System Shock Remake set to launch next year on consoles and PC. New screenshots released.

1 : Anonymous2021/12/15 14:15 ID: rh025a
System Shock Remake set to launch next year on consoles and PC. New screenshots released.
2 : Anonymous2021/12/15 14:21 ID: honad1z

Per their Kickstarter System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition is getting VR support. Hopefully this comes to the PSVR 2

ID: honqc4f

Considering I wasn't able to get very far in the original SS2 because the first actual enemy managed such a jumpscare I had to quit on spot and never returned to the game. And that was on a 17" CRT screen, iirc.

The moment wasn't supposed to be that scary, but everything including my camera movements just aligned perfectly and I have that moment burned into my retinas and eardrums even two decades later.

Playing this in VR...right...

ID: hop116i

This game was too good with jumpscares. Those fuckin monkeys were the worst

ID: hoo4cz6

I played Half Life Alyx at my friend's house and was blown away by how good VR is beyond the accessible Oculus stuff like GORN (which is fun but gimmicky).

Games like Hitman trilogy VR, System Shock 2, and Half Life Alyx will blow people away if they're on PSVR2. PSVR was the most popular VR device at the time--imagine what we could do with PSVR2.

ID: honmh8x

Oh my god! I REEEEAAALLLLY hope it is coming to PSVR 2 too!

This is the one game I want the most! A VR System Shock 1

ID: hope7om

System Shock 2 Remastered

No. This is not correct.

It is simply an ENHANCED version of the original game that will run on modern machines with ease. It was simply a bonus objective for the original backers.

Here is SS1 enhanced. Still old game,

3 : Anonymous2021/12/15 14:19 ID: hona7ju

Wow, I didn't know this game was going to be remade. That's cool.

ID: hondnuw

There's a demo on Steam.

Honestly it's pretty good. I don't think you can ask for much more from a remake.

ID: honlap4

And I think SS2 is getting a remaster, too?

(Also, I swear I remember reading about a SS3 in development, but that could just be a groundless rumour).

ID: hoouykg

System Shock 2 is getting an "Enhanced Edition" - basically an up-ressed version with better controls, but not a full on remake like SS1.

SS3 is still in development by OtherSide Entertainment, with Warren Spector at the helm. Tencent is now involved, so hopefully they have the funding necessary to do it justice. Unlike Underworld Ascendant which was... lacking.

ID: honm19v

There's a new Bioshock in development, is that what you're thinking of?

ID: hopekxb

No. Why is everyone getting this wrong?

SS2 is simply getting an enhanced version like SS1 did. Remake and Enhanced are not the same. SS1 has enhanced already. It is getting remade from the ground up.

ID: honq3y0

It’s been on my steam wish list long enough to have seen many games added to the list and removed over time. I think it’s the oldest item in my list now actually….

4 : Anonymous2021/12/15 14:32 ID: honbwol

I backed this on Kickstarter... can't believe that was all the way back in 2016. SS2 is one of my all time favorite games so I can't wait for this to finally come out.

ID: honvfyk

I backed it too. This game is the reason I don’t back kickstarter games anymore.

It’s release date was December 2017…

ID: hony599

Yeah it's been so long I thought this was dead.

ID: honiolo

Same and same!

ID: hoouh8e

Same and I'm still not convinced it's actually happening but we'll see, lol

5 : Anonymous2021/12/15 15:00 ID: honfm0e

Wow those screenshots, this game looks like a perfect showcase for OLED. Super dark environment with bright colors

ID: honh0cg

You'd think, but the way our eyes work, the bright colors will contract our pupils making even mediocre blacks look pure black. A better showcase for OLED is dark scenes where they can show much more clarity and depth.

ID: hooeyz5

On normal LED screens pure black looks like grey black and even with bright colors it is still kinda visible. On OLED its just super dark, contrast is too good

6 : Anonymous2021/12/15 15:07 ID: hongl28

Oh cool, I've never played the System Shock games but loved Bioshock and Prey which I know people consider spiritual successor. Will be great to try out the original.

ID: honsxel

Prey is so good. Playing it rn.

ID: honn31z

Play System Shock 2. You won't regret it. IMO it's this game that is Ken Levine's masterpiece.

