What to Expect From PlayStation in 2022

1 : Anonymous2021/12/28 21:57 ID: rqqtoi
What to Expect From PlayStation in 2022
2 : Anonymous2021/12/29 13:40 ID: hqepi6w

God of War, Horizon, Elden Ring, Dying Light 2, Hogwart’s Legacy, Forspoken, Suicide Squad, Skywalker Saga….. man 2022 is shaping up

3 : Anonymous2021/12/29 14:21 ID: hqeuc39

Me reading:

GT7....... sweeeeeeeeet. Good enough for me!

4 : Anonymous2021/12/29 00:40 ID: hqck5m2

I want something similar to ac odyssey

5 : Anonymous2021/12/29 02:39 ID: hqczt78

Just give me the Discord integration. Honestly, the biggest thing I'm looking forward too.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/28 22:13 ID: hqbzmaq

It’s weird that all we are expecting are games that were announced 2 years ago set for 2021.

It’s weirder that sony has not talked about or announce anything first party related they had originally planned for 2022. Spiderman 2 (the newest project we are aware of that has somewhat of a date) is set for 2023. So 2022 is just delayed 2021 games.

Some of the 3rd party deals are also delayed 2021 games.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/29 00:10 ID: hqcfzgn

It's likely that some projects that were originally scheduled for 2022 got pushed to 2023 due to the pandemic - namely Factions and the second Guerilla project.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/28 21:58 ID: hqbxdms

Regular ps5 console stock would be nice

10 : Anonymous2021/12/29 03:11 ID: hqd40nh

The only game I am looking forward for 2022 is Elden Ring. From exclusives I am interested in Horizon and GOW, but will wait for reviews. The thing is, none of these games are next gen exclusives. They are also all 2021-rejects (i.e. delays). Hoping for some surprises in 2022.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/29 01:09 ID: hqcnyjj

The PS4 had a much rougher first year of launch imo. Killzone: SF and Infamous SS were basically it as first party titles.

Compare that to PS5’s first year with Demons Souls, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Returnal, Deathloop, Spider-Man Miles Morales as first party titles and I’d say PS5 is actually not the worst first year as far as consoles go.

12 : Anonymous2021/12/29 00:03 ID: hqcezyl

Really? I'd say this is easily the best launch year I've seen, but I guess I'm not huge into RPGs.

13 : Anonymous2021/12/29 00:06 ID: hqcfhbe

any recommendations? all i was playing was warzone and thats gone to shit now

14 : Anonymous2021/12/29 00:21 ID: hqchhzq

Tales of Arise was really good in my opinion.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/29 00:32 ID: hqcj182

Tales of arise, NEO: The World ends with you, and Voice of Cards: Island of dragons Roar we’re all good RPGs that came out this year.

Scarlet nexus I think counts as an RPG? And that was fun though the story isn’t for everyone.

Edit: for 2022 look up sea of stars.

16 : Anonymous2021/12/29 00:38 ID: hqcjvxq

It was a great year for JRPGs. Maybe they just don't like those.

17 : Anonymous2021/12/28 23:40 ID: hqcbxxj

Doubt it especially compared to the PS4 launch year

18 : Anonymous2021/12/29 00:17 ID: hqcgy18

I also think this was one of the best launch years I can think of. Played lots of great games. Certainly beats last generation.

19 : Anonymous2021/12/29 00:18 ID: hqch21j

what games did you enjoy?

20 : Anonymous2021/12/29 02:20 ID: hqcxdij

Elden ring is a good rpg

21 : Anonymous2021/12/29 16:53 ID: hqffpmj

Forgot to mention more stick drift in your controllers and having to pay for shipping to fix them. Cause fuck us that’s why.

22 : Anonymous2021/12/28 22:03 ID: hqby79l

Guess: mostly the stuff we've been expecting since 2020

23 : Anonymous2021/12/29 06:10 ID: hqdoc93

Elden ring, gt7, and some news about psvr2 is all i care for. Very excited

24 : Anonymous2021/12/29 06:10 ID: hqdod3z

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25 : Anonymous2021/12/28 22:22 ID: hqc0wqe

Most of my favorite games became Xbox exclusive over the last year so I don't expect much. Need to find a game with gameplay that matches fallout 4, outer worlds and Skyrim (ideally not too serious) that isn't Borderlands lol.

Edit - damn y'all really like to hate! Fuck me for stating what I hadn't enjoyed lately eh.

