A look at the creation of Ghost of Tsushima – Sucker Punch Productions’ Jason Connell examines the valuable input of cultural experts throughout production of ‘Ghost of Tsushima,’ and touches on direction techniques used to find the soul of the game experience.

1 : Anonymous2021/12/24 15:38 ID: rnooya
A look at the creation of Ghost of Tsushima - Sucker Punch Productions’ Jason Connell examines the valuable input of cultural experts throughout production of 'Ghost of Tsushima,' and touches on direction techniques used to find the soul of the game experience.
2 : Anonymous2021/12/25 01:11 ID: hpvcrbw

is this game rly as good as everyone says it is

ID: hpvora8

Obviously it depends what you enjoy most in a game. I didn't like it much and found the game to be a drag after 5 hours or so. But I know other people enjoyed it a lot.

ID: hpw7wza

It definitely gets to be a bit of a collect-a-thon, but if you wanted to blaze through the story missions you'd find a great narrative and a really rich visual experience.

I personally don't mind turning my brain off for the collect-a-thon and plowing through it, but I don't think you should feel too pressured to. It ends up making combat easier but if all you're in the game for is the story, you can get through it without the optional stuff.

ID: hpvdhmf

Yes. I love the dark souls series, and love the gameplay here.

Even though GOT uses a similar style of combat to assasins creed or Spider-Man, as compared to the souls series. It still feels brutal, and timing the parrys feels great in the game.

ID: hpve50s

Plus, i like the open world genre, but for me i feel like a lot of games just make huge worlds that feel empty. This game for me is the perfect size. Because inbetween where your heading, its a beautiful landscape. And youll get to the next point of interest in no time.

Also, some games to me, have an overwhelming amount of resources you need to pick up to get all of the upgrades. This game has a good balance of u not having to junp off of your horse for ten minutes just to gather items that you probably wont even use.

The developers did a great job balancing the different aspects that most open world games share, and presenting them in a engaging way.

I dont think theres really anything new in this game, that deviates from others in the genre. But the developers create a great gaming experience with all of the basics that you expect from any game in the genre.

ID: hpvq78l

Honestly think it’s got some of the best quality of life features in an open world game period. Loads are almost instant. Tracking a quest uses environmental details instead of a line on a map. Combat isn’t the best but it’s simple and enjoyable for the most part.

ID: hpwjdut

Depends, do you like Ubisoft style open world repetitive content games with fun combat? Then absolutely.

ID: hpvu28b


ID: hpy0ffy

I’m like a third of the way through act 2 and.... not really. I mean it’s great, but people were given it 9.5s through 10s and saying it was game of the year and the best possible end to the PS4 generation. It’s not. The game falls back on way too many open world tropes you’ve likely seen before. Like tailing missions, check list of objectives on bandit camps, super derivative stealth with enemies who have binary brain activity, errands that get repetitive after 8 hours, a progression system that can be mostly upgraded during the first act, etc. It’s worth it for the combat and the duels alone, but if you asked me if you should buy this or black flag, I wouldn’t know what to tell you.

ID: hpy4mn5

It’s a grounded feudal Japan game where the enemy is the Mongolian empire led by a Khan. When I say grounded, I don’t mean gritty / dark / depressing, I mean void of any mythological elements.

There just isn’t anything like it. We’ve gotten samurai / ninja games before but almost always it involves dragons, ogres or some other mythological beast. Not only that but this game has the production value and story telling of a Sony 1st party game and it’s made by Sucker Punch. They make very fun games.

So yes, it is as good as everyone says it is.

ID: hpvunqm

Honestly, it's better. A decade from now I think it will be even more highly regarded.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/24 16:19 ID: hptkntv

Would be a 10/10 if there was a branching storyline of sorts where you can stick to the samurai code or be the ghost. They really nailed the atmosphere that being said, one of the only games where I’ve done a new game +.

ID: hptsols

The problem with that idea is that the game goes through great lengths to show how the “samurai code” and sticking to it is literally the cause for their failure.

And in the end it leads a shogun to kill their heroes and tell a fathe

to do it. I think the game really tries to deconstruct how insufficient that path is.

So letting us do it anyway takes a big ol bite out of that commentary.

ID: hpu3gas

Well why was there that choice at the end? A little confused if that's the message.

ID: hpuluc2

I agree

And I also though there was too much conflict between the game's story and the gameplay.

I mean yeah the Ghost is mounting a guerilla campaign against the invaders.

But it's not really impactful when in fact you were the only one clearing 90% of those outpost single handedly.

Jin keeps justifying his unusual methods by mentioning how fighting honorably simply isn't enough, but by the mid game you can wipe out entire fortresses head on with no help.

Stealth should've been much more important. And that standoff mechanic should never have been implemennted

Ffs the mongols burn the first ever samurai to challenge them to a duel in the opening cinematic, then every single mongol soldier in fuck knows where on the island honors you with it.

ID: hptzx5p

One of the main themes of the game is that the samurai are outdated and more concerned with “honor” than helping people, having you be a samurai anyway would completely fly in the face of that.

Not every game is “the player’s” story. Some games already have a story they want to tell.

ID: hpub1a9

I would say it’s even more complex than samurai/honor=bad/unhelpful since there were legitimate consequence to Jin making dishonorable choices (such as the Mongols learning and applying dishonorable tactics Jin used back on the Japanese). Even though the honorable choice may have been outdated, they still served a purpose in the grand scheme.

ID: hpu2t9b

But that's the point of the story, isn't it? The samurai code doesn't work in the face of an overwhelming enemy, so Jin has to forego all he has learned from his beloved uncle and has to betray the man he loves in order to save the people and for the greater good.

If he could choose to follow the samurai code and still succeed, he wouldn't have to betray his uncle, the samurai code works and there isn't much conflict.

ID: hptvvhs

The game has an incredible atmosphere and super engaging combat. What really drags the game down is the inconsistent story and repetitive mission structure. If they had nailed those it could’ve been one of the best games ever.

ID: hpuaiy7

The game is literally called ghost of tsushima. It’s about becoming a ghost.

ID: hpuva48

I know and I love it just a second non canon path would have been great to play through!

ID: hptmp8f

Completely agree with this. For me it’s a 9/10.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/25 08:36 ID: hpwemy2

Japanese liked this game, but they find the character models "ugly", I guess they didn't study Japanese culture enough to make characters that the average Japanese would like.


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