Alan Wake 2 Doesn’t Compromise on the Horror, Sam Lake Says

1 : Anonymous2021/12/11 14:36 ID: re11db
Alan Wake 2 Doesn't Compromise on the Horror, Sam Lake Says
2 : Anonymous2021/12/11 15:05 ID: ho4ld2x

I cannot wait for this game

3 : Anonymous2021/12/11 17:21 ID: ho544dt

I’m replaying Alan Wake on PS5 and damn… I forgot how scary the forest is in this game.

And I might be going crazy, but there are breathing sounds all around you, like someone is constantly watching you, or the forest itself is alive. Spooky stuff.

ID: ho59bjw

Especially when you're in some thick brush and you hear the alert that enemies are near but you've no fucking idea where. Gets the blood pumping

ID: ho6g20a

Gameplay hasn't aged well at all though. Especially Alan and his grandma running.

Something is chasing me... Better gingerly mosey away.

ID: ho6jmmk

I mean, it’s your basic third person action gameplay. Over the shoulder exploration and simple shooting mechanics. I’d say it’s better than some games that come out nowadays.

ID: ho715ed

The running is by design, and in fact, great. It’s both very realistic, and increases suspense because you can’t endlessly and quickly run from every encounter. He runs out of breath like a real human does, and I think you’re referencing him being out of breath, because when you run with stamina, he runs quickly.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/11 15:37 ID: ho4pj72

Best game from the whole show for me

ID: ho6t04s

Same here. Coming off just playing the remastered release, I am super excited.

ID: ho5060k

Absolutely. None of the other games really got me as hyped as this.

ID: ho94wme

Best game is a CGI trailer?


ID: ho9ccwa

The game isn't a CGI trailer

5 : Anonymous2021/12/11 15:20 ID: ho4n80t

Recently got the Plat for the first one and I own the game on both Xbox 360 and PS5. Needless to say, looking forward to this one.

ID: ho5sv25

Never played Alan Wake, but it looks pretty cool. How’s it on PS5? How scary is it? And how long is it? (Thanks!)

ID: ho5tz9x

Runs great on PS5. It's more of an action game than a slow paced horror game. The atmosphere is great and creepy, so you'll definitely get horror vibes there. You'll also get a few scares here and there.

It's about 10 hours or so. Not super long but I think it being longer would outstay its welcome. You also get 2, 1 hour long DLCs to play through.

I'd suggest looking up a few gameplay videos. The game can get repetitive as the combat is not that varied.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/11 14:54 ID: ho4k1bq

I know Remedy aren't a perfect studio, however I love the creative direction that so many of their games take that they just suck me in.

Honestly, they're close to being added to my 'will buy anything from' studios alongside Arkane, Santa Monica and Naughty Dog!

ID: ho5da5t

Couldn’t agree more.

ID: ho5h7d3

Remedy’s one of my all-time favorites. They haven’t made a single thing I’ve disliked. They are a low profile masterclass, and while I think they absolutely deserve to explode in popularity, I would hate for that to compromise the charm that only a small-ish studio can bring to their games.

ID: ho5pmsa

I think the only ones I have on that list are Insomniac and Naughty Dog.

ID: ho4nla4

They're close for me as well, but they biffed it with Control. Not because it was a bad game (it's now easily my favorite one they've done) but because they released a very difficult but story-driven game with no adjustable difficulty, and then dug their heels in for a while before finally conceding and patching in Assist Mode.

So sadly AW2 isn't yet an auto-buy until I learn that either it isn't prohibitively difficult or it has a similar sort of Assist Mode.

EDIT: I didn't realize Assist Mode was such a trigger for people.

ID: ho4ogyc

Was it widely accepted that control was too hard?

I thought it was pretty middle of the road.

ID: ho5xbih

It was somewhat difficult but if you use cover, powers, and play smart it wasn't that bad. You just have to use a bit of strategy.

AAA games are filled with stuff that holds your hand. Every time a game comes along that requires a bit of effort from the player and is well balanced/designed/tested around a single difficulty people start complaining and asking for easy mode.

ID: ho4yfqr

Control isn’t hard at all

ID: ho5j2pv

I don’t want to be one of those people, but I thought Control was pretty easy. Aim assist is pretty forgiving, enemies give you plenty of breathing room, and launch homes in on enemies and absolutely obliterates them. I’m not going to “git gud” you, nor is this a humble brag. I’ve heard this before and I’m curious. What did you find difficult about Control?

ID: ho5gyk3

Git gud

ID: ho60k5x

Control was so easy it was ridiculous.

Hit tip if control is hard for you then you are choosing your upgrades wrong

7 : Anonymous2021/12/11 15:40 ID: ho4pwgh

Immediately my most anticipated game!! I’ve loved Remedy since Max Payne on the PS2 and my old fart ass loved Alan Wake Remastered for the first time earlier this year! Hoping it’s scary like the recent Resi games but with the psychological twists of Alan Wake.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/11 16:00 ID: ho4sm1z

Hell yes, I feel like we so rarely get quality horror games. I haven't even played the first one yet and I'm still looking forward to this.

ID: ho5927h

I'm playing the remaster for the first time and I'm loving it. The mechanics are maybe a bit simple (shine light on thing, shoot thing) but I still like the combat quite a bit, still a lot of moments of tension/fear. Enjoying the story and ambiance as well. It does still look a bit rough, but after falling in love with control and knowing this is part of that universe I couldn't not play it.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/11 17:48 ID: ho57x25

I know horror fans are probably excited at the news but I'm a complete softie when it comes to horror games lol. I watch horror movies all the time but something about horror games hit way differently for me. Despite this news I'm a huge Max Payne/ Alan Wake fan and think Remedy will knock it out of the park with this genre. I still get chills playing the blood trail nightmare sequences of Max Payne 1 and that game is twenty years old lol.

