General Questions & Tech Support Megathread | December 10, 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/12/10 17:00 ID: rdd3so

Hi everyone,

After a few months, this thread is now becoming bi-weekly, as a way to make questions less scattered over threads.

As a reminder, the following threads are no longer allowed on

and will be removed:

Tech Support questions ("I have a problem", "My controller doesn't work", "I can't connect to PSN"...) Game recommendation ("Which game should I get?", "Is this game good?") General questions ("Where can I get a PS4?", "What do you think of this controller?")

Those questions now have to be asked in this thread. It will be renewed at 12:00 PM EST on Mondays and Fridays.

This thread is sorted by New answers by default. Sorting it by Top or Best could give answers to commonly answered questions.

Also, don't forget to google your question first - you might find the answer before asking it here!

2 : Anonymous2021/12/11 15:49 ID: ho4r35h

Controller can’t go more than 4 feet from console without disconnecting?

I just bought a PlayStation 4 from my friend literally just to play Spider-Man and the division (The division was a bonus he happened to own it and had never used it but whatever) and I just noticed my PlayStation controller only has about 5 feet of range from the consul before it disconnects. I thought the controller was just broken but then I started sitting right next to my PlayStation and it’s completely fine I went back to my seat and it stopped working and I realized this is the problem.

Is there anything I can do to check why the range is so low? I have a replacement controller coming but that’s in a week so I would like to get this fixed now and possibly cancel that order.

TLDR: Bought my friends lightly used PlayStation and I just realized the controller can’t go more than maybe 5 feet from the consul without disconnecting. what can I do?

3 : Anonymous2021/12/12 10:32 ID: ho8e2fo

my ps4 won’t turn on and keeps beeping 3 times when I try, I downloaded a game I got in 2016 and it just turned off lol..

4 : Anonymous2021/12/10 20:12 ID: ho12aon

I need a little help, last 3 months it happens often that my Playstation can't start up and I have to do this via USB Stick with the latest update on it but how can I make sure this doesn't happen anymore?

5 : Anonymous2021/12/12 19:18 ID: hoa6mxj

Just picked up Sekiro, Last of us part II, Skyrim special edition, Dragon age inquisition, and Dishonored 2for $100 in Coquitlam, BC. Is it a good deal?

6 : Anonymous2021/12/10 17:55 ID: ho0hm6s

So I got myself a new ps4 controller a few days ago and it arrives yesterday. I tried plugging it in today and it wont connect. Tried restarting it with the little button on the back, tried ps button plus share button to create that little Bluetooth signal. Tried pushing the ps button with USB cable attached to it. Hard restarted my ps4 and then tried it again. All of these things didn't work so I tried connecting it to the phone via the ps button+share button and whoops it connected just like that. So my question is what the problem is? The other controller that is damaged, hence why I got a new one, connects just fine, just like all the other old controller I have

ID: ho0uw08

You must use a USB cable that carries both power and data, or it won’t connect. Many cheap USB cables only carry power.

The cable that came with your PS4 carries both.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/10 17:56 ID: ho0hrcx

How to get alternative languages and subtitles on PS4 games? I have an US account and when looking online many games have czech localization but my game is only offering eng, fra, esp mostly.

ID: ho0upas

You need to buy a copy of the game from Europe and even then you need to make sure your European release has the language option you need.

Yes games are released worldwide but languages are region locked instead of being made available to everyone worldwide. Its largely just down to the developers own decisions and partially Sony as well.

ID: ho0upcu

It depends entirely on (1) whether the game offers alternate localizations or not, and (2) whether it offers them in-app, or only if you change your PS4’s region.

ID: ho0yml0

All games I tried do offer them but on the US account I don't have the option in game. After making new EU account and running game from there nothing changes, I don't have to buy the game from EU store, do I?

8 : Anonymous2021/12/10 18:50 ID: ho0q02p

Would a PS4 purchased in Canada be able to play a Blu-Ray video disc with content in 1080i@50Hz? I can’t seem to get a straight answer from googling (I get a bunch of results about changing the PS4’s output for 1080i TVs but nothing about the discs themselves).