26 : Anonymous2021/12/28 23:16 ID: hqc8kei

Outer Worlds was shockingly poor.

Elder Scrolls and Fallout will be missed though; however, sure there will be some good PS exclusive rpgs which will make up for it.

27 : Anonymous2021/12/29 01:35 ID: hqcrhrv

I loved Outer Worlds, just ended really abruptly to me

28 : Anonymous2021/12/28 22:40 ID: hqc3g5f

Skyrim’s gameplay is really bad.

29 : Anonymous2021/12/28 23:35 ID: hqcb5cp

Oof pining over the gameplay of fallout 4

30 : Anonymous2021/12/29 06:58 ID: hqdspvd

Fallout 4's gameplay loop is a 10/10.

The combination of a great world, great lore bits, good combat, good enemy design, great combat arenas, great loot system, great upgrade system and great environmental storytelling give it some of the best gameplay I've ever played.

31 : Anonymous2021/12/28 22:17 ID: hqc042p

im not going to lie i cant wait for gta v expanded and enhanced. i still thing gta v is the best game out and i think the next gen version will be a huge improvement

32 : Anonymous2021/12/29 00:30 ID: hqciqx5

If i hadn’t played the game on my PS3 and PS4 i would get it again but i’m done with GTA V. It’s so boring now.

33 : Anonymous2021/12/29 00:44 ID: hqckoqp

Wait it’s not going to just be a free upgrade for existing owners of the game on PS4? Wtf

34 : Anonymous2021/12/29 04:44 ID: hqdf9ju

Spoiler alert.


35 : Anonymous2021/12/29 15:38 ID: hqf4ioy

will they finally release the games they promised last year?

36 : Anonymous2021/12/29 15:49 ID: hqf64x6

Like atleast 1 true ps5 game would be good. Still waiting.

37 : Anonymous2021/12/29 15:56 ID: hqf70ga

Really interested in Hogwarts Legacy. I hope it doesn't suck.

38 : Anonymous2021/12/29 18:52 ID: hqfy9i4

Looking forward to 2022

39 : Anonymous2021/12/29 19:00 ID: hqfzgco

Looking forward to GoW Ragnarok, Horizon FW and Elden Ring

40 : Anonymous2021/12/28 22:12 ID: hqbzgk4

A PS 5 worthy game

41 : Anonymous2021/12/29 02:22 ID: hqcxkkz

I'd pass on HFW because there's probably and expansion and I'll just get the GoTY version 2 years from now. Did the same thing with Ghost of Tsushima, which I'm playing right now.

Now, Elden Ring is going to be on a game of the generation level. I'll pre-order it just before release for the freebies.

As for GT7, that's why I have a PS5.

42 : Anonymous2021/12/29 06:15 ID: hqdou5p

did Guerrilla announce upcoming DLC for Forbidden West?

43 : Anonymous2021/12/29 07:02 ID: hqdt28u

No, but it's expected. It's not Sony's MO to announce in advance expansions. I think that got burned by that Uncharted 4 deluxe edition and the mismatched pricing of the DLC.

44 : Anonymous2021/12/28 22:47 ID: hqc4io7

I expect some decent games from my ps plus. Yet in 5 years i only played around 12 games and 9 were indies.

45 : Anonymous2021/12/29 02:37 ID: hqczkoy

Sounds more like of a you problem and not sony

46 : Anonymous2021/12/29 11:08 ID: hqebulw

If the exclusives list is exhaustive, it's going to be a slow year

47 : Anonymous2021/12/29 03:18 ID: hqd4ula

What to expect major delays due to omicron

48 : Anonymous2021/12/29 08:35 ID: hqe0cn0


49 : Anonymous2021/12/29 19:45 ID: hqg6joi

Enable the vrr on the ps 5 and on the Sony tvs like the x85j would be nice

50 : Anonymous2021/12/29 15:35 ID: hqf4533

I know this is the PS5 sub, but I feel like we should also give a nod to the steadily growing library of PC ports, with God of War releasing in just a few weeks, Legacy of Thieves sometime later, and possibly more to be announced later on.

Just February alone is going to be absolutely stacked, with Dying Light 2, Forbidden West and Elden Ring all on my wishlist.

51 : Anonymous2021/12/29 20:21 ID: hqgc04l

An update enable vrr on the ps5 would be great. Also Sony needs to rhe same with the x85j x80j x90j tvs


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