Overwatch Free Trial December 20 – January 2

1 : Anonymous2021/12/21 17:40 ID: rljuhg
Overwatch Free Trial December 20 - January 2
2 : Anonymous2021/12/21 17:57 ID: hpg8esu

Overwatch !

Now thats a name i haven't heard in a loong while.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/21 18:59 ID: hpghu8b

Such sad management of this game.

Arcane-level series could have been done first by OW/Blizz… the lore/interest was there, and the shorts they released years ago were great.

But absolutely no new characters or non-Deathmatch maps for 18 months is making the game boring.

Blizz seems to have missed the memo on Battlepasses. For all the hate BPs get, they keep their games fresh and evolving… even if you don’t pay for it, there are map updates, story updates, seasonal events.

(OW Seasonal events have been half-assed since 2018.. with no new modes since)

Now they try to pivot to OW2 as a revenue model…but I don’t think anyone wanted Single player ’campaigns’ in lieu of all multiplayer updates.

ID: hpgw90c

I don’t think anyone wanted Single player ’campaigns’ in lieu of all multiplayer updates.

Well it was to my understanding there wasn't any reason to buy Overwatch 2 unless you wanted the "campaign" and it's also supposed to support multiplayer. Other than that everything added to Overwatch 2 would be playable and compatible with Overwatch 1.

Honestly I signed off close to a year before they even announced 2 though. The balance was ridiculous and the game was just not fun anymore.

ID: hph2lmf

They’re also switching it to 5v5…(1tank/2dps/2heal) So balancing that would be a nightmare.

Probably why the game has received no significant updates… since the devs have to rework all the characters for a 5v5 meta

Just balancing pve and pvp would be a pain in the ass too… (Destiny 2)

I just wish they updated the game more.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/21 18:35 ID: hpgea9r

How is this game not F2P yet??

ID: hpgsfeu

Why would it be?

ID: hphjgan

The only content it gets are skins tbh

5 : Anonymous2021/12/21 17:47 ID: hpg6wa5

I had to wait 15 - 20 minutes for a game couple of weeks ago. No thanks

ID: hpgb93z

How? It takes two minutes max to find a game

ID: hpgdvdm

If you're a tank lol

ID: hpge2nx

Probably DPS queue in Competitive mode.

ID: hpgdx00

Probably queues DPS only lol

ID: hpghy13

Queuing as all classes + crossplay off, because i dont want to play vs PC

6 : Anonymous2021/12/21 21:06 ID: hph11hz

I've been wanting to play this again. It's my all time favorite game that got me back into gaming after giving it up for 6 years. Is it still active?

7 : Anonymous2021/12/21 18:58 ID: hpghqdu


8 : Anonymous2021/12/21 19:08 ID: hpgj7c1

Are teams still forced to play 2/2/2 roles? That absolutely killed the game for me, haven't played since.

ID: hpgnix7

No there's open queue for people who don't want 2/2/2. Idk what queue times are like but last I heard it's as much of a shitshow as ever. Lots of DPS who don't want the long 2/2/2 queue and won't play any other role

ID: hpgqqf1

Wild, the game was basically dead to me till they forced 2/2/2. It’s so much more balanced now, and it feels way better to play with and against even teams rather than be up against GOATS and shit

ID: hpgsstw

Because of course the game is more fun when you get to play a character you don't want to play. The only people 2/2/2 benefits are people who take this dying game too seriously and don't have any friends to make a 6 stack and run the team comp they want.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/21 20:07 ID: hpgs7mt

Still waiting for OW2


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