ID: ho0ui5z

The region, not necessarily the format, is what matters. If it’s a region-free or North American disc, then it will play. If it’s a European disc, then it will not play.

ID: ho1mzli

Thank you! The Amazon listing says it’s a region-free disc, but that normal BR players may not be able to play it due to the format.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/10 19:09 ID: ho0stj0

Been having issues with Skyrim. It's Skyrim only as well. Occasionally it will just refuse to save. It'll say that I don't have the space and I need to delete stuff on my hard drive to create room. But I have 1.4 TB of room left. If anyone has any ideas or advice I'd appreciate it.

ID: ho0upez

You need space on your internal drive for saves. Have you tried making room on there?

ID: ho0vbb9

Yes. I've deleted old saves from the online storage and the system storage. I've also deleted several other games to make room as well.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/10 19:36 ID: ho0wwzs

hello there! i just bought a used ps4 pro that came with two controllers, but one of them does not work properly, it wont turn on. i have looked it up on google and i have tried to reset it but when i plug in the usb again it just shows a light for a small second. what is wrong and can it be fixed?

11 : Anonymous2021/12/10 19:47 ID: ho0yg8k

Can I unplug my PS4 when it has an external hard drive? Would I need to turn off the console?, (if so, how do I do this)?

ID: ho12jyy

Don't unplug your console ever while it's on. Turn it off by holding the PS button on the controller and clicking turn off (not rest mode)

12 : Anonymous2021/12/10 19:58 ID: ho10756

Any way to find out if Ace Combat 7 is going to be on sale again? I saw it on sale during Thanksgiving and it was like $8, but now it's $60

ID: ho12ev5

No way to predict the future. But you can use websites like to track sale history and perhaps guess if/when.

13 : Anonymous2021/12/10 21:23 ID: ho1d4do

I need help. Game chat won't work, I've tried audio output settings but there was nothing to change.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/10 21:23 ID: ho1d5re

So I was getting the newest software update for my PS4, and this error showed up. I’ve tried to unplug it and everything I could think of to fix it and nothing would work. It’s just stuck on that screen whenever I turn it on. I can’t do anything with a controller or the power button when it’s on that screen. Pls help. The error code is SU-30746-0.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/10 22:41 ID: ho1ojjn

I was replacing the thumbsticks in an old worn out DualShock 4 and I had trouble removing the battery tray. I used my pry tool on the right side of the tray and suddenly a tiny chip went flying and landed on my arm. It's so small, if it hadn't landed on my arm, I wouldn't have even known it was missing.

I kept the chip but I don't know anything about soldering so I just put the controller back together without the chip, hoping it wouldn't be anything too important (I know, it wouldn't be there if it wasn't important).

When I turned the controller on for the first time after changing the sticks, I noticed the light bar flashed like a lime green color twice, and then it went off completely as if the controller wasn't working. My heart sunk, but to my surprise it was connected to the PS4 and all the buttons worked just like before.

The only issue is the light bar, as mentioned above, with the weird color and it doesn't turn on. The light bar lights up and pulsates yellow like normal if it's charging while not turned on/connected, but if it is turned on/connected, the light bar won't come on at all, even when charging. Obviously this isn't normal, but it isn't really a deal breaker for me.

I just wanted to see if anyone could identify the chip that came off and tell me if the controller is fine to use like this, or if I should replace the controller or motherboard. I don't use VR, so I really don't have a need for the light bar functionality other than to tell if the controller is on. Below are a couple pictures of the chip and where I think it came from as well. I don't know if it makes a difference, but the controller in question is one of the original controllers from the first version of the PS4 and it has a blue motherboard, but the motherboard in the picture I used as an example is green.

Here's a video of it flashing green when I press the button to turn the controller on. The camera had a tough time picking up the color, but it's like a lime green color.