ID: honqb0m

I tried it a while back seeing as how bioshock is my favorite game. I found it way too clunky to play since I never played it when it came out. Very similar to going back and playing the old Fallout games. The old school controls are so foreign now that it's sadly difficult to go back and play some of the classics

7 : Anonymous2021/12/15 15:35 ID: honkodg

"next year" what they've been saying for the past 5 years.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/15 14:44 ID: hondffy

I wonder if after the Arctic Bioshock that's rumoured next they decide to do a space Bioshock, or they just don't bother considering this already exists. Obviously there are differences, but it might feel too much of a re hash to do especially now that it's been remade.

ID: honj957

Prey is also kind of similar to Bioshock and set in space.

ID: honmu89

Way more similiar to System Shock than Bioshock was. Very recommended!

ID: honuj73

Arkane made Prey as a spiritual sequel to System Shock

ID: honkfpr

Very similar in some ways yeah. They might find it hard to differentiate themselves enough to do one in space.

ID: honmmje

Play Prey, bro. That game is System Shock in all but name. Purest immersive sim I've played since the original Deus Ex.

ID: honlisc

Wouldn't space Bioshock just be system shock and/or Prey again? Don't get me wrong, I love Sci-fi horror immersive sims, but that'd be sort of going full circle.

ID: hongz31

I'm hoping for a volcanoe bioshock

ID: honihup

Don't think you're far off with that. Some sort of deep underground/centre of the earth/magma based Bioshock setting seems like the only other thing they can do next really. If they continue at all. They've done under water, in the sky, and now Arctic circle, aside from space underground is the only setting that makes "sense", at least in Bioshock land.

ID: honnble

Welcome to my underground lair. Full of liquid hot magma.

ID: hooklan

Prey (the newer one) is Bioshock in space, and it's great.

ID: hontkv2

Let's just worry about that first bioshock. Jumping the gun a bit

9 : Anonymous2021/12/15 15:41 ID: honllun

Oh wow, I have such a vivid memory of playing this game. In early highschool we went on a road trip across the country and stayed overnight with a family who had this on their computer. My friends and I were blown away by the intense setting. I had played Descent, but this felt like it was on a whole other level. So cool to see it being remade.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/15 16:33 ID: hontmgb

Played demo on PC months ago, the art style where it looks ultra realistic and also pixelated at the same time felt so weird and threw me off

11 : Anonymous2021/12/15 15:21 ID: honim5k

This is great. I can't wait to get into the System Shock series.

IIRC, the developers were working on two games simultaneously.

System Shock (1) Remake and System Shock 3

Any updates on System Shock 3's progress as of late?

12 : Anonymous2021/12/15 15:23 ID: honiv43

Damn, this looks awesome!

For some reason I've never played System Shock. I love Bioshock and Dead Space (2 games allegedly heavily inspired by). Is it worth playing the OG game or should I just wait for the remake? Old games don't bother me as long as they're good.

ID: hoo415x

Play Prey

ID: hopbzfo

I absolutely loved Dishonored and bioshock, deadspace and system shock, played them all so many times and absolutely hated Prey.

ID: honlga8

the controls are so bad at this point...just wait it out!

13 : Anonymous2021/12/15 17:20 ID: hoo0rhw

Can't wait for this! Super stoked

14 : Anonymous2021/12/15 18:27 ID: hoob8ah

"Please turn off your adblocker"

Welp, guess I'll wait for this video to pop up on YouTube. Peace.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/15 15:51 ID: honn35t

Next year, meaning 2023

16 : Anonymous2021/12/15 16:04 ID: honp5pv

I seriously thought that it got canceled. Glad I was wrong

17 : Anonymous2021/12/15 16:19 ID: honri3n

Can't wait for it

19 : Anonymous2021/12/15 16:51 ID: honwbgl

what happened to their remaster of shadow man?

20 : Anonymous2021/12/15 16:57 ID: honx6mu

The only part of system shock i remember liking was the intro lol. Rest of the game wasn't my thing. Odd they're remaking this after so many years, so maybe a sequel is in the works

21 : Anonymous2021/12/15 18:41 ID: hoodazc

ROCK AND STONE...oh wait, wrong launch

22 : Anonymous2021/12/15 20:33 ID: hoouwji

I am really shock!

23 : Anonymous2021/12/15 20:56 ID: hooyh37

I hope the "launch" is an actual polished game, and not an alpha or beta pre-build.

24 : Anonymous2021/12/15 22:02 ID: hop8mk1

Fingers crossed for a collectors edition. OG SS is my #1 game ever.


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