Now that Mortal Shell is out on plus, what’s your opinion?

1 : Anonymous2021/12/09 04:20 ID: rc9hu5

I'm surprised I can't find a single post about what people thought about Mortal Shell.

I played every major From Software game out to this day except for Sekiro (it just wont go on sale), and I love every single one of them. And despite this one being a flat out copy and paste of most of Demons/Dark Souls it... just doesnt work for me, and I dont know why. For reference I managed to find 2 shells, and wandered around most of the paths laid out to me.

In DS1 you had different paths to take, some of them were clearly harder and stomped you right away by design, to steer you into the right path. This game has like 4 or 5 paths from the start and all of them feel like the place you shouldnt go to yet, even though I think the intention was that all of them were supposed to be viable first choices.

Hardening (hehe) and parrying feels inconsistent and broken, i've never been very good at it but here it just feels like it doesnt work like intended 90% of the time, even harden which i guess is supposed to be big safe option doesnt work most of the time. The possibility of me just being bad is here, but then when I try to use dodge as a main strategy, the wacky controls makes me get got even by the minions (that actually do more damage than the bosses).

I have seen many people love it, but also some people who hated it, and I wanted to see an actual discussion about it rather than just reading reviews. So what's your take?

2 : Anonymous2021/12/09 06:04 ID: hntl94x

Sekiro was on sale black friday tho?

ID: hntv2xu

I think it’s never dipped below 30% off which is not awful but also not terribly exciting

ID: hntx3me

I was able to get it from GameStop for just $15 on a sale this year, so it’s possible but rare!

ID: hnug9p0

It was 50% off on the PS Store, but only once a few months ago. It gets cheaper physically

ID: hnvhoe3

Nope. I’ve been looking for that game for months. Didn’t drop a cent during Black Friday. Hoping Christmas

ID: hnviatx

Oh ye, some countries didn't get those deals lol forgot unlucky

3 : Anonymous2021/12/09 09:10 ID: hntzto2

Buy Sekiro used or something. Must play. I wish I didn’t wait to buy it

4 : Anonymous2021/12/09 06:28 ID: hntnfbd

I tried it but it's not really my thing, the shell concept and hardening are neat. I don't think I'm going to continue because I couldn't even scratch a werewolf enemy I found in a cave so I don't want to imagine how bosses would own me lol .

Recently I played Code Vein and I wish more souls like games had options for noobs like the companions and some OP skills, I enjoy the RPG elements and builds but I don't enjoy the stamina combat and CV offsets that with ichor skills so you're never out of offensive options unless you literally mash buttons.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/09 12:59 ID: hnuhtf6

the game feels like shit. Like, the vibration when you dodge feels so wrong, and the attacks look unnatural

it looks pretty tho, and certainly there could be a good game if you look pass that clunky feeling. But for me, the game feel is one of the most important things in a game, so a hard pass for me

6 : Anonymous2021/12/09 08:59 ID: hntz1kz

It's really bland. The graphics are nice and the animations felt weighty, but the game play mechanics, enemy variation and boss designs leaves too much to be desired. The 'harden' defensive trick is ridiculous as it makes it a complete cakewalk. I finished the game on PC only dying 3 times, and none of those deaths were from the bosses.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/09 15:52 ID: hnv3uem

Got bored of it after about an hour.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/09 16:37 ID: hnvav95

I tried the beta/demo before it came out. Same kinda experience as you, didn't really like it.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/09 04:31 ID: hntbnpd

I’m a big FromSoft fan so I’m enjoying it personally but I’m bias kinda

ID: hntei6h

I'm a fan as well, and as I said its weird how even within the fanbase it clicks for some people and for some dont. Metacritic is almost 50/50 with either "this is an absolute garbage souls games copy" or "this is a great soulslike and i love it".

ID: hntmh8n

Metacritic user reviews is only 20% negative... Not unanimous love for it but defintely not 50% saying it's garbage.

ID: hntfckq

People always bomb things out though it’s hard to trust it because not only so critics suck at judging games but people if they don’t like it will just review bomb it and shit it’s rough

ID: hnx2zkp

I liked it a lot, took a while to get used to it but after I did I loved it

10 : Anonymous2021/12/09 04:41 ID: hntcrgr

I have personally found Mortal Shell to be really fun and neat, but a bit easy. In the entire game, I never died on a single boss. I am now in NG+ and doing the shelless run for the platinum trophy, and it's a bit harder, but not too bad.

The DLC is worth purchasing as well!

ID: hnteb8q

In the entire game, I never died on a single boss.