16 : Anonymous2021/12/10 23:07 ID: ho1s7c2

I’m receiving no sound from the PS4 after the newest update. I haven’t played in months. I played last night and sound worked fine. But I updated today and the sound doesn’t work now.

ID: ho2dy7f

I have no idea if this would work, but have you tried a new HDMI cable, or different input?

17 : Anonymous2021/12/10 23:56 ID: ho1z4h4

Any recommendations for games that aren’t super difficult yet fun? I play after work to unwind and relax, weekends I enjoy a challenge. I’ve tried to do Surge 2 but too frustrating, started Blasphemous and I enjoy it but sometimes I wanna pull my hair out. Borderlands 2 got kinda boring. I already have FPS I play like Doom and such. Looking for any genre besides FPS that are fun and not super stressful.

18 : Anonymous2021/12/10 23:59 ID: ho1zhpl

Lego LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, etc on PS4?

Am just curious if there any rumours of this Lego games being released on PS4? These seem to be the best games for kids and fans, especially given that the corresponding studios continue to produce other digital content.

They even removed LOTR from the store previously with Hobbit, bur returned the latter later on. My initial thought was that they were trying to remaster, and they actually added some extra content for Hobbit, but no sign of LOTR.

The fate of the other games on new platforms remains unknown, at least for me. Have you heard something on this / any guesses what we might expect?

19 : Anonymous2021/12/11 00:20 ID: ho22egl

How do you remote play without plugging the controller to PC

ID: ho2egiu

You need an official Sony adaptor to use remote play wirelessly

20 : Anonymous2021/12/11 00:47 ID: ho262w8

When I use my controller, if I push up on the joystick it will not go up easily (also wont go to the left easily) and it will click in like I am pushing r3, does anyone know how I can unstick it or whatever is happening?

ID: ho2df81

Maybe try qtip and isopropyl alcohol and clean around the joystick?

21 : Anonymous2021/12/11 00:48 ID: ho267ub

I use an external hard drive, and when I moved my ps4 (I did shut it off properly,) I get an error message from the hard drive. This only happens to me when I don't power the things off, so this was already odd. I repaired it like always, but when I got on Payday 2, all my progress was gone. It acted like I'm playing it for the first time, and when I checked the "upload/download saved data" place for the game, it showed me the new save data and corrupted data. Does anyone know whats happening and how to fix it?

22 : Anonymous2021/12/11 00:52 ID: ho26pys

I wanted to reinstall cod cold war and I chose select all for install options, I can't pause the download because it says it's taking 7 hours and I don't really have 7 hours so I wanna take off zombies, but, since there's no pause or cancel button I can't really do that. Pls help

23 : Anonymous2021/12/11 00:59 ID: ho27lzq

My brother's ps4 slim is acting up, I've gave him screenshots of what I've seen others have done here, and yet no results. Here are his issues.

Connects to the tv just fine after 30 or so minutes it freezes and the PS4 shuts off and then does flashing blue light and won't let the controller connect so i have to wait for the blue lights to stop and have to press the power button and it does checking storage thingy and resets again and repeat everything again

Hes not the best at wording things

24 : Anonymous2021/12/11 01:15 ID: ho29tby

I was playing Bloodborne via PSNow, unaware that it didn't include the DLC. I was simply gonna buy the physical version later for a second playthrough down the line, but since I found it doesn't include the DLC I bought it now. I am literally at the end of the game.

When I booted Bloodborne (physical) I found out that it didn't have the save data from PSNow. So I was like, no biggie, and downloaded the cloud storage to the console. Well, according to my PS4 the PSNow save data is different than my PS4 save data. Both are "Bloodborne SaveDate" with "37.23 MB", but one is edited on 12/10 (physical) and the other is edited on 12/8 (PSNow) making it so I can't download the data to the correct version of the game. I don't know what more to do, as this is all that the PlayStation website suggests: Upload saved data, download save data. But that didn't work.

