The Matrix Awakens: Demo vs UHD Movie [Digital Foundry]

1 : Anonymous2021/12/17 15:08 ID: rijfjf
The Matrix Awakens: Demo vs UHD Movie [Digital Foundry]
2 : Anonymous2021/12/18 02:06 ID: hp004pu

So there are still a lot more rooms to use 5.5 GB/s efficiently. Cerny said developers required around 1GB/s bandwidth but Cerny and co. have come with a lot more than that (5.5GB/s up to 8-9 GB/s).

Though I still don't own a PS5, I agree that cross-gen games should end next year. Next PS5 game wave (2023 onwards) should be made with an SSD in mind.

ID: hp07wcw

As a longtime PC gamer, I think people are really gonna be blown away when they start seeing TRUE next-gen exclusive games. Stuff like designing games around highspeed storage is gonna have a fantastic influence on PC gaming as well.

At this point I'm holding out for a PS5 to make the switch to console. PC just has too many quirks for my recreational time.

ID: hp10hs1

Definitely agree with your reasoning for preferring PS5 over PC. But I do want to point out that the PS5 SSD is much faster than the average, or even the mid-high end PC SSD. So even when games designed with SSDs in mind come to PC, they'll probably be utilizing 2-3GB/s of storage speeds and not much more than that. At least, that's what I would think since in general devs for PC tend to support lower end systems too, not just in the minimum specs but in the design of the game.

ID: hp04kn7

If Spider-Man 2 is a cross-gen game then I'll cry.

ID: hp05i8r

It’s not

ID: hp34sjt

I honestly think all of the work they put into this next gen IO might have been wasted to an extent. It just doesn’t seem like anyone can scratch the surface. Even R&C, which was built around showcasing the feature, isn’t even coming close to using the full IO. Or even half.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/18 02:59 ID: hp06h5p

What i dont get is why did Epic or Tim talked about the PS5 SSD so much, i don't blame people for believing that original demo required a fast SSD, we were made to believe that by them.

ID: hp34yjx

They were happy with the improvement over last gen. Some devs have talked about how difficult it is to fully utilize the available bandwidth and it seems hard af

4 : Anonymous2021/12/18 09:53 ID: hp16sy1

Seems to me like TSR is doing a lot of heavy lifting with really impressive results.

I don't sit too close to the TV but still I never would have guessed that it was just running at 1080p internally. And the comparisons with TSR on and off were a night and day difference.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/18 12:04 ID: hp1g4ua

And people called ray tracing overrated when Cerny called it the third era of gaming.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/17 19:38 ID: hoyhu1p

i was flying above the city and i definitely noticed pop-ins

ID: hp353ax

[x] doubt

LOD is constantly being scaled. UE5 isn’t switching between different LOD assets.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/17 22:18 ID: hoz5lzw

Is this gonna get linked 2-3 times every 12 hours?

8 : Anonymous2021/12/17 18:49 ID: hoyab5l

One thing I learned from this is that have people gotten so obsessive with downplaying the PS5’s SDD capabilities that they started putting tape on on the connectors of M.2 drives.

ID: hoyehnr

I don't see how showcasing what bandwidth works for the demo is at all downplaying the PS5's SSD?

ID: hoz0hn8

The capabilities of the PS5 SSD are pretty well known, whether or not new titles are fully leveraging those capabilities is an interesting question and just because titles so far seem to not fully need the available bandwidth doesn't mean they are "downplaying the capabilities." It has been a long cross gen period and I would still expect Sony first party titles to show off what that additional bandwidth can do at some point in the future.

ID: hoyezlk

What? This is simply to show that it's hard to max out PS5 SSD and that Series X SSD won't be lacking in most cases.

ID: hoyuip5

my takeaway was that the demo doesn’t utilize the PS5’s SSD capabilities. So theoretically we could see dramatic increases to performance in games that actually utilize the full power of the SSD.

ID: hp0ogib

The SSD won't improve the framerate if that's what you meant with performance. CPU & GPU are responsible for that.

