Kena: Bridge of Spirits Patch Notes – 1.14

1 : Anonymous2021/12/18 01:53 ID: riwjjs
Kena: Bridge of Spirits Patch Notes – 1.14
2 : Anonymous2021/12/18 05:16 ID: hp0l78s

Could someone please remind me why we lost update history for PS5 games, again?

ID: hp13rd1

Because a lot of lazy devs just put "various bug fixes" and left it at that

ID: hp14elm

My thought exactly, and this patch note just exemplifies it:

Holiday Hats

Minor bug fixes

ID: hp247sj

Or "go to our website"

ID: hp2ut44

Yeah those lazy ass devs working 60-90 hour weeks for half the year.

ID: hp187fd

Still better than nothing, and I doubt it costs Sony much to maintain.

ID: hp37xj1

I wouldn't call them lazy. Most bug fixes don't effect the majority of players. It's always a balancing act with release notes. What should your patch notes reflect? Even internal systems. I'm a PM and this is a constant ongoing discussion. We'd get complaints from the business that there aren't enough bug fixes. So we'd publish them all. Then we got complaints that we were fixing things that hardly ever occur vs focusing on other things. And while it may appear that way the truth is fixing a larger bug some times fixes smaller bugs or if you opening up a piece of code might as well do everything thats there now vs going in multiple times. So while those smaller bugs aren't being prioritized over larger ones they are being taken care just due to timing. Also given todays all games ship as buggy messes sentiment publish a long list of things fixed that really only occur a small number of times. if you say have x hat on 5th rot and y hat on 20th you can't do some silly thing or they get stuck. Or the made performance improvements that eliminated a number of smaller bugs because not was actuality process timing vs something actually failing. is that really helpful information for the vast majority of gamers? Or does performance enhancements and minor bug fixes cover it.

ID: hp0tmes

Yes! Why!?

ID: hp2aric

I really need to see this feature make a come back, but also see Sony forcing devs to write authentic patch notes, not just the garbage we used to have on PS4 like "Visit [put web address here]".

3 : Anonymous2021/12/18 03:30 ID: hp0a0vu

Just bought it yesterday and am enjoying it a lot so far. It’s a gorgeous game, and soundtrack is nice too. Looks like playing a Pixar film, hard to believe graphics have come this far. The art style is a good mix of cartoonish and realism, I predict that the game will age gracefully even as technology moves on.

ID: hp0y20y

I spent a lot of time just taking pictures. Thought the same thing; that it looked like a real-time Pixar movie. And now with the Matrix/Unreal 5 demo, I’m just blown away by what graphics are capable of achieving this generation. From photorealistic, sprawling cities to gorgeous art styles like Kena and the murky worlds of Returnal, I’m just loving this and can’t wait to see what games will look like by the end of the generation. TLOU2 still looks more next-gen than a lot of actual next-gen games imo.

ID: hp0yc1m

I think that we'll eventually hit a point where graphics can be improved theoretically but the average person can't really see much of a difference. At that point it's art style and good design that will rule the day. I don't think we're quite there yet, but it's getting dangerously close. I think that Kena will be a good example from this gen of a title that will still look good in 10 years. Think Wind Waker.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/18 01:58 ID: hozz3gf

NG+ please

ID: hp00p77

This is all I'm waiting for, this game would be great fun to speed run through without the need to collect all the upgrades and health bonuses again.

The bosses and enemies are enjoyable but the rest is just boring filler if playing the 2nd or 3rd time round!

ID: hp1o661

Yeah, that's the only way I'll attempt master difficulty

ID: hp1trew

This. Playing it now for the first time and would love to platinum but honestly think the masterful mode would feel like such a chore without my abilities and upgrades. That would help the difficulty a lot! I’d love the platinum but just not sure I’ll go for it unless they patch in a NG+

5 : Anonymous2021/12/18 05:10 ID: hp0kmuh

Was really surprised how much I enjoyed this game. It was longer than I thought, and I LOVED the difficulty of some of the bosses. Refreshing to see them give a good challenge when so many games have extremely easy bosses.

ID: hp0lgj7

While I do agree with you I was quite disappointed that a lot of the boss encounters were just spammed with small enemy spawns.

ID: hp2v37b

The point was to make you have to learn all of your tools and abilities to succeed.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/18 02:39 ID: hp044j1

Holiday hats yall! Collect all three before the year ends.

ID: hp0ld7l

Are they in set locations? I'm on the second mask, are they locked behind progression?

7 : Anonymous2021/12/18 05:33 ID: hp0mx26

Agreed with others. Game was and is a BLAST from get go! I had so much fun beating grass on the head with my trusty staff and my arrows. Honestly, if I didn’t have such a tough list of games in mt backlog atm, I’d have played it again already. 9/10 gorgeous, fun, and a great expression of the 5s power. The game is like a brand new Mercedes Benz SL550. Humming, beautiful and ready to cruise the highway, sleek And ready for a bruising 🙂 it looks as good as it drives.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/18 06:33 ID: hp0s453

Platinumed it few nights ago. So good. Pixar Dark Souls. Haven’t felt the rush of excitement of fighting bosses for awhile. I parried my way thru the game. Locking down Toshi to a corner and parry and rot hammering him to death was too fun. Gentleman’s Duel with Warrior with melee and parry only also super fun. Range battle with Hunter was a blast also.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/18 04:07 ID: hp0e1j8

Gyro aim bow please

10 : Anonymous2021/12/18 08:19 ID: hp1062a

How is the state of the game right now? Should I play it or wait for another patches and fixes?

ID: hp15yze

I didn't find any bug in the whole game

ID: hp1ococ

But I found about 100 cute little bugs!

ID: hp3k3yq

Only one I found was that the rot would occasionally drop through the ground but that didn’t actually impact my gameplay.

I’m stunned at how good this game is.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/18 08:49 ID: hp12bs0

It's a fun game. Playing it after Ghost of Tsushima kinda ruined it for me. However I'm still enjoying it and the world is just beautiful to look at.

12 : Anonymous2021/12/18 05:57 ID: hp0p50c

once this goes back on sale and/or i have the extra money, def picking this up

ive been looking forward to it for so long and im so happy its still getting updated and stuff

ID: hp0qhw8

It’s $20 now on Epic Games

13 : Anonymous2021/12/18 06:40 ID: hp0spn1

Would love a sequel or some DLC but I wouldn't know what that would look like

ID: hp0y4my

Really it'd just be the title that would be difficult given how things wrap up with Kena. But they've created a pretty specific setup for an anthology type series where every so often a "bridge of spirits" is sent to some corrupted land to cleanse it and the souls of its leaders who've lost their way.

Honestly they could even just take another page out of Zelda's book and have it be the same character across multiple timelines/realities if they're attached to her.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/18 17:00 ID: hp2d55q

I loved the game but hated the final boss. Just not interested in doing the entire fight over if I die.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/18 18:48 ID: hp2s1br

really wish they did not patch the master difficulty exploit lol

16 : Anonymous2021/12/18 19:45 ID: hp2zput

I gotta get back to this game. Got caught up with my backlog.


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