af

ID: hnrdafz

Chuck a fire grenade and watch them panic

ID: hnq5gm4

I'm fairly new to the entire game, having only played a handful of matches previously. This new season got me hooked though, it's far more polished than Warzone, and personally it's just been a far more positive experience - technically and socially.

I struggle with building, I actively avoid it. I still managed to win a solo game without it though.

ID: hnqh5yw

Change your control scheme to builder pro if you haven’t already. It really helped me become good at building with a controller.

ID: hnqj0ut

I struggle with building, I actively avoid it.

I play a lot with my buddy and his wife. They both actively avoided building. My buddy started to try and learn and can build basic defensive boxes now and a few other basic things and he is having way more fun and not dying as fast. His wife who still avoids it always complains about dying so fast.

TL;DR: do yourself a favor and learn the minimal basics of building and you will have a much better time.

ID: hnq7rc0

It’s a really well made game and a lot of fun, my younger brother loves it and since he doesn’t have anyone to play with I make sure to play with a little each day, I’m impressed with how huge it is right now.

But since I’m someone that likes to really improve and become good at the game I’m playing I need to take a step back and not focus on winning, I’m just playing to have fun and that’s it haha. I used to play a lot in 2017/2018 but the building got so out of hand and tedious, I remember that’s why a lot of streamers were leaving it also. Currently masters in apex, but gah’dam does building still intimidate me lol.

ID: hnqjxfe

Is it still build crazy? My issue was the building mechanic. It was too stressful in final top 15 battles when people would build insane structures versus focusing on gun play. Maybe I’m just not into Fortnite.

ID: hnre8yw

At least tho use I get pair with the games aren’t that build heavy. Normally a team or two are the only sweaty builders and they die quick

ID: hnq803a

Define OG fortnite. Because I had a blast for the first year or so do the BR release, but once “cranking 90s” and building at insane speeds became a thing I completely lost interest

ID: hnqcjyp

The first 2/3 seasons before the building completely took over were the best days

4 : Anonymous2021/12/08 14:45 ID: hnq06cr

Ngl I don't like fortnite for their play style Witz the third person and building but damn these guys pump some content. As a Warzone player that played the same game for 2 years I'm really jealous of these kids

ID: hnq385u

The constant content is what actually makes Fortnite good. There is no meta or dominate strategies when every two weeks they add a mech or a grapple hook (next week we’re getting spider mans web shooters) it’s a battle royale that knows the genre will never be competitive so it isn’t trying. Meanwhile apex will spend 2 months balancing an smg that’s already in the game…

ID: hnq4axs

I must disagree with Apex tho they aren't perfect but it's the best competitive BR on the market imo. Fortnite is a game for fun with awesome content and you can surely have a great time but also sweat your ass of if you want. It's just the content part that I really dig here. No other studio or game comes close to what fortnite gives to its players.

ID: hnqsux8

What is ironic is that I play the Save the World mode, but new content is really scarce over there. Just repeats of old content and old events.

ID: hnrhycf

They really should have made that free to play already.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/08 16:12 ID: hnqcnk9

I feel like a boomer trying to enjoy Fortnite - and I'm not even remotely that old, probably still within their target demographic being under 25.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/08 13:07 ID: hnpohr3

Now do Rocket League.

ID: hnqoouh

Doesn't Rocket League run on UE3?

ID: hnrhd7h

Currently yes.

ID: hnpscxv

Lol we barely got 120fps support for that and Pro support a while later.

They’re more focused on their mobile apps and other scheming money making ways.

ID: hnputc6

They are already working on UE5 Rocket League

7 : Anonymous2021/12/08 13:31 ID: hnpr4r3

Whilst COD stays on a PS4 old engine…. Pathetic

ID: hnpsai7

On an old PS4 engine? You mean a modified version of a modified version of a modified version of a modified version of a modified version of a modified PS3 engine.

130+ Gbs per game, no FPS lock on the menus, and consistent rendering (visual and audio) bugs if not crashes. COD is the epitome of publishers pushing out garbage engines.

ID: hnptibq

Quake 3 engine actually.

ID: hnpub7l

They don't use the engine from the PS3 games anymore btw. Also the menus do indeed have fps lock/limits that you can set. They are in the drop down box near the resolution settings on PC

ID: hnqhk9d

MW engine is great lol. Having its roots in an old engine means jack.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/08 14:03 ID: hnputqn

Nice hopefully it runs smooth

9 : Anonymous2021/12/08 17:13 ID: hnqm46x

I have absolutely no desire to play Fortnite but my god they have done a pretty damn good job imo.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/08 13:21 ID: hnppz6b


11 : Anonymous2021/12/08 14:31 ID: hnpybzh

Yesterday I played my first Fortnite game I won it like it’s nothing.

Is there an ELO system or something that ranks you with trash if you just started or are there just so many kids playing you get lost in the crowd.

P.S. Over 10.000 hours in CS franchize and I haven’t been played for like 7 years ...

ID: hnpzrs5

Your first games are against bots haha. Not like bots as in bad players, as in legit bots.

ID: hnq0frb

if it was your first game ever then you were playing against AI bots

12 : Anonymous2021/12/08 18:09 ID: hnquyc6


13 : Anonymous2021/12/08 18:10 ID: hnqv4kg

Maybe we could get an Unreal game in the Unreal Engine 5..... haha wishful thinking


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