Weirdly when I found the second shell (the one with high stamina and low HP, looks thief-like) I thought the enemy guarding it would be thought, but was pretty easy. It frustrates me though how some mob enemy pose 100x more threat than the bosses, even though I guess this one was a mini. Meanwhile the blade-arms guy next to the "nexus" absolutely wrecks me everytime. As i said, it seems neither parrying nor dodging work as they should, I cant even get him to half HP.

I am now in NG+ and doing the shelless run for the platinum trophy, and it's a bit harder, but not too bad.

I took a look at the trophies and saw word about how you can just run through most of the game, even some bosses. As much as I guess that makes for an interesting second playthrough, I'm not willing to do that on the first.

Maybe i'll try it again later, it's weird how it clicks for some people and for some dont.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/09 04:47 ID: hntdf64

Its alright i couldn't really get behind the combat i man is right and rewarding but something about it just didn't click for me. Also the level design is.... bland at best. It played well did some intresting things with shell/weapon mixing but just didn't grab me enough in other aspects to stick through a film playthrough

12 : Anonymous2021/12/09 06:39 ID: hntoeg8

Same as when I played it at launch. It's just not a good game. Movement is so slow and clunky. I stopped playing after the 1st boss and none of my friends played much further either

13 : Anonymous2021/12/09 06:40 ID: hntog9w

A mediocre souls game.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/09 04:58 ID: hntenhl

Never played a souls game in my life (closest game to it I’ve played being “The Surge”) but I find it pretty good, though I’m not very good at this type of game…

15 : Anonymous2021/12/09 08:04 ID: hntv4py

Played a bit and honestly (personal opinion, I know a lot of soulsborne fans will disagree) I'm just tired of the dark souls style story telling. Give me a straight forward well written narrative. I rather not sit and read items and try to decipher poems. I want to be immersed and follow a good story.

Outside of that part I'm kinda enjoying it to be honest. It's definitely clunky and a twist on the DS gameplay mechanics and for such a small team not bad at all. I was always curious about it and happy to experience it now.

16 : Anonymous2021/12/09 07:34 ID: hntsuh1

Something is wrong with this game, it's kinda laggy, I drop a lot of stuff.

17 : Anonymous2021/12/09 11:36 ID: hnua7fv

The combat and movement is really weighty and slow even by Soulslike standards. Personally I like this but can see how it would put others off.

I think the game is overall quite impressive considering it was the first release from a small team.

I enjoyed it more than both Niohs, Code Vein and Fallen Order. All games which would have had vastly bigger budgets and numbers of people working on them.

ID: hnuatyc

I'm kinda shocked anyone would place it above either Niohs. Imo they dominate it, but MS is still pretty good. Nioh is a nigh on masterpiece doing what it wants. CV was ok but FO is overrated as hell with little to its name beyond the star wars franchise and bugs. Remove SW franchise and it wouldn't get the time of day, imo.

ID: hnubi4v

I know a lot of people really like the Niohs but they didn't do it for me. I hate the Diablo loot system, like really despise it. I don't like the re-using of levels and I don't particularly find the actual level design to be all that great either, which makes replaying them an even bigger negative. Finally the actual combat itself I don't consider to be Soulslike, it's way too fast-paced and floaty for that.

I'm not trying to be inflammatory here, this is just my feelings having played them both.

18 : Anonymous2021/12/09 11:59 ID: hnuc2zz

I loved it! Completed it maybe 18 months ago, and really enjoyed it. Im a big soulsborne fan so it definitely scratched an itch for me. I really liked the art direction. Although something that rubbed me the wrong way was the giant bird creature having a strong American accent. A big part of the souls franchise is it's European fantasy roots, I felt MS was trying to imitate that, and the American accent threw me off.

I have nothing against Americans (nor the accent) it just felt super out of place! A strange complaint for sure, but I loved it otherwise! The bosses were cool, especially the twiceborn. And I had fun using all the weapons/shells. I think if they were to make another, lengthier sequel to MS, I'd buy it! (Just not before I play elden ring to death).

19 : Anonymous2021/12/09 09:10 ID: hntzv24

Pretty good, gonna plat

20 : Anonymous2021/12/09 14:47 ID: hnuupc5

All I know is the game had a big graphic saying “the rotting Christ” so as a believer of Jesus Christ I couldn’t even bring myself to download it.

ID: hnvcy7k

It's alternative boss music from the band "Rotting Christ". I believe they're a black metal band or something like that.

ID: hnvdj9o

Ah I see, thanks for the clarification.

21 : Anonymous2021/12/09 04:22 ID: hntak45
ID: hntaydj

I have seen many people love it, but also some people who hated it, and I wanted to see an actual discussion about it rather than just reading reviews.

Do you read before commenting?