ID: hp35eft

It’s not utilizing the hardware because it’s designed not to need it.

ID: hp35b0z

Lmao you way too invested in console wars.

ID: hoz657m

No it's downplaying ignorant fanboying console warriors who want to say that any game that runs on PS5 needs the SSDs and that it can't run at PC or Xbox as well and such nonsense, this maybe the case for some games, but definitely not for anything Unreal Engine 5 related, this happened literally since they showcased the first Unreal Engine 5 demo on the PS5, so this is just it counteract that ignorance.

informing people of the actual streaming needs of Unreal Engine 5 and such engines is actually just a good thing to do, the customer base ought to be informed, at the very least it would lessen the amount of nonsense spoken without any shred of background knowledge on the matter.

You wouldn't believe the amount of ignorant annoying messages people from DF get from console warriors so it's always good to put them down, and at the mean time giving us interesting information of the inner workings of things we have no knowledge of.

ID: hoyc71g

Makes sense. Digital Foundry are biased towards xbox and paid for by Microsoft

ID: hoydlhu

FFS no they aren't. People like you are insufferable. DF is one of the most unbiased channel/site there are. They've been called a Playstation shill, a Nintendo shill, an Xbox shill, and a PC shill by every different fanboy. Just because you hear something that's true that you don't want to hear, doesn't mean they are getting paid to say it.

ID: hoyknmm

Until the next time someone calls them biased towards PS. It’s always the same bullshit and always the same cycle back and forth on who pays them. Either they’re biased and paid for Sony or Microsoft, console fanboys just can’t make up their minds

ID: hoyf9lo

Is that why they show where the Xbox does worse in several games? And pointed out many issues in Microsoft's largest launch this year?

ID: hoyjvku

Funny because some Xbox fans say the opposite and that they are paid by Sony, so which one is it? These guys get all the hate from both sides just for stating facts that happen to downplay either console.

ID: hoz5l40

I don't get the impression that DF has any conscious bias towards Microsoft. They make quite good content, so I feel like this take is unfair to them. They're only human like the rest of us.

ID: hp0bv4r

Lmao is this your final cope? The ssd was nothing but hype.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/17 16:59 ID: hoxt2fg

if anyone wondering. the matrix movie was never shot in 4k. wb upscaled it.

also the hdr (which games suck at) really make even the upscale pop.

df failed to mention this in there video.

the famous bullet time move was upscaled to 4k.

seeing that was shot on dslr camera and stich into 1 full scene.

ID: hoxxgxu

The Matrix films were shot on 35mm film(Specifically on Arriflex 435, Panaflex Platinum and Panavision Panastar cameras). 35mm film resolves detail above 4k(6k and even 8k scans can pick up further detail) though it isn't exactly a 1:1 comparison as film doesn't have a strict "resolution". The digital intermediate was a 2K digital intermediate, but the original film stock was rescanned and redone on a new 4k digital intermediate for the UHD release. The only things that are still using the old 2k digital intermediate are the VFX/CGI, which they obviously aren't going to redo.

ID: hoy1fh6

Genuinely love when a bad comment gets responded to with actual knowledge/facts

Appreciate the great info

ID: hoybbwz

Thanks for saying it so I didn’t have to lol

ID: hoyl6if

Crazy how a movie shot on film wasn't shot in a digital standard.

ID: hoyr6ns

lol what a dumb response

ID: hoz5zji

I know shiny game.. nothing technical to talk about on this sub .

ID: hoy3fio

What makes you think games are bad at hdr?

ID: hoy484l

proper hdr is costly from start to finish.

the display as of written this on mid level used is 5k. a new display is 15k for vfx lvl(i.e studio level) hdr.

now to calibrate etc to have correct color. your looking at up to 20k for suite of software and tools to do all the screens.

and where not even to the consumer yet. that would cost a a few k for testing and a good tv... for that normal wont be good for gaming.

game dev wont follow the strict hdr guide lines for the standard

also lastly the ps5 hdmi is gimp.

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