Ps5 drops at GameStop tomorrow, list of participating stores, for those who may not of gotten the email. Console, 2 controllers, GoT, Ratchet and Clank, Spider-Man with charging station bundle.

1 : Anonymous2021/12/29 15:53 ID: rrb9dv
Ps5 drops at GameStop tomorrow, list of participating stores, for those who may not of gotten the email. Console, 2 controllers, GoT, Ratchet and Clank, Spider-Man with charging station bundle.
2 : Anonymous2021/12/29 16:41 ID: hqfdsi4

Got this last week and was pretty happy with the value. They had about 50 per store, not sure what it will be like this time. But I showed up 30 minutes before opening and was #30 in line

Edit: my bundle also came with a $50 GameStop gift card which I used to buy a $50 PSN card

ID: hqfor5y


Unethical tip: I also returned the two games I didn't want to Walmart for $50 store credit each. I just said "I got these for Christmas and don't own a PS5."

They take your ID because you can only do 3 no receipt returns a year or something, up to $50 an item.

ID: hqgf760

Shit, can you do this if they're opened already? Wish I knew this lol.

ID: hqfr7y0

Not unethical. Literally illegal and you could be criminal charged (if they cared).

3 : Anonymous2021/12/29 18:54 ID: hqfyklx

So no “normal” console with just a controller?

ID: hqg66w9

Nah this is their way of attempting to prevent scalpers. Even though in store you can only purchase 1 bundle.

ID: hqh1k23

False. This is their way of making a profit. The controller, games, and gift card are all profit from them.

ID: hqg6ty8

It helps that these are at least physical "must own" games on the PS5. Nabbed a Series X bundle with digital copies of Far Cry 6, NBA 2K22, and CoD: Vanguard. That was a real winner...

ID: hqh7tk8

Saw a guy do that this morning, and they acted like it was no problem to swap the games for any other 60 dollar game you might want

ID: hqg50k0


4 : Anonymous2021/12/29 19:10 ID: hqg14qy

Looks like there's actually a drop near me. I already have a PS5 but am hoping to get one for a friend as a wedding present.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/29 20:48 ID: hqgg9qy

Are they just selling it in bundles and if so how much do the bundles cost? And do the bundles come with insurance?

ID: hqgkfvw

From personal experience, they basically force you to sign up at time of purchase, nbd honestly. Has great benefits

ID: hqgkqj6

Sorry replied to the wrong comment, and yes just bundles to deter scalpers, and mine when I got it with the console, GoT, NBA 2k22, 1 year of ps plus, and $50 GameStop gift card, it was about $805 after tax.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/29 16:12 ID: hqf9erg

I checked it out. Thanks for posting this list. I have been looking out for my cousin and unfortunately there aren't any near where he lives

7 : Anonymous2021/12/29 21:50 ID: hqgpz17

Got this bundle Last week, love the games. My store had 20 (Phoenix) and i lined up about 2 hrs early, could have shown up later

ID: hqgq38p

GoT is AMAZING. I’m planning on getting Spider-Man here soon also!

8 : Anonymous2021/12/29 20:40 ID: hqgf1rs

Also the $50 gamestop gift card. tl;dr it's $850 + tax. Also when I bought my bundle the store I went to tried to scam me into buying an extended warranty on everything and I had to threaten to call corporate before they would refund it. Bundles are shit, gamestop is shit, but this is what keeps the scammers at bay, so it is what it is. Take it like I did or keep waiting.

ID: hqgmqng

Damn my GameStop offered the warranty, and I declined and that was that.

ID: hqgn44r

Yeah, they straight up refused to sell it to me without the warranty. I thought it would be like $50 and that was it, but they put the warranty on every item in the bundle. Was a mess, but I got it cleaned up. I don't think people will have that issue!

9 : Anonymous2021/12/29 22:05 ID: hqgs7mb

What is GameStops reason in refusing to sell the console without a bundle at any point in the last year?

ID: hqgscwc

To attempt to prevent scalpers, plus cash grab.

ID: hqguj84

Ehh they don’t give a fuck about scalpers, it’s all $$$ that’s it. Uh okay thanks for the downvote, if they actually cared about scalpers they would do like other stores and put other measures in besides ones that require more $$.


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