I might check this game out regardless as I am just that big of a fan. The last survival horror I played to completion was Silent Hill 2 lol. I enjoyed it but had to take little breaks when playing it and I will probably never play it again haha. Tried RE7 and noped out of there super fast (granted it was the VR version).

ID: ho6cwkh

Have you ever tried losing on purpose to ease the tension of a horror game? For whatever reason it helps me out. Right after a save point just let your character be mauled or eaten or dismembered a few times to calm down.

ID: ho6kecd

That's actually a really good idea! That way I get to see what the enemy is capable of, removing the fear of the "unknown" a little bit. Sooner of later I'm going to have to find a way to desensitize myself to this stuff. I feel like I'm leaving some awesome games on the table (Resident Evil reboots, Dead Space series, Amnesia, etc) because I'm being a big baby :D.

I felt that Alan Wake's "Creep Factor" stays more or less the same throughout the game. If someone can tolerate the 1st hour, they can enjoy the entire game imo. Also I think the resource management side of survival horror games add to the stress and tension. I never really felt that way in Alan Wake or other creepy games like The Suffering because they're third-person shooters at heart and I had a better sense of control (and enough ammo lol).

Thanks for the tip!

ID: ho72311

So you completely Silent Hill 2, one of the scariest games ever created.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/11 19:40 ID: ho5nz9p

I'm super excited about this. Control was my favorite game of that year (and still one of my all time favorite games). And it was just because of the way the action felt. A large part of the experience is the atmosphere, artistic direction, sound design and story. Remedy is absolutely incredible. I'm not a massive fan of survival horror, but I can't wait to try this game.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/11 17:42 ID: ho571a2

Sam Lake / Remedy: No compromise on Horror.

Me reading this and loving Control and Alan Wake: Fuck yeah.

Also Me: I really wish someone other than EA owned Visceral (RIP) / The Dead Space series (RIP): a phrase I could say about 100% of EA's developers, past and present, e.g. Respawn, Bioware, Maxis, Pandemic, Westwood, Bullfrog, etc. etc.

Edit: I'm aware EA doesn't own Remedy (thank, Ahti!). With all the consolidation, we need dedicated 3rd party developers.

ID: ho5bylq

Dead space is being remade

ID: ho5fdms

The problem is way too many people want bigger and bigger games with multi-platform support. That takes a lot of money and getting that money can be hard.

If more people would be ok with 10-15 hour games and weren't so picky on every little detail, we wouldn't have these devs teams being bought up so much (bc you have to want to sell to be sold).

12 : Anonymous2021/12/11 18:35 ID: ho5epw5

I think this could be great.

That AWE DLC in Control was dread inducing for me, a couple of those boss fights were terrifying and did a great job of making an overpowered character feel vulnerable. I think Remedy could really nail the atmosphere of survival horror.

13 : Anonymous2021/12/11 15:29 ID: ho4ockf

I never played the first one, but this trailer gave me chills. I love it!

ID: ho4pgj4

You won't play this one either because you don't have a console

ID: ho4prk2


14 : Anonymous2021/12/11 20:44 ID: ho5wl1t

Never been a big fan of horror, honestly. I don't mind creepy atmosphere like in Alan Wake and Control, but this is probably going to be a pass for me, unfortunately.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/11 20:05 ID: ho5rbk5

Hope it’s leagues better than the 1st. The constant running out of stamina after jogging 20 feet, while 8 mobs chasing me hurling axes with great aim, running out of ammo all the time got real old real fucking fast.

Ruined the game for me personally.

16 : Anonymous2021/12/11 18:29 ID: ho5dv7l

The trailer honestly gave me evil within 2 vibes, I hope the game is a good clip longer than the original Alan wake, at least around controls length & hope in survival horror tradition they add in goofy stuff in new game plus.

Also I want weapon upgrading and such.

17 : Anonymous2021/12/11 21:18 ID: ho617kq

Holy shit their making a sequel? I prayed for a sequel around 2014

18 : Anonymous2021/12/12 00:37 ID: ho6rcn5

Please give us a good gameplay loop. Alan Wake did virtually everything right except the game play! It got SO tiresome after a while.

19 : Anonymous2021/12/11 23:18 ID: ho6h88h

Damn. Not sure whether I like the direction the game is taking. I usually don't like full on horror games. Control and Alan Wake 1 were already spooky enough. I don't need more. Wish they'd focus on improving gunplay and puzzles instead.

ID: ho6wkzh

Why "instead"? Multiple things can happen in the same game

ID: ho8a46r

I don't want it to lean even more into horror. I liked Alan Wake as a mystery thriller. I don't want it to be a horror game.

21 : Anonymous2021/12/11 18:52 ID: ho5h5xv

I do find it odd that Alan Wake 2 is the next game Remedy is working on. Control is the best selling and best commercial release for them, yet they are going back to a property that isn't as well known. That being said, I'm excited for this game, I loved the original.

22 : Anonymous2021/12/11 19:24 ID: ho5lp6d

That's even better, imo. They're working on whatever they're most passionate about at the time, rather than prioritising current popularity.

23 : Anonymous2021/12/12 13:21 ID: ho8rile

It's not like Control wasn't critically acclaimed either though, I'm just surprised they aren't capitalizing on it. Maybe they didn't think Control would be such a hit and they wanted to do another Alan Wake game.

24 : Anonymous2021/12/12 12:24 ID: ho8m826

The boring ass combat is what made Alan Wake boring to me. I am glad to hear they're focusing more on horror because combat in Alan Wake was awful.


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