Any idea would be helpful. After all, the worst-case scenario I lose the saved data and have to redo it which is already the consequence if I do nothing.

25 : Anonymous2021/12/11 01:17 ID: ho2a1f9

So I recently had to switch from pc back to playstation 4, because I sold my pc parts so I could afford new and better ones for christmas, and I saw that Call of duty warzone had a new map update, with like a cross between vanguard and modern warfare so I got really exited. So I starting updating warzone, and near the end of the 63 gigabyte file update, it randomly says preparing update (the phrase that shows when first starting the update) and it restarts the update. This was so frustrating because having to download it again with my sub par internet is exausting and whats even more frustrating is that the storage by the update is still taken up! I don't know what caused this to happen, and I'm no expert with consoles, so any help would be amazing, thankyou to whoever reaches out.

26 : Anonymous2021/12/11 01:58 ID: ho2fgfn

I updated to 9.03 a few days ago, however since last night whenever I switch on the PS4 (old fat model), it says its checking the storage status, freezes at 30% and then pops up that it cannot start and to connect dualshock and press PS button. There it says to connect USB with 9.03 reinstallation file.

I tried to start in safe mode and reinstall the update via internet however the same process happens and it freezes at 30% and so on. Have I practically lost everything (save/game data) and my only option is to download the file and insert with USB and factory reset? Or is there any other option such as rebuilding database in safe mode. Or am I best to bring it somewhere for repair?. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you.

27 : Anonymous2021/12/11 02:01 ID: ho2ft4i

Does RE Village have jump scares?

28 : Anonymous2021/12/11 02:06 ID: ho2ghun

When changing the audio output from hdmi to digital optical the audio still comes out hdmi. Why?

29 : Anonymous2021/12/11 02:18 ID: ho2i278

I downloaded a 30 GB update for one of my games and now when I try to use my ps4 it constantly freezes and nothing on my controller works. I have tried restarting my ps4 and even unplugging the power cable but nothing seems to work

30 : Anonymous2021/12/11 02:26 ID: ho2j43a

Can already installed applications be corrupted if the PS4 loses the WiFi signal? It doesn't seem to happen for games like Let It Die or Warface but one game application that I had trouble with in the past was Fallout 76. Before I changed out my HDD, F76 would corrupt a day after installation. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling nothing would work despite the fact that the save data is stored on the games cloud. Not in the actual system. This led me to believe that the WiFi disconnecting was at some kind of fault.

I have a new HDD now and have reinstalled my games including 76 as well as gotten a new router. The router loses connection late at night in a certain time for some reason but connects immediately after. I want to know that even if I have a already installed application , it can be corrupted during online play by disconnecting WiFi.

31 : Anonymous2021/12/11 02:33 ID: ho2k5aa

I bought MK 11 ultimate a while ago. I just re downloaded it and none of the DLC characters are playable. selecting any of them brings to the PS store. How to fix?

32 : Anonymous2021/12/11 02:48 ID: ho2m34n

I need help when I play a game on my PS4 after a few minutes of playing my PS4 automatically turn off full no warning no anything and the only way i could turn it back on is by unplugging it and plugging it back in and when it turns on it doesn’t say anything about why it turned off it didn’t say it overheated or anything and this has been happening for a few weeks pls help

33 : Anonymous2021/12/11 02:51 ID: ho2meu3

Since the update I've had some problems with lag. Anyone else?

34 : Anonymous2021/12/11 03:26 ID: ho2qx46

I will be playing a game and after quite some time, it'll crash or freeze. It usually crashes a lot more often. I'll normally use rest mode so I can pick up where I left off later. I noticed after about 12-24 hours it will cause the game to crash within an hour of starting to play again after starting back up. It's extremely annoying and I'm starting to get mad as some games are autosave only after making progress and I might spend time looking for collectibles or making money. This'll cause it to suddenly be lost. Interestingly, this only/mostly seems to happen with games I bought on the PlayStation Store and not a physical disc copy. Any help or ideas to fix this issue would be great.


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