ID: hntdm1v

That guys a fucking knob head lmao. Pretentious cock. This subreddit's purpose is for threads like this.

ID: hntb7iz

I added 36 different opinions why are you upset with that?

I’ll make sure and check back at all the great discussion prompted and see if it outweighs a few dozen reviews

22 : Anonymous2021/12/09 10:12 ID: hnu4342

It has potential. I've only played it for an hour, though but I like what I see.

23 : Anonymous2021/12/09 11:14 ID: hnu8jc1

I enjoyed it, the mechanics were great, combat excellent, but there just wasn't enough content or design, especially later in the game where you have these huge areas which look so boring and rushed.

24 : Anonymous2021/12/09 15:20 ID: hnuz93q

Bought it when it first came out. Hated it for all the reasons you mentioned but i simply can't stop playing a game because it's hard or I suck at it. It eats me up inside. So I practiced and figured out the game mechanics of hardening. I love it. Got the platinum.

Imo the best shell is the thief looking one. With that high stamina you can dodge and retreat to a safe area easier if needed.


ID: hnv85ey

Im not one to quit either, it just felt like i was failing due to bad game design, not lack of skill. Ill give it another go.

ID: hnvczyu

Forgot to mention the true evil of this game. Bear traps. Step carefully.

25 : Anonymous2021/12/09 16:05 ID: hnv5ubr

Big Soulsborne fan, and I played Mortal Shell over the summer. It took a second to click for me, but once it did, I was into it for the length of the game. It didn't have the same heft and longevity of a Souls game, but I ended up really enjoying it.

26 : Anonymous2021/12/09 16:07 ID: hnv66av

I had a great time with it, but it's of course nowhere near as good as the Soulsbornes. But it's an impressive accomplisment for such a small studio.

Your experience is understandable... the start of the game is aggravatingly confusing, the environment in the swamp zone is hard to navigate, and the hardening mechanic has a learning curve. Most Souls players will revert instantly to dodging, but if you do that, you're gonna have a bad time... dodging is inferior in this game by a long shot.

Hardening is extremely effective, but takes a bit to learn. Firstly, always lure enemies one by one. If you have to fight multiples, try to maneuver them into a line so they don't flank you and you have a safe retreat route. Next, confront them til they wind up an attack... start your attack animation and then harden in the middle of it. You'll block their attack, and then come out of swinging when you release. Depending on their attack animations, you might then have enough time left for a swing or two. Then, back off and wait for harden to regen.

The game is slow and uninviting in the beginning, but it starts to take off when you reach the dungeons. Tomb of the Martyr is a great experience with a cool boss concept waiting at the end.

Like I said, nowhere near Dark Souls's level, but there really are some good times to be had here if you adjust to their combat expectations. In a way, it's also nice that it's short and to the point, because there isn't enough combat variety to merit an 80 (pr even 40) hour experience.

ID: hnv7vci

I somewhat tried that hardening strategy on my own but the efficiency varied. Maybe i was trying too hard to make it work like a perfect parry, and id get hit without even beginning the hardening animation. Guess ill try it again later with that in mind.

ID: hnv9ea4

Yeah, that's understandable. It's hard to shake the Sekiro sense of timing, but this one's very different. You can start the animation very early because it lasts a decently long time.

It's an interesting switch-up from the usual parry formula... instead of responding quickly to enemy attacks, you prefict the flow of combat and place yourself like a (literal) statue where you think you will need to be a few seconds later.

27 : Anonymous2021/12/09 17:24 ID: hnvi5ip

It didn’t scratch the souls game itch for me. But nothing besides another from soft game does that for me. They’re so replay-able that if you want to play that kind of game you can just make another kind of build and play it . The closest a game has come to souls games for me is nioh 2 but that got boring after a while (too much loot made the weapons not fee special, couldn’t finish the game but decent for a free game). I played mortal shell for like an hour and deleted it.

28 : Anonymous2021/12/09 18:40 ID: hnvtsk2

Have you gotten the other weapons yet? I was so-so on it at first, but as I explored more, practiced, got all the shells and weapons, and upgraded my weapons of choice, I really have the hang of it now, I think. I agree that sometimes things like parry timings feel off, but I’ve gotten better at it as I’ve progressed. I also recommend experimenting with hardening, my favorite tactic is to hold harden right as I attack, so the enemy’s attack bounces off but I hit them. You can also harder mid air when doing a jump attack!
But yeah, getting the fastest weapon (hammer and chisel) increased my enjoyment quite a bit, so I’d recommend giving that a try.

29 : Anonymous2021/12/09 19:37 ID: hnw2dxc

I love the games and the company but not enough to pay full price


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