FIFA 22 takes Christmas No.1, as Among Us beats GTA Trilogy | UK Boxed Charts

1 : Anonymous2021/12/20 19:17 ID: rkut4x
FIFA 22 takes Christmas No.1, as Among Us beats GTA Trilogy | UK Boxed Charts
2 : Anonymous2021/12/20 19:28 ID: hpbwwsd

Among Us is only $5. It’s probably going to sell like crazy on consoles

ID: hpc0cpc

Does Among us have online matchmaking or is it only private matches with a group?

ID: hpc499v

It’s exactly how it is on your phone but not on your phone

ID: hpd0bqb

It has online matchmaking, but the lack of voice chat and it being with random people just ruins the game in my opinion. Because of those things there's no real communication about what happened and what everyone saw, ruining the voting process. From my experience with the game on PC there also tends to be quite a lot of people who are playing with 1 or 2 friends while helping each other, even if one of them is an imposter.

I would definitely suggest to only get the game if you have a group of friends to play with.

ID: hpc1r1m


3 : Anonymous2021/12/20 22:27 ID: hpcmfkz

I used to play Among Us a ton with my little brother, I was considering getting this for console but it just hit me, how the hell do you type? Typing with a limited time on a controller when the conversations necessary to defend/accuse can be lengthy sometimes doesn't sound ideal.

ID: hperzn5

Well they added(on the mobile version anyway) text shortcuts which gives all the main information you need, so I assume it’s also on console

ID: hpean43

On PS5 you might be able to use the dual sense mic for dictation, and on Xbox you can use the mobile app to input text to your console

4 : Anonymous2021/12/21 15:11 ID: hpfjziw

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if EA just can the BF series at this point. They're not happy with making a game for BF players, it will never be a series that attracts the micro crowd or generates revenue like FIFA, they already have the hero shooter with Apex Legends. The franchise is on deathwatch.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/20 21:45 ID: hpcgmhc

Disappointed people still buy FIFA games.... biggest money laundering scheme EA has going on.

ID: hpd0fgq

I buy them every year and will not stop doing it, I don't play ultimate team, just pro clubs and seasons, I play that game so much than in the first month I've already got my money worth back. I've zero regrets of not spending the 70 usd on a 15 hours campaign with barely any replay value.

ID: hpeaeb4

Good for you buddy! Haters gonna hate while we enjoy:)

ID: hpfjfun


ID: hphgowu


ID: hpcm4ch

How is it money laundering? Greedy, no doubt

ID: hpcmlyi

Loot boxes are a form of gambling.... FUT has a large fan base of under 16 year olds... those U16s use their own money or the parents to buy loot boxes..

It's essentially underage gambling, but they've managed to paper the cracks so well, that it just seems unethical rather than illegal.

ID: hpebkc5

A lot of copys are sold because of a PS5 bundle deal - at least here in germany

If you wanted to buy a PS5 at Media Markt / Saturn (the place to look for one besides Amazon) in the last few weeks you had to buy this kind of bundle. (they were availiable like 3x times this month).

ID: hpeh0r5

It’s my guilty pleasure. I hate everything about the direction EA is taking with FIFA but I love playing the career mode with my home team and it’s still the best couch game with buddies. This coupled with the licenses makes me buy it every single year at full price.

That’s the only product of this kind I’m supporting. Usually I play story driven games or RPGs. The moment EA cancels the career mode, I’m done with FIFA though.

ID: hpghqm4

I’m the same, I usually binge career mode for the first month or 2 and then delete the game for awhile because I’ve put way too much time in

ID: hpeu6j2

Some people play it so much that they happily pay $60 for the roster and kits update alone.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/21 05:19 ID: hpe32us

People / Children in the UK must really love gambling on card packs in FIFA.

ID: hph79k7

They do

7 : Anonymous2021/12/20 23:00 ID: hpcr